Come play Eve Online for 21days free!!



Hi guys im new to this forums and seems pretty cool.

Eve Online is prolly the best all rounder when it comes to Sci Fi. Ive been playing for about a year and i just cant get enough. If you have not herd of Eve Online and you love space ships i suggest you take a look at this game. Its a complete sand box game so you do what you want when you want how you want.

All paying eve players have a cool option of inviting new people for 21days of free game time then have the option to activate your account or you could just leave it and say oh well i checked it out so you get to experience the game for much longer than the standard 14day trial. This is a living breathing virtual universe with thousands of players on the same server in one universe. If you play your cards right you can affect the universe and make a name for your self.

So what i wana offer all you Sci Fi fans out there is to get a bit of this action. If your interested please drop me a mail at with the email address you would like me to invite you on. Now i can only do 20 invites a month so please only one invite per person.

If you like playing with the Economy, massive fleet battles or even industrial corps that build equipment then this is for you :smiley:

Oh and if you get good enough you can pay for your eve account with ISK (ingame money) Now please dont think you can do this on a trial account its been tried many many times by many people so dont get your hopes up :smiley: Eve is complex.. Eve is hard.. think you got what it takes?

Hope to hear from you soon!