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Here is a place I go for Movie gossip
Z-Review- Alpha Index
Some movies of note:
Aeon Flux-2005
Alien Five-UnKn / Ripley is back and we're headed for the alien homeworld.
BladeRunner 2- UnKn / Based on the novel:'BladeRunner2: The edge of Human' by K.W. Jeter.
Blizzard-UnKn / Director= LeVar Burton {Yes, Jordi}

Blood*The Last Vampire-UnKn / Feature film based on Anime Classic Blood:The Last Vampire Slayer{RonnyYu directs}
The ChubbChubbs-2005/06 / Based on the animation but full lenght CGI Feature film from Sony Pictures Animations
Creature Tech-UnKn / Based on the novel by Doug TenNapel, an action movie to save the world from a giant space eel.
DukeNukem-UnKn / Yes, Based on the game. Talk of Bruce Campbell or The Rock as Duke. Dimension Films- Here's the official movie site.
Dungeons & Dragons 3-UnKn / In production as a sequal to next year's D&D 2. Zinc Entertainment.
Ender's Game-UnKn / Yes, By Orson Scott Card. Official Site.
EvilDead 4- UnKn / Raimi and Campbell are at it again!
Eyes of the Dragon-UnKn / Stephen King- WAMC Entertainment
ForeverMan-UnKn / StanLee "Will center on Superheroes in a different type of situation"
Foundation-UnKn / 20th Century Fox is going to try to tackle Issac Asimov's Foundation
Galactic Raiders-UnKn / Joseph & Larry Arpin
GeminiMan-UnKn / Clone Flick actor does battle with a younger version of himself.
GreenLantern-UnKn / Warner Brothers
Hyperion-UnKn / Based on the Sci-Fi Series
The Hobbit-Rumor / Sir Ian McKellen Possibly revises his role as Gandalf, Peter Jackson is interested,
InterstellarPig-UnKn / Extraterrestial Board Game and Earth is the Prize. Nickelodeon Films
InnerSpace2-UnKn / Martin Short & Dennis Quaid again
John Carter of Mars-UnKn / Paramount Pictures, Edgar Rice Burroughs Story. Green men of Thark. Co-Producer=Danton Burroughs, Last update 12-07-2004.
Jumanji2-UnKn / Being Written
JudgeDredd:Dredd Reckoning-UnKn / Shoreline Entertainment, Franchise being created with possible 3rd movie; JudgeDredd:Possession
Knowing-UnKn / Predictions and save the world.
LawnMowerMan 3- Rumor / New Line Cinema
LXG2- UnKn / Mina {Peta Wilson} will be returning, Who-else is unknown- Possible major re-casting with new characters created.
Metroid-UnKn / John Woo is getting the rights to the franchise
Megalopolis-2005 / Turning New York City into a Utopia, IMDB claims a release in 2005
NightFall-UnKn / On Earth-Aliens terrorize campers
NoWhereMen-UnKn / Ben Afflect is in it, Extraordinary Human Gifts used to pursue covert missions.
OuterLimits- UnKn / Big Screen Adaption of TV Show
PostHuman- UnKn /
Predator3-UnKn / A third predator encounter? Interview with the Rock is linked?
Princess of Mars-See John Carter of Mars above for more
PreLude To Space- UnKn / Arthur C. Clarke Book has been optioned by Buffalonickel Films
Robot Stories- Now Playing / Trailer
Reign of Fire 2- UnKn / Christian Bale...
Resident Evil 3:AfterLife-UnKn / Milla, Milla, Milla!
ScienceFiction-UnKn / Remake of the Dutch film to be done by Columbia Pictures
SpaceBalls 2- UnKn / MelBrooks Waitin for the right time
StarShip Dave-UnKn / Alien Spaceship in love with a human
StarTrek Eleven-UnKn / Frakes says and Berman point out there will not be anyone from any of the series in it. "Totally New"
Total Recall 2-Not Likely / Thanks Arnie!
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter-UnKn / Christensen and Beach
Tuxedo 2-UnKn / Jackie rumours #2
TimeCop 2
Untitled Projects-Too Many To List
Villikon Chronicles-UnKn / Based on the novel about the prison planet
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea-UnKn / Based on Walter Pigeon's 1961 movie. Fox2000
World of Tomorrow 2-UnKn / Sequal to SkyCaptain is greenlighted
Willow2-Rumour /
X-Files 2-UnKn / Robert Patrick, David Ducovney, Gillian Anderson
X-Men 3- 2006 / Lots of news
Y-Last man on Earth-UnKn / Plague-Monkey-Etc
Zen INtergalactic Ninja-UnKn / based on Comic book
Ziggy Stardust- UnKn / Based on David Bowie's alien rockstar
Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted-UnKn / Tim Allen is doing a comic book movie
Zathura-2005 / due out around Christmas-Sequal to Jumunji type game set in the intergallactic. Official site here, Looks like it could be good?

This is all from one site and I didnt even scratch the surface. Have fun!



Code Monkey
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Bladerunner 2?! Noooooo!!! That's one of those movies that shouldn've have a sequel; it should be left to stand on it's own.:mad:


An Old Friend
KW802 said:
Bladerunner 2?! Noooooo!!! That's one of those movies that shouldn've have a sequel; it should be left to stand on it's own.:mad:
I agree.
About the Z review, Many of the titles are rumors and some of the productions are in development HE double hockeysticks. For instance; Total Recall 2, Without Arnie the storyline is comprimised. But it's listed because there was information found relating to it.
There's many sequals and prequals I hope they never make including Forbidden Planet(By the way, They are doing that one:() If they don't do a Fantastic job they shouldn't even attempt it!:mad:

I would like someone to help me find all the Science Fiction and Fantasy in the index. I would love to have a list. Does anyone else recognise SF&F titles in that index? I am especially interested in titles that are book to film first times. I am also looking for titles where the Author is part of the production crew.