Would you want your own Dell?

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Hello SciFi lovers!

If you love SciFi and overzealous cyborg security systems, check out Echo Dr.

Echo Dr Coming Soon Poster.jpg

Echo Dr. is a gripping upcoming sci-fi film that follows the seemingly normal life of Mike Foster and his family. But this reality is soon disrupted after a failed kidnapping attempt on his wife and children. Feeling helpless and unguarded, Mike meets with his home's high tech developer who decides to install an android patrol guard, named Dell, to keep watch on the property. Growing attached to the property itself, Dell begins to question Mike's ownership and authority while showing signs of hostility. After a power surge disables the home's security, Dell believes that Mike and his family are a threat to the house itself and attempts to eradicate them by any lethal means necessary.

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Code Monkey
Staff member
Looks interesting, I'll be on the lookout for it when it's released.

The only thing that caught me off guard was the android name, Dell. I'm am old enough that seeing a question like "Would you want your own Dell?" makes me think of this guy...