Compatibilty Test


Aug 25, 2005
hmm hmm 100% physical and i'm not even lying! :P
emotional 78%
intellectual 49%
total 76 %

i'm pretty chuffed with that :) come to momma mikey!

and yes i'm new to here, but i've hit this late teenage MV syndrome at 21 and i'm totally obsessive! :LOL: my doc would probably put me on some medication cuz this can't be healthy! BUT I'M LOVING IT!

loved alias ever since the very first episode (whenever it aired in Finland), have the first three seasons on dvds and *hmm* got a hold of season 4 although it hasn't aired in the UK yet (where i live full time) and now hoping to get a hold of the first few of five when they air. but regardless of these holdings i will buy the originals to support the series!

yeh... i just don't know if i can face watching it if he goes..i'll try to stay positive though.

happy september peeps!



Mar 7, 2004
I gt

physical - 100% :woot:

emotional - 11% :mad:

intellectual - 65% :unsure:

total 59%...... i don't like the total but i'd be happy 2 have a purely physical relationship :D

AND my best m8 hu duzn't even like him jus gt 96 % *sob*
Jul 2, 2005
This whole thing just makes me laugh! :LOL: are my results
physical - 33% *what?!* haha
emotional - 94% yes!
intellectual - 41% well i am more of a listener....but i do talk
total - 56% yeah right

i thought it would be more compatible because my bday is the same as his...November 27....but i'm 20 i don't know

made me laugh though! HAHAHAHAHHAHHA :LOL: