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I have written books and screenplays called Paradigm. Paradigm is a new unexplored sci fi genre, based in alternate universes. I know you're going to say sliders, but this is nothing like sliders. It's about beings who live on the quantum universe, and can travel to anywhere they want in time or alternate universes. They claim to have evolved from us, and travel through our minds and memories.
One day, someone invents an AI that allows the user to manipulate the Quantum Universe and crreate his own alternate realities.
PARADIGM follows the story of Ronnie Bryce, from his humble beginnings as a child in care, to the end where he has to save all of the quantum Universe, all of time and space, amd all of what was and what could be. An amazing adventure thayt will take you to, and far beyond the limits of your imagination. No restrictions, no bouncing around time and space randomly, the freedom to go anywhere and do anything with absolutely no limits,