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I am especially weary of the incredible-powerful-and-evil-aliens-invade-earth, especially if the main protagonists are teenagers. how many of them have we seen last few years? we'll be re-running Outer Limits long after that stuff is forgotten.
Speaking of which... the teen/YA sci-fi series "Roswell" is already getting rebooted.

I haven't seen an Outer Limits marathon in some time but it is nice when SyFy or somebody else does a Twilight Zone marathon around the holidays.


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I haven't seen an Outer Limits marathon in some time but it is nice when SyFy or somebody else does a Twilight Zone marathon around the holidays.
I have all the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone episodes in my collection.
I want to get all 78 episodes of Science Fiction Theater aka ''Beyond the Limits''
According to wiki,
Like the syndicated Out There and Tales of Tomorrow anthology series before it, Science Fiction Theatre was a predecessor to later science-fiction anthology shows such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.
Some of the episode synopsis look familiar, some are lame and some are interesting.

1-1 Beyond April 9, 1955
Traveling at three times the speed of sound, a test pilot bails out. His report: another craft was about to collide with his.

1-2 Time Is Just a Place April 16, 1955
A young couple discovers that their neighbors, who possess a sonic broom and many other technologically advanced household items, are fugitives from the future who have fled to the past to escape an oppressive government. Adapted from Jack Finney's short story, Such Interesting Neighbors.

1-3 Out of Nowhere April 23, 1955
When bats begin colliding with skyscrapers, the Continental Air Defense Command is alerted. They fear that the "radar" that protects bats from collision has somehow been deactivated.

1-4 Y.O.R.D. April 30, 1955
The Magnetic Pole Weather Station receives a strange distress message and initiates one of the greatest rescue missions of all time.

1-5 Stranger in the Desert May 7, 1955
Two uranium prospectors meet a stranger from another land who is searching for oxygen-producing plants. ~ That's kinda lame, all plants produce oxygen.

1-6 No Food for Thought May 14, 1955
A biologist and his staff test synthetic foods that have proved fatal to animals on themselves.

1-8 Spider, Inc. May 28, 1955
A young geologist discovers an ancient spider enclosed in a piece of transparent rock.

1-10 Conversation With an Ape June 11, 1955
A telepathic chimpanzee saves a scientist and his wife from a killer.

1-11 Marked 'Danger' June 18, 1955
While doing field work in a desert, a mining engineer finds the payload from a high altitude rocket experiment. He takes it home and leaves it in his wife's care while he goes into town to contact the authorities. As soon as he's gone, his wife examines the payload and inadvertently releases a toxic gas.

1-14 The Strange Dr. Lorenz July 9, 1955
The story of a beekeeper whose bees manufacture a wonder drug instead of honey.

1-19 Barrier of Silence September 3, 1955
Professor Richard Sheldon has been returned to the United States in a confused, altered state of mind after enemy agents hypnotized him in an environment of absolute silence while visiting Milan. His friend, psychiatrist Dr. Elliott Harcourt, reasons that placing Professor Sheldon in a similar environment will reverse his condition. He is placed in a wheelchair in the "Cone of Silence", consisting of a raised circular platform suspended by 3 wires tied to a common vertex. Although the cone's surface is open, anyone sitting inside would experience silence due to the phased ultrasonic noise generators located just below the vertex. Anyone speaking inside the cone could not be heard outside. With Dr. Harcourt's guidance, the treatment works, and Sheldon regains his memory.

1-20 Negative Man September 10, 1955
After receiving a near-fatal electric shock from a computer, a technician exhibits enhanced sensory and intellectual abilities.

1-24 Dead Storage October 8, 1955
A baby mammoth revives after being frozen in the Arctic for 500,000 years.

1-26 Target Hurricane October 22, 1955
A freak super-hurricane, more powerful than any hurricane than has ever occurred before, threatens the Miami coastline. Then, just when it seems that Miami is doomed, a freak high-pressure system forces the storm back out to sea, where it dissipates over colder waters. Subsequent tests reveal that the storm was triggered by the explosion of an exceptionally large meteor when it splashed into the ocean, whose unusually warm waters were unable to drain off the meteor's excess heat energy (built up by atmospheric friction) fast enough to prevent the blast. The prevailing weather conditions at the time combined with the blast to produce the super-storm. ~ makes ya realize just how little we understood about impacts and weather back then.

1-32 Beyond Return December 3, 1955
A medical researcher isolates a compound that regenerates damaged tissue. When he tries it on a terminally ill patient, she recovers completely in three days and now has the ability to change her appearance and fingerprints seemingly at will.~ Nanites from GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra?

1-34 The Long Day December 17, 1955
"Project Torch", an experimental missile containing an artificial sun, is launched during early evening over a desert. When the craft mysteriously fails to return to earth, the intense light creates artificial daylight. Fortunately, the extended daylight prevents an unscrupulous housing developer from attacking an ex-convict's family to force them out of his newly constructed neighborhood. The developer sees the light and has a change of opinion. But what caused the artificial sun to remain in the sky long after it should have fallen? ~ "Artificial Sun"? A singularity? Story is lame but the concept might one day be possible...Think Z Machine.

1-35 Project 44 December 24, 1955
A new rocket fuel makes interplanetary travel possible. But the effects of the hostile environment of outer space on mankind are still unknown. "Project 44" gives a husband and wife research team one year to determine if a select group of specialists can travel safely to Mars. But something seems to be undermining the project. Is it bad luck or sabotage? ~ such a common scifi trope. Its difficult for me to list the number of scifi stories that involve sabotage against an interplanetary or interstellar expansion effort.

1-36 Are We Invaded? December 31, 1955
"That which we do not understand sometimes causes apprehension." A reporter and the daughter of a respected astronomer, watching the stars one evening from their parked car, see what they consider a flying saucer. A stranger appears at the door of the car saying he too saw the light in the sky, and asks if he can be given a lift down the hill into town. Later, the astronomer refuses to believe the couple saw anything more than an optical illusion. To prove the existence of UFOs, the reporter films a documentary of witnesses, while the astronomer promptly demonstrates scientific explanations for each witness's sightings. But the mysterious stranger has left a photograph at the astronomer's lab- a photograph of our solar system taken from space. The stranger has disappeared, but left a forwarding address: Centauri 6. The sixth planet of the star Alpha Centauri, 4.3 light years from Earth. ~ This might prove to be interesting...

1-38 Operation Flypaper January 14, 1956
A group of scientists from many disciplines are met in secret conclave to develop a method to mine the Earth's oceans. But as they begin to share their theories and devices, the materials suddenly vanish. They notice that not only equipment and files are gone, but time has also disappeared. A brief conversation begun at 11 pm ends more than an hour later, with no awareness of the intervening time having passed. A spy has found a way to move among the scientists at will and take what he wants without anyone perceiving him. In an effort to capture this thief, "Operation Flypaper" is organized. A false laboratory is outfitted with hidden cameras and microphones, and technicians begin simulated work on another piece of vital equipment. As the room is observed, the occupants suddenly freeze in mid-stride. A man enters with a device that can put subjects into total sleep with no after effects, and begins to steal the equipment. The observers reveal he is being watched, and in a rage he shatters his machine and is captured. The man was a brilliant but paranoid scientist who wanted to be recognized for contributions to science and was stealing mining ideas and equipment he would later "invent". Ironically, his sleep machine, now totally destroyed, would have insured his place in scientific history as the greatest method of surgical anesthesia ever invented.

2-1 Signals From the Heart April 7, 1956
Scientists work to save a man's life by remote control. ~ makes me think of the actual medical procedure "Tele-Surgery".

2-6 Bullet Proof May 12, 1956
A pair of metallurgists is approached by an escaped convict with samples of a light and flexible metal that will stop bullets. He claims to have gotten the metal from a spot where a UFO landed to make repairs.

2-10 The Missing Waveband June 16, 1956
A scientist builds a transmitter that operates in a never-before attained frequency band. Using the new device he and his colleagues receive new scientific information from a voice that refuses to identify itself or its country of origin. ~ interesting idea, wavelength spectrums are complex, anything could be hidden in any frequency throughout the spectrum. Have we really mapped the entire range?

2-13 End of Tomorrow July 7, 1956
A mysterious and vaguely menacing medical researcher develops a vaccine that both cures and prevents all microbial infections known to man. The entire world is to be inoculated when it is discovered that the drug has a side-effect: All offspring of vaccinated animals are female.

2-14 The Phantom Car July 21, 1956
A car with no driver is running around in the desert and occasionally hits people but does not stop. ~ The Google self-driving car project is now Waymo. Waymo stands for a new way forward in mobility. We are a self-driving technology company with a mission to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around. Waymo went Wacko!

2-15 Beam of Fire July 28, 1956
Two scientists working on a top-secret rocket fuel are murdered by high-frequency sound beams. Government security agents manage to track down and destroy the sonic projector, but the only recoverable part of the debris is melted beyond recognition and is composed of a material unknown on Earth. ~ A Weirding Module?

2-28 Signals from the Moon December 1, 1956
A surgeon directs an operation to save the life of an important visiting diplomat by television. ~ "Tele-Surgery" again...

2-35 Gravity Zero January 19, 1957
A university professor nullifies gravity with a magnetic field. ~ Nullifies Gravity?, mwhahaha. Gravity isn't nullified it is sidestepped, redirected, isolated but never nullified. I can overcome gravity by hopping.

2-36 The Magic Suitcase January 26, 1957
A stranger arrives in a remote dwelling with a small suitcase. It has an electrical outlet on the outside and, in the stranger's absence, the homeowner's son plugs his electric train into it. He is scolded by his father but, after the stranger disappears without the suitcase, the man refers it to scientists because the energy the suitcase emits seems unlimited. Unable to pierce the material of the suitcase, the scientists use the suitcase's own energy to break it open. They do not fully understand what they find inside (a block of solidified hydrogen) and the suitcase no longer produces energy. A "killing the goose that laid the golden egg" tale.

Hosted by Truman Bradley, a radio/tv announcer and 1940s movie actor, each episode introduced stories which had an extrapolated scientific, or pseudoscientific emphasis based on actual scientific data available at the time. Typically, the stories related to the life or work of scientists, engineers, inventors, and explorers. The program concentrated on such concepts as space flight, robots, telepathy, flying saucers, time travel, and the intervention of extraterrestrials in human affairs.


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I miss shows like Babylon 5, the first fewe seasons were my favorite. War Of The Worlds, I liked that one too, effects might not have bben the greatest but I enjoyed. Loved Millennium, spin off of the X-Files, loved Frank Black.


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I miss shows like Babylon 5, the first few seasons were my favorite. War Of The Worlds, I liked that one too, effects might not have been the greatest but I enjoyed. Loved Millennium, spin off of the X-Files, loved Frank Black.
was that the syndicated series with the guy from Dallas in a wheelchair?
really good moment at the end of one of the early episodes; a tv news reporter (female) is taken by the aliens and replaced. at the end of the ep she coolly asks the audience whether they believe the stories; 'until then our door is open. is yours?'

imho they (spoiler alert) jumped the shark when they added the shape-shifter. cliche alert


Danny's girl
was that the syndicated series with the guy from Dallas in a wheelchair?
really good moment at the end of one of the early episodes; a tv news reporter (female) is taken by the aliens and replaced. at the end of the ep she coolly asks the audience whether they believe the stories; 'until then our door is open. is yours?'

imho they (spoiler alert) jumped the shark when they added the shape-shifter. cliche alert
Yes, you would be right. I kinda remember that episode. and yes. i have been thinking about getting it on DVD.


I would say Classic stuff was before the Internet. Say up to late 1980s. After that we all started talking about it in forums and the ideas flowed and merged with the scientists. My view of modern Sci-Fi films like Star trek is they are soaps by another name.


1963, 1899 called they want every thing back....
I think Quartermass was a series, I know the film from the 60's was just one adventure, man o' man I would love to see a modern remake of it, keeping with the main theme though.:cool:


Hardware wars....

I never knew how much I would enjoy muppets in space until I saw this. We need more space fairing muppets in all future sci fi. I'd suggest a muppet space adventure series but I can't imagine that going well considering the casting for the "adult muppets" comedy movie they're making.