Feedback Community Chat - Trivia Night


An Old Friend
I have seen this done on many forum and community sites and it brings the members together in chat for a few hours a month/week.

The way it has been done is:
One person acts as the trivia master. The trivia master locates a trivia webpage and gives a list of the topics and the members decide which topic of the listed ones are used. The trivia master then poses each question to the chatroom. Once all participants answer the trivia master then copies and pastes the answer in and another member totals the score.
The score master keeps a running total of everyone's scores.
When the last answer is given the member with the highest score wins that trivia.

I found that the chat helps everyone get to know each other better plus it brings members together in chat to talk about whatever.

A competition could held to design a signature logo for the member with the most wins in trivia over a selected period.

*Guru of The Alien Universe
*Jedi Master of Star Wars Trivia
*Wizard of Mythology Trivia
*X-Phile of Trivia
*Trivia King of TV
*Grand Master of Horror Trivia
*Emperor of Science Fiction Trivia
...and so-on.

Again, just an idea I am throwing out there.