Not sure if all of these count as classics but...

Great Expectations - I found it to be a bit slow at the beginning, but ended up loving it! I especially loved Estella and Miss Havisham's characters. It's now one of my favorite books.

The Giver - How many times have I had to read this for school?

A Little Princess - I remember the movie more than the book, but I'm pretty sure I read the book too.

Romeo and Juliet - Good play although the old english can be a bit confusing at times. My class is in the middle of reading it right now, and we have to act out the scenes!

Antigone - Not bad, although a bit short.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Childhood favorite!

Animal Farm - While most of my class hated it, I liked it.

The Princess Bride

The Bell Jar - Just started reading it.
The Iliad
The Odyssey
The Aeneid
Oedipus Rex + Antigone
The Canterbury Tales
The prince
Hamlet, Othelo, MacBeth,
William Blake's Poems
Alice in Wonderland
Johnny got his Gun
Animal Farm
Anthem, Atlas Shrugged
Bless me Ultima
Brave New World
Catcher in the Rye
Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Crime and Punishment
The Crucible
Death of a Salesman
The Education of Little Tree
Fahrenheit 451
The Giver
The Great Gatsby
The Handmaid's tale
Huckleberry Finn
Jane Eyre
The Jungle
Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Rings
My name is Asher Lev
The Power of One
Rosencranzt and Guildenstern are dead
Slaughterhouse five
The Stranger
A Tale of Two Cities
Things Fall Apart
To Kill a Mockingbird
Waiting for Godot
Walden etc.
The Woman Warrior

A Dark Turn

I Was Made to Love You
I'm an English major, so all I read are classics. However, I only count a select few as my very favorites. Because let's be honest: after a long day of work/school, who wants to go home and slog through a thousand pages of Middlemarch? :LOL:

1.Wuthering Heights: I could read this a thousand times and not be bored with it; my absolute holy grail of all literature.
2.1984: Sheer, freakin' genius and a vision of a futuristic hell where personal identity is completely abolished (WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH).
3.Hamlet: Of all the Shakespearian plays, Hamlet remains my favorite. it's got everything a good, dramatic work should: murder, plotting, ghosts, insanity, suicide, plays within plays, scheming, and sword-fighting.
4.The Great Gatsby: Beautifully written and highly symbolic, I can never get enough of this novel.
5.Heart of Darkness: My second favorite book, ever, after Wuthering Heights. To me, HoD is intoxicating, psychedelic, beautiful, and heartbreaking.
2.1984: Sheer, freakin' genius and a vision of a futuristic hell where personal identity is completely abolished (WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH).

I totally agree, that was an awesome book. I couldn't believe the end. Thought police *shudders*

The Chronicles of Narnia are great, every time you read them you realize something you didn't get before. They're good for kids and adults.

Lucy ;)
bristowbabe47 said:
The Chronicles of Narnia are great, every time you read them you realize something you didn't get before.  They're good for kids and adults.

Lucy ;)

*smacks forehead* i should read them! i don't know why i haven't! i watched it on tv when i was younger, and i liked it, and i've always known that there were books, so why why why haven't i read them yet? i don't understand myself! :LOL: :blink:
Narnia is wonderful. Unfortunately, I read that Disney or someone is remaking the movie. (, upcoming movies, 2005)

Has anyone had the patience to read A Clockwork Orange? The patience is something I'm still working on. In the meantime, here's an almost forgotten classic (and don't judge it on ANY subsequent books): The Sword of Shannara. Any thoughts? Anyone at all?
Some of the Big Classics I would have to say are:

Pride and Predjudice
The Color Purple
Romeo and Juliet
Moby Dick
Where the Red Fern Grows
The Scarlet Letter
All Lord of the Rings
Catcher In The Rye
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Huckleberry Finn
To Kill A Mockingbird

Hopefully the Harry Potter's will be someday!

There are more but I can't think of them for reason! I'm drawing a blank!


The Odyssey, Antigone, Electra, Oedipus (mmm...sophocles!), The Illiad (if I can cheat and say I read it...we only read excepts from it), The Catcher in the Rye, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird...what i can vouch for now.


My favorites classics are:
Little women
Wuthering Heights
Jane Eyre
Anne of Green Gables
War of the worlds
The Three musketeers
All the Jack Aubrey novels, by Patrick O'Brian
And of course, the Lord of the Rings trilogy!
I love the classics - I tell my friends all my favorite authors are dead. I love:

All Jane Austen (there's only six)
Pride and Prejudice (my absolute favorite book)
Mansfield Park
Sense & Sensiblity
Northanger Abbey

Little Women
An Old Fashion Girl
All 8 Anne of Green Gables books
Jane Eyre
Lord of the Rings
North and South (by Elizabeth Gaskell)
It should be a requirement that every adolescent boy should read The Outsiders (which I read in Engligh class during 8th grade). It's a great movie too with a pre-stardom Tom Cruise.
i love all jane austan's books.
but one of my favourites is jane erye by charlotte bronte,which i have read over and over again since i was about ten are eleven. but the book is a childrens version. i have to get the aduls version.
i also love lord of the rings. at the moment i am still reading the appendixs but i have put it down and started to read one of the other books i am half way through.
did i mention wind in the willows??? well i love that book too
and how could i forget ian irvine's series, a tale between the three worlds


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Really want to reread Wind in the Willows... haven't read it in years.

Just finished reading Jane Austen's last novel - Persuasion. I think it's beaten Pride and Prejudice as my favorite.
The Outsiders
Any book of Jane Austen's
Harry Potter will be a classic if it already isnt
Fahrenheit 451
Anne of Green Gables
Little Women
Little House on the Prairie (all of the books)
Romeo and Juliet
Lord of the Rings
The Grapes of Wrath
Alice in Wonderland
War and Peace
The Catcher in the Rye (I think I'm reading that this year for English....)
Treasure Island

A bunch of other books I cant think of....
I love all of Jane Austen's books. But has anyone read any Elizabeth Gaskell? I recently read several of her books and found them quite good. She wrote North and South, Wives and Daughters and Mary Barton. I highly recommend all three books.

Elizabeth Gaskell was an English writer who lived in the mid 1800s. There are some plot similarities between North and South and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - well worth reading. BBC has also done a mini-series on Wives and Daughters and North and South.