Sep 3, 2007
What could have happened in the frame in season 3 if lauren hadn't killed her father, vaughn was sleeping on vaughn's couch and sydney and vaughn had gone out for coffee. Lauren is still a double agent and jack still suspects her of being a double agent. sydney doesnt know what happened to her in the missing years

Sydney sat next to vaughn on the plane in an akward silence, sydney sighed before addressing the elephant in the room
"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about you and Lauren" said sydney
vaughn looked at her surprised
"When i came back i was angry and disappointed that you had moved on, but it was obvious that you were in love and i'm sorry if my sudden reapperance contributed in anyway to you losing what you had with lauren, I'm sorry about you and Lauren it makes me Sad but it also gives me hope" said sydney looking at her hands, not wanting to look at Vaughn's reaction, vaughn sensed this and squeezed her hand in reassurance
"when we get back do you want to go out for coffee?" asked vaughn
sydney smiled
"i'd Love to" said sydney

Sydney walked into the Rotunda smiling for the first time in months when she was approached by Jack
"How did the mission go?" asked Jack
"I'll tell you in Debrief tomorrow dad" said sydney "I have o go i have a...i'm meeting vaughn"
Jack pulled sydney to a stop
"do you really think thats wise?" asked jack "what about lauren?"
"Vaughn and Lauren Seperated" answered sydney "night Dad"
Sydney spotted vaughn walking towards them and walked towards him smiling
"Hey You" smiled sydney
"Hey Yourself" Smiled vaughn "You ready to go?"
Sydney looked at jack before nodding and following vaughn

Vaughn pulled up out side the 24 hour coffee shop, turned off the engine before sitting back and sighing
"Ok, 1st before we go in there i need to tell you something, what happened between you and i, and me and lauren, isn't anyone faults it just is...Lauren was a rebound, i thought i loved her, i wanted to be in love with her and had convinced myself that i was, everyone was telling me to move on with my life and then i met lauren and we got married and i thought i was happy like this was as good as it gets but then you came back and i knew there was more, but i didnt want to get hurt again or hurt lauren, sydney your return just gave me prespective, okay if you hadnt come back lauren and i would still be together, but for how long? i wouldnt be happy" said vaughn holding her hand "I know i hurt you, i wish i had been there for you, instead of just saying to you, 'hey guess what? we thought you were dead and oh yeah i'm married, welcome back', I should have been there for you, helped you adjust, held you when you cried, been there for you next to you when you woke up from a nightmare, i should have been the one to give you alice in wonderland"
Sydney smiled
"okay thats a wordy appolagy" she grinned
"Syd, can we try again?" asked vaughn
"Um can we take it slow? no pressure?" asked sydney
"sure" smiled vaughn
sydney and vaughn sat in silence
"Um, can we do coffee another night?" asked sydney
Vaughn nodded
"Maybe we could do breakfast instead?" asked sydney
"Syd...its 10 oclock PM" said vaughn looking at his watch
"i know, i thought maybe we could go back to my place and you could spend the night, my bed is alot more comfortable then eric's couch, and then tomorrow you could stay for breakfast?" asked sydney
"Uh, okay but if we were to sleep together wouldnt that uh kinda be going against the whole 'lets take it slow' thing?" asked vaughn
"not if we just sleep and besides, if i have a nightmare, you'll be there next to me as i question what is reality and what isn't" said sydney "you can hold me when i cry and if your feeling really generous you could buy me a first addition of alice in wonderland because eric-cheap-skate-weiss only got me the 3rd edition"
vaughn laughed
"ok lets go back to your place" he smiled re-starting the engine

Vaughn followed sydney into her new appartment and whistled
"nice digs" he commented making sydney laugh "wow, you dont have much furniture"
"yeah, i dont have much stuff actually i pretty much have nothing, the cia bought this appartment for me, fully furnished, with furniture, but it doesnt have any rugs, lamps, cushions or any of the accessories, i keep meaning to go buy those sorts of things but i'm never in the mood" said sydney "oh and when i said we have breakfast here, i ment we go out for breakfast, i dont have any pots and pans or anything, i just have enough dishes and food for me" said sydney
"ok tomorrow, we are going to go and buy rugs, frames, lamps, vases and all that stuff and kitchen stuff" said vaughn
"you dont have to do that" said sydney
"its fine, and besides i'll need your help in a few weeks when i do my new place" said vaughn "i'm just going to give lauren the house in the divorce and she's probaly burning all my belongings as we speak"
"or you could move in with me" said sydney "even if its just as friends"
"If i do move in, it would be more then just as friends but if it did make it easier i could sleep in the other room" said vaughn
"okay we are getting far to ahead of our selves, i mean the spark may not even be there anymore, this could be just us answering the what ifs going in our minds" said sydney but was cut of by vaughn's lips crashing down on her's, sydney stood there unresponsive in shock for a few seconds, before wrapping her arm around vaughns neck and kissing him back, vaughn pulled away breathless and smiled
"see the sparks still there" he grinned
"spark, out of control bushfire whatever" smiled sydney
"ok lets go to bed and we can talk about the future tomorrow" said vaughn
sydney nodded, before grabbing his hand and leading him to her bedroom

sydney changed into her Pajamas in the bathroom, before coming out to see vaughn sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxers, his work pants, blue felgercarb and jacket hanging on the chair with his ties, wallet, phone, pager and keys on the desk, his shoes and shocks neatly on the floor
"Kinda makes you miss the good old drawer huh?" asked sydney
vaughn nodded sadly
"well i think its two early for me to be giving you another drawer, but you can hang your shirt, jacket and pants on a hanger" suggested sydney
"its okay" answered vaughn distracted
"whats up?" asked sydney
"i was just thinking about how many times i've wished that i could wake up next to you again, and now that the i can, i feel like a teenager again, what if my breath smells, what if i snore, what if i say lauren's name in my sleep, what happens if you find my morning stuble a turn off" said vaughn
sydney laughed
"ok you dont snore, who cares if your breath smells, i find your stuble a turn on and why would you say laurens name?" asked sydney
"Um the fist time i made love...had sex with lauren, i said your name, when i married lauren i totally pulled a ross geller and said the wrong name but i corrected it, i said 'i take thee syd- lauren to be my lawfully wedded wife, and i promise that even after our honey moon in sydney i will still treat you like we are on our honey moon' of course it was a good thing that we were actually going to sydney for our honey moon, then one night in my sleep i said 'i love you sydney'" explained vaughn
"okay well don't worry, if you say lauren's name in either of those senarios you won't even have a chance to feel guilty about it, coz i will kill you" joked sydney
"ok, lets not talk about lauren ok?" said vaughn
sydney nodded in agreement
"Lets get some sleep" said sydney
vaughn and sydney both pulled back the sheets before climbing in under the sheets
vaughn wrapped his arm around sydney and place his hand on sydney's hip protectively and sydney lay her hair on vaughn's chest and vaughn kissed her head, sydney inerwined her fingers with vaughn's as they had done so many times before
sydney smiled
"what?" asked vaugh feeling her smiled against his chest
"nothing its just feels right" said sydney
"i know" smiled vaughn
sydney looked up at vaughn and kissed him
"I love you" she whispered, "i never stopped"
"I love you too," smiled vaughn

a few hours later vaughn woke up to sydney screaming his name, vaughn sat up and turned on the light to see sydney asleep calling out for him
"sydney, Syd" said vaughn shaking her "syd wake up"
sydney slowly woke up to see vaughn, sydney burst into tears and huged vaughn
"it was just a dream" said vaughn rubbing her shoulder
"It felt so real" said sydney sitting up next to vaughn
"i was running down a hall and i saw these double doors with the number 47 on them and i opened them to reveal me, i was tied up to a chair in a van near sand, and there was this guy he was saying somehing, i cant remember what it was but he injected me with something and made me look out the window, i couldn't move, but i could see, i saw you, dad, marshall and dixion on the beach, scattering something, then i saw you looking directly at me then i was pulled ou of the room and the door was shut, and i looked up to se myself, and i fought myself, and then i started to strangle me and i turned into you and i was killing you" cried sydney
"its okay, it was just a dream, i'm okay...wait did you say that in your dream your were in a van?" asked vaughn
sydney nodded
"oh my god" said vaughn
"what is it?" asked sydney
Um, when we scattered your ashes at the beach, there was a orange kombi, i couldn't see inside, but i felt drawn to it, we just assumed it was a surfer" said vaughn
"wait how could i have been there?" asked sydney "why don't i remember?"
"i dont know" said vaughn
"why can i not remember anything, how do i know this isnt just some weird dream?" asked syndey bursting into tears
vaughn said nothing but held her as she sobbed until slowly the sobs subsided and she fell asleep

the next morning sydney woke up to see vaughn watching her
"whatcha doing?" asked sydney yawning
"watching you sleep" said vaughn "I was thinking about your dream and i think, tomorrow you should do a sketch of the guy and marshall can run it, but until then we dont think about it" said vaughn
"why tomorrow?" asked sydney
"because today we are just going to hang out" said vaughn "i called dixion and explained and he agreed, he thinks it would be best"
sydney nodded
"ok i'm going to have a shower" said vaughn getting up, he begun to walk away before walking back to sydney and kissing her
"good morning by the way" he smiled
"good morning" grinned sydney pinching his ass as he walked away
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