Commenting on others' work


Super Fantastisch
I just wanted to pin this because lately I have noticed many people who come to the Fan Media forum, and simply go from topic to topic, making a post in each along the lines of "I love all of these!," and similarly vague comments (and often each post is exactly the same). Whether people mean it to be or not, this is just a way to add to one's number of posts. It is completely unconstructive. Please leave more meaningful comments or do not comment at all. In the future, these types of posts will be deleted.

Thanks everyone! ^_^

eta: if you require feedback about your art - ASK FOR IT!


That's All Folks
Once I commented on like 10 pieces for a challenge... specifically :D

Sometimes...I'm really lazy...but I'll make sure to try to comment on evryone's from now on...

This is actually a good thing to have out in the open Les...thanks making this thread :D


Mr. Trixter
Leslie said:
Whether people mean it to be or not, this is just a way to add to one's number of posts. It is completely unconstructive.

No offense, but, um....said the member who's on the mod team, with much more privelages, and who has been a member of AA for less than a year and already has over 5,000 posts. How is that possible? I've been one for almost two years and only have posted less than 2,000. You're telling me you didn't make posts just to add to your number of posts?

I mean, if you're gonna request an end to something, how about the meaningless endless stream of stupid forums like the ones in the Member's Lounge like "What is your mood?" Do you know how many posts there are in there of people saying one word things like "Bad. Good. Depressed. Excited."? Let's delete those posts?!

And the introductions? The responses? Those are all the same things! Welcome to AA. Repeat and repeat and repeat. Wave, wave, wave.


michael's widow in mourning
white rabbit this thread is meant to encourage critical art reviews not condem moderators for their number of posts.


Mr. Trixter
i saw the original post. it did include a message about posts that were just to add to the number of posts. in my opinioon, the ones complementing artwork are more relevant than ones in the member lounge, as i said.

wats wrong with complementing work? I mean, like yours jems, its not like people are just complementing you to get more posts. You're an amazing artist, so people like to say that.


michael's widow in mourning
love the smiley you used for effect leslie :lol:

and yes white rabbit I agree about the ML posts. In fact it is only a while ago that we turned on post counts in the ML again - they were switched off for a significant amount of time last year to try and discourage pointless posts of like a smiley for example. But I am sure you understand what Leslie meant in this thread. We at allalias simply try and encourge critical feedback in the fan media forum is all ;) But if you want to say how great everything is you are more than welcome! :smiley: All we mean is don't simply come in every day and say that! ;)


Super Fantastisch
Haha. :D That was just coz some people tend to write their "reviews" in all caps with lots of smileys for "emphasis," to cover the fact that all they've really said is "woo hoo! art!" with no purpose whatsoever. ;)


i agree with you Les in that we should say why we like someone's art more then "o cool".

but i do think that if someone said what you were going to say, that quoting it and saying something like "exactly" is a lot better then resaying it.
well, at how much time we all put into those wallpapers/sigs/collages/avatars etc. It's nice to receive honest feedback about how we did, and how we can improve. The vague comments really don't apply to anyone in particular. I just feel a little bit better when someone actually says hey dana, i like the layout of your wallpaper, or that's a neat texture where can i find it. But I do agree about the whole member lounge issue. Some people do take advantage of the mood thread to raise their post count. Or in the random thread. I'll admit to doing that on a few occasions, though I've gotten better about it, and i'm sure others have to. I don't think it'll ever be completely eliminated.
I have made rather long comments in some posts since only being here a few days, but I just wrote a shorter response to liking a movie from the 1970s.

I'm an old guy and don't have Twitter and and am not sure I completely understand what a hashtag is - except that it is SHORT.

I think some young people have gotten used to expressing themselves in limited form.

Sometimes, I guess, "I love it" says it all.

I did have someone, more than one in fact, on another site email me and say they absolutely loved my work and would be honored if I would "like" their site. I sincerely doubt they've read any of the one novel I've written.

This whole thing of counting "likes" to get noticed or catch the attention of someone's search algorithm is annoying, but attention seekers have always been annoying.

I guess, as a first time novelist, I'm an attention seeker. I just want to know if anybody thinks it's any good.

As always you need to separate the wheat from the chaff.