Cold Case Episode re: military school


I am not a regular viewer of Cold Case, but Michael Ironside, whom I really like, was guest-starring on an episode. He was the head of a military academy, Commandant Murillo. A female student was killed and the Cold Case folks were investigating. The episode ended with Lilly's car being struck and falling into a large pool of water.

I tried to record it the next week, when I assumed they'd show part 2, but it didn't record and I'm still left hanging! I can't seem to find any info on what happened. Was Murillo the killer?

This seems to be Season 6, Episodes 22 & 23

Cold Case - The Long Blue Line (2009)
Original Air Date: May 3, 2009

The Detectives investigate a case from 2005, where one of the two first female cadets admitted into the Philly Military Institute (PMI) body was discovered in a cemetery. Kate Butler tried to live up to her father's standards and prove that she had what it took to be one of the "GUYS." Kate befriends an Afro-American cadet (Keith Henderson) who needed a tutor for calculus and she needed someone to talk to. Someone attached Kate in the shower with a saber and her hand was sliced. Keith found her and tried to help her get back to her room and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop so she had to go to the infirmary and was caught by other cadets since he had to go back into the Women's Latrine to retrieve his calculus book. Keith went to Commandant Murillo and reported the incident. Kate was called in by Commandant Murillo but lied and broke the code of honor. Commandant Murillo appointed James Addison to watch over her and protect her. James Looked forward to having her in his room so she could have someone to talk to as she was assigned to "Shine Duty" but she refused to give up what happened or who attacked her. Lilly Rush was going over the sign out logs and thinks she found the person who was responsible for attacking Kate. As she is on her way to go talk to that person, she is forced off the road and her car careens over a bridge and plunges into the water.

Cold Case - Into The Blue (2009)
Original Air Date: May 10, 2009

Lilly Rush manages to escape from the car after it plunges in the rive. She's taken to the doctor's office and continues to investigate the case with the rest of the team. We see flashbacks of Lilly's childhood and the moment when she first met her boss, John Stillman. As usual, the team solves the case.

Ugh, those summaries from Internet Movie Database aren't telling too much. :rolleyes: I'll look for better info, elsewhere.

UPDATE: Okay, The Two Cent Scoop dot com has a good synopsis of the episodes in question. :cool:

Cold Case
The Long Blue Line

Original Air Date: May 3, 2009

Amanda – Senior Reviewer

It seems like the first episode of a two-parter always feels like one big setup for the second part, and this one was, sadly, no exception. Seemingly unrelated plot bits, Pearl Jam, and a whole passel of red herrings make for an episode that will hopefully make a lot more sense next week. We did get a pretty dramatic cliff-hanger, though…and this marks the first time in Cold Case's long history that there is no closing montage. Weird.

18-year-old Kate Butler, one of the first female cadets at Pennsylvania Military Institute, was reported missing in 2005, but when her body turns up buried in a mismarked grave and stuffed in a school-issue foot locker, it becomes a homicide. The first interviews are with Kate's parents, Hank and Charlotte. Hank, a PMI graduate, was staunchly opposed to Kate attending, even telling her not to bother coming home if she couldn't hack it. Charming! To his credit, he regrets it, leaving his PMI ring in the interview room. Charlotte, meanwhile, produces a stack of hate mail Kate received before even setting foot on campus.

Lilly and Scotty visit PMI, where they learn that Kate never filed any complaints against any of the other cadets, and was determined to be one of the guys, even to the point of shaving her own head, a la GI Jane. Another cadet, Lawrence Gardner, shows them to Kate's room, the only one with a lockable door. Her roommate was the only other female cadet, Courtney, who lasted a week and ended up attending Bryn Mawr. Courtney recalls an upperclassman, James Addison, who was determined to make life hell for both of them. She says he told her to walk out through the front door or be carried out in a box.

When Scotty and Lilly interview Addison, he admits to trying to run off Courtney and Kate, as well as all the other "weak" cadets. Natural selection, he calls it. Lovely. He, however, says that Kate earned the others' respect. In a flashback, we see another first-year cadet, Ryan Stuart, being ordered to do ten pull-ups. He can't, but Kate can easily. This, predictably, wasn't popular with Stuart.

Back at the office, Scotty and Lilly review Kate's medical records, which include a visit to the infirmary for a cut on her hand two weeks before her death. Kate claimed the cut was from a bottle, but Lilly, Scotty, and I aren't buying it. Meanwhile, Scotty's been combing through the hate mail, finding several letters referring to the angel with the flashing sword that God stationed at the entrance to the Garden of Eden after He expelled Adam and Eve.

The next morning, Lilly and Vera chat with Stuart, who says Kate motivated him, and he points to a civilian who harassed her on football game days while she marched with the color guard. Kat and Jeffries track down the man, Jebediah Buford, a 1982 graduate, and determine that he sent some of the hate mail. Conveniently, he also lives four blocks from the cemetery, and his son, Brandon, was rejected the same year Kate was accepted. Jeb cops to the mail, but tells them to talk to Kate's boyfriend, a black cadet with whom she was seen having coffee.

Keith Henderson, the only black cadet in her company, insists that he and Kate weren't dating, they were just friends. The night of the murder, he was on "tours" (punishment) for being seen skulking around the ladies' latrine, and reluctantly, he recalls seeing a male cadet fleeing the scene and then finding Kate unconscious in the shower, bleeding from a gash on her hand. She refused to tell him what happened, and when Keith reported the incident to Commandant Murillo, Kate denied it. Murillo tells Lilly and Stillman that he assigned an upperclassman to keep an eye on Kate: the charming James Addison.

Lilly visits Addison again, and it turns out he feels guilty for not protecting Kate. In a flashback, he tells of seeing Kate's injury and encouraging her to tell him what happened. Kate finally opened up, telling him of a cadet with a saber confronting her in the shower. She grabbed the sword, and he pulled it out of her hand, resulting in the cut. Refusing to identify him, she instead insisted on fighting her own battles.

Lilly then goes to a diner, and, with the help of sign-in/sign-out sheets and the Garden of Eden hate mail, she seems to zero in on Lawrence Gardner. Unfortunately, she's run off the road while driving home, crashes through a guardrail, and winds up in the river. Oh, snap!

In other news, Kat and Scotty both seem to be making some progress with their love lives. Sort of. Kat saucily accepts a date from ADA Bell, which came out of nowhere, but was kind of cute anyway. Meanwhile, The Girl Who Won't Go Away, Frankie, announces that she's finally filed for divorce from her husband. Scotty, however, doesn't bite, saying he's tired of the back and forth. Me, too! Frankie storms off, saying she thinks he's making a big mistake. I don't! I'd love to say we've seen the last of her, but I've said that before, and she just keeps coming back, like a stubborn head cold.

Lilly, meanwhile, takes this case pretty personally, as one might expect from Philadelphia's first female Homicide detective. In a revealing conversation with Scotty, she recalls repeated harassment by an older detective, Walter Harris, who even hung her out to dry on a case, but she never reported it, saying it would only get worse. I'm guessing we'll learn a whole lot more about this next episode, as well as the mysterious letter from Lil's dad. That is, if she lives to tell about it. Cue suspenseful Pearl Jam music.

Cold Case
Into The Blue

Original Air Date: May 10, 2009

Amanda – Senior Reviewer

"As long as you ask the right question, it's never too late." That's what a much younger (but still bald) Stillman told a ten-year-old Lilly, and advice we'd do well to heed. This episode left us with plenty of questions, and I'm forced to wonder which one is the right one. Did Lilly live through her crash into the river? Will she reconcile with her father? Does anyone remember that there's a murder we're supposed to be solving? And what in the WORLD happened at the end, anyway?

When last we met, Lilly was run off the road into the river, but she shoots out the car window, swims to the surface, and starts to walk away, only to be hit by a car. Oh, snap! She goes to the hospital long enough to be told she might have a concussion, but then splits and heads back to work, where she looks like death warmed over. Her colleagues all ask if she's okay, but, naturally, she tells them she's fine, and we're supposed to buy that five of Philly's finest detectives actually believe her.

Meanwhile, there's also an open murder case. Lilly has narrowed her search for the killer of Kate Butler (remember her??) to Cadet Lawrence Gardner. In an interview with PMI instructor Moe Kitchener, Scotty and Lilly learn that the car that ran Lil off the road, which was registered to PMI, was only driven by faculty and certain students, one of whom was Gardner. Unfortunately, they find him dead in Kate's room, hanging from the ceiling, but the knot couldn't have been tied by the left-handed Gardner. Again, oh, snap. However, he did have the car keys.

When they inform Cmdt. Murillo of Gardner's death, he tells them that a drunken Hank Butler came to him around the same time, angry about Kate's murder. Murillo told him about the saber attack, and admits to giving Hank the names of everyone in Kate's company. However, Hank claims to have been in the chapel begging forgiveness at the time of Gardner's murder, and he tells them how he came to a ceremony where Kate received a medal of commendation. She expressed a desire to make him proud, but he walked away, and, naturally, regrets it.

Meanwhile, Gardner's alibi for the night of Kate's murder checks out, but CSU has conveniently provided a new suspect, thanks to a love letter to Kate from James Addison. "Shine detail" indeed! He says the feelings were mutual, and she agreed to go out with him, in part to avoid being a "barracks rat," who holes up and never socializes. Those cadets, it seems, tend to break more easily than the others. The detectives find only one barracks rat on the roster: Landry! Oh, wait. Sorry. Wrong show. It's Ryan Stewart, actually.

After a brief standoff, Ryan confesses to killing Kate. Figuring she'd be staying in as usual, he went to her room for help with homework, but she told him she had plans with some of the guys from the company. Deeply hurt because the guys would rather hang out with "a chick" than him, Ryan went ballistic and clubbed her with what appeared to be a pencil cup…but Lilly's got one more question for him. How did he hide the body, since freshmen couldn't drive?

Kat discovers, thanks to repeat speeding tickets and routine trips to Roxboro (where Kate's body was found), that the other one involved had to be Moe Kitchener. Ryan finally tells them the rest of the story, which was him confessing to Moe what he'd done, and Moe helping him cover it up so he could graduate. While getting him to confess to both this and Gardner's murder, Lilly starts to freak out, and then the glass shatters, the room fills with water…

…and Lil's right back in the river. So…was this whole episode a dream? Were we living in the real world for 55 minutes, or were we in Lilly's submerged blonde head? What is the right question in this situation, anyway? We do see Moe and Ryan being arrested at the end, so it appears that Lil solved the case in her head while she was underwater, but the other detectives actually did all the work. Personally, I'd rather have seen that.

While she was sleuthing in her underwater alternate universe, Lilly also had time for some personal flashbacks, triggered by her father visiting PPD to make sure she was all right. She remembers the day he told her over a chess game that he was leaving "to do some things." She also recalls picking the man who attacked her when she was ten out of a lineup, then telling the detective in charge (Stillman, of all people!) that her mother said it was too late, leading to Stillman's "ask the right question" advice. These flashbacks, among others, lead to the answer to Lilly's burning question this season: why did her father leave? In a letter, which she was reading before her accident, and which he reads during the closing montage, he tells her he had to leave to get sober himself. He regrets leaving, and assures her that, should she ever need someone, he's there for her. As she awakens in the hospital, we see that he's kept his promise.