Concept Sci-fi Issue#2 out now

Dear all,

Issue #2 of the Concept Sci-fi ezine is now available to download in both PDF format and Mobipocket format.


This issue includes short fiction from; Walter Jon Williams, Susan Murray, Ben O' Neill, Andrew Males and Michael Kechula. We also have a piece of poetry (our first one!) and an interview with Marianne De Pierres.

I really hope that you enjoy reading it and if you'd like to subscribe and get future issues delivered directly to your Inbox, please visit this link.


Gary Reynolds.


An Old Friend
AWESOME!!! Thanx, I haven't done more than peek at the first one (Loaded with things going on) but now I have a couple to look at I will be checking them out my next day off (whenever that may be).

From what I've seen I like it!