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Comming Movies

Discussion in 'Sci-Fi and Fantasy Talk' started by Tom, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast
    Here is a place I go for Movie gossip
    Z-Review- Alpha Index
    Some movies of note:
    Aeon Flux-2005
    Alien Five-UnKn / Ripley is back and we're headed for the alien homeworld.
    BladeRunner 2- UnKn / Based on the novel:'BladeRunner2: The edge of Human' by K.W. Jeter.
    Blizzard-UnKn / Director= LeVar Burton {Yes, Jordi}[​IMG]
    Blood*The Last Vampire-UnKn / Feature film based on Anime Classic Blood:The Last Vampire Slayer{RonnyYu directs}
    The ChubbChubbs-2005/06 / Based on the animation but full lenght CGI Feature film from Sony Pictures Animations
    Creature Tech-UnKn / Based on the novel by Doug TenNapel, an action movie to save the world from a giant space eel.
    DukeNukem-UnKn / Yes, Based on the game. Talk of Bruce Campbell or The Rock as Duke. Dimension Films- Here's the official movie site.
    Dungeons & Dragons 3-UnKn / In production as a sequal to next year's D&D 2. Zinc Entertainment.
    Ender's Game-UnKn / Yes, By Orson Scott Card. Official Site.
    EvilDead 4- UnKn / Raimi and Campbell are at it again!
    Eyes of the Dragon-UnKn / Stephen King- WAMC Entertainment
    ForeverMan-UnKn / StanLee "Will center on Superheroes in a different type of situation"
    Foundation-UnKn / 20th Century Fox is going to try to tackle Issac Asimov's Foundation
    Galactic Raiders-UnKn / Joseph & Larry Arpin
    GeminiMan-UnKn / Clone Flick actor does battle with a younger version of himself.
    GreenLantern-UnKn / Warner Brothers
    Hyperion-UnKn / Based on the Sci-Fi Series
    The Hobbit-Rumor / Sir Ian McKellen Possibly revises his role as Gandalf, Peter Jackson is interested,
    InterstellarPig-UnKn / Extraterrestial Board Game and Earth is the Prize. Nickelodeon Films
    InnerSpace2-UnKn / Martin Short & Dennis Quaid again
    John Carter of Mars-UnKn / Paramount Pictures, Edgar Rice Burroughs Story. Green men of Thark. Co-Producer=Danton Burroughs, Last update 12-07-2004.
    Jumanji2-UnKn / Being Written
    JudgeDredd:Dredd Reckoning-UnKn / Shoreline Entertainment, Franchise being created with possible 3rd movie; JudgeDredd:Possession
    Knowing-UnKn / Predictions and save the world.
    LawnMowerMan 3- Rumor / New Line Cinema
    LXG2- UnKn / Mina {Peta Wilson} will be returning, Who-else is unknown- Possible major re-casting with new characters created.
    Metroid-UnKn / John Woo is getting the rights to the franchise
    Megalopolis-2005 / Turning New York City into a Utopia, IMDB claims a release in 2005
    NightFall-UnKn / On Earth-Aliens terrorize campers
    NoWhereMen-UnKn / Ben Afflect is in it, Extraordinary Human Gifts used to pursue covert missions.
    OuterLimits- UnKn / Big Screen Adaption of TV Show
    PostHuman- UnKn /
    Predator3-UnKn / A third predator encounter? Interview with the Rock is linked?
    Princess of Mars-See John Carter of Mars above for more
    PreLude To Space- UnKn / Arthur C. Clarke Book has been optioned by Buffalonickel Films
    Robot Stories- Now Playing / Trailer
    Reign of Fire 2- UnKn / Christian Bale...
    Resident Evil 3:AfterLife-UnKn / Milla, Milla, Milla!
    ScienceFiction-UnKn / Remake of the Dutch film to be done by Columbia Pictures
    SpaceBalls 2- UnKn / MelBrooks Waitin for the right time
    StarShip Dave-UnKn / Alien Spaceship in love with a human
    StarTrek Eleven-UnKn / Frakes says and Berman point out there will not be anyone from any of the series in it. "Totally New"
    Total Recall 2-Not Likely / Thanks Arnie!
    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter-UnKn / Christensen and Beach
    Tuxedo 2-UnKn / Jackie rumours #2
    TimeCop 2
    Untitled Projects-Too Many To List
    Villikon Chronicles-UnKn / Based on the novel about the prison planet
    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea-UnKn / Based on Walter Pigeon's 1961 movie. Fox2000
    World of Tomorrow 2-UnKn / Sequal to SkyCaptain is greenlighted
    Willow2-Rumour /
    X-Files 2-UnKn / Robert Patrick, David Ducovney, Gillian Anderson
    X-Men 3- 2006 / Lots of news
    Y-Last man on Earth-UnKn / Plague-Monkey-Etc
    Zen INtergalactic Ninja-UnKn / based on Comic book
    Ziggy Stardust- UnKn / Based on David Bowie's alien rockstar
    Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted-UnKn / Tim Allen is doing a comic book movie
    Zathura-2005 / due out around Christmas-Sequal to Jumunji type game set in the intergallactic. Official site here, Looks like it could be good?

    This is all from one site and I didnt even scratch the surface. Have fun!

  2. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast
    Orson Scott Card films comming more frequently soon

  3. Kevin

    Kevin Code Monkey Staff Abductee

    Mar 20, 2004
    Bladerunner 2?! Noooooo!!! That's one of those movies that shouldn've have a sequel; it should be left to stand on it's own.:mad:
  4. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast
    I agree.
    About the Z review, Many of the titles are rumors and some of the productions are in development HE double hockeysticks. For instance; Total Recall 2, Without Arnie the storyline is comprimised. But it's listed because there was information found relating to it.
    There's many sequals and prequals I hope they never make including Forbidden Planet(By the way, They are doing that one:() If they don't do a Fantastic job they shouldn't even attempt it!:mad:

    I would like someone to help me find all the Science Fiction and Fantasy in the index. I would love to have a list. Does anyone else recognise SF&F titles in that index? I am especially interested in titles that are book to film first times. I am also looking for titles where the Author is part of the production crew.

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