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Oct 19, 2005
As much as I have loved most of the movies based on my fave comics, I do have a few issues with some of them. My biggest issue is with the X Men movies. Not such a fan of them changing Rogue's character. Its almost like they were trying to merge Rogue with Jubilee. I didn't like her that young, or not dating Gambit. And, no offense to Anna Paquin fans, but she really didn't do a very good job with the southern drawl. it sounds kinda funny. Anyone else got any quibs?


Oct 17, 2003
I loved the X-movies, but you've got to allow for the changes as they translate comic to movie. Spiderman in the comics doesn't have "web-glands", he manufactured "web-guns" that use specially formulated "web-fluid"... but in the movie, trying to explain how a teenager gained the knowledge to not only create these customised shooters, but also came up with a formula for spider webbing would have taken a lot of time.

I think the reason for Rogue being younger than her character in comics is that in the movie they needed to introduce someone who would be knew to it all, like the viewers, so we could experience it from her POV.

As for Gambit, what's to say he won't be her age when he shows up? (y)
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