Feedback Competition Idea - Alien Soup Flash Fiction


An Old Friend
LOL, I am just full of something today!:P

Here is another competition idea...

Alien Soup has lots of members that are well-published and rising fast.
There are also members that are well-written yet not professional.

A competition {with prize} could yeild some really great stories for the community.

Set the parameters for the stories to 500 words or less.
Make it mandatory that 'Alien Soup' be the topic of the story.
See what our members come up with.
Let other members vote via a poll with a dedicated thread linking to each members submission.
Make it a monthly/annual competition.

Prize suggestions:
Copy of an authors book on writing
A fancy pen & notepad plaque
Or...hold a competion for designing a trophy

Again, just throwing around ideas
Tom, I like the idea! Time, unfortunately, is not my friend lately.

If I provide the prize(s) and set up any threads/forums/galleries as needed, would you be interesting in running the competition? If nothing else, it'll force me to look around at sending out mass email 'alerts' to our user base as sending out 50K+ emails at one time from the server did not go so well last time.
I have no idea how to? One of the reasons I have stepped down from my moderator duties on all the communities I frequent is because my computer time is limited and sporatic. I haven't even been keeping up with my own forums. I am not the right person to show the dedication to the task at hand right now.
Again, I am just throwing out ideas. Trying to participate in the Alien Soup community. Thanx for asking tho.