Consuming their love

Oct 30, 2004
Title: Consuming their love
Rating: NC-17
Author: Cookiemonster
Note: Hard NC-17 for sexual context and language. Please don’t read if you’re under 18 or subject to these kind of stories… All the others, you may read ;o)
Disclaimers: Vaughn & Sydney belong to J.J. Abrams and
Summary: Vaughn and Syd go for the sexual release they’ve both withheld for so long now.

A/N: Set at the beginning of ALIAS, Season 1…Please take note that is just a large one parter… something that randomly plopped into my head while being sick…. Don’t ask ;)
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Vaughn hasn’t spoken a word for the past three minutes and 24 seconds. I wonder what the heck is going on as his eyes seem to scan all over my body. When he notices my glare, his eyes turn away briefly but only to come back to me.

His stare is long and that leaves me speechless. I’m unable to utter a single word as he gets up and steps up closer to me. Although the temperature in this storage room is rather low I’m having this warm tingling feeling deep inside of me.

His hand for some kind of reason touches my knee, his thumb ever so slowly rubbing over my kneecaps. He gives my body another look over and I can’t wait for his next move. I’m wearing a skirt and sure enough his hand travel right there where I wanted him the moment he gave me that long eye connection.

His trembling fingers reach their destination, fumbling with my damp underwear. I want him… God I want him more than I have ever wanted anybody else in my entire life.

“Vaughn” I breathe.


Wow… her breath over my face does things to my throbbing c***. She makes me feel like nobody else has every made me feel. I want her… all of her, right here, right now. Screw the rules, screw the protocol. I’ve wanted this for so long right now.

Every time, Sydney would come and meet me secretly in this storage room. Every move she does, every word she speaks. Whenever I feel her standing right next to me, all I want to do is hold her against me. Feel her arms wrap themselves around my neck.

But right now I feel some other part of her; her most intimate spot and she’s so wet. God is she wet for me! I need to get rid of this clothing. With one brusque move, it tears apart and I simply drop the tiny garment onto the floor, not caring at all where it lands.

Instantly I’m right back at task as my hand travels again between her legs to her hot center. Her body shifts closer to the edge of the table, her back slightly leaning backwards, allowing me a better access to her folds. Tentatively I let one of my fingers run up and down her slit, spreading the wetness all over her folds and I know she’s more than ready for me.

Without any further hesitation I slip it roughly into her, making her gasp for air.

I think he’s going to kill me any moment now. We’re supposed to work on my counter mission here and what is he doing? All he thinks about his getting the satisfaction he needs.

Yet I can’t refrain him to go any further. The belt clings and drops onto the hard floor, followed by a zipping sound while his finger is f***ing me ever so slowly. I want to push him away, but that feels just too damn good to be true and I can only hope I won’t wake up from this dream this time.

I open my eyes, seeing him stroking his hard member. He’s huge and so hard for me. Is it me, giving him this kind of arousal? I guess so, as our eyes meet again at the same time.

He spreads my legs apart, stepping between them, position himself against my heated chore and with one swift move he plunges deep into me, taking every single air out of my lungs that is left.

“Don’t you tell me this is not what you want… ‘cause I know it Sydney. From the moment I saw you walk in here today I knew this is something you want just as much as I” I tell her, leaning close against her ear.

I feel her body shiver beneath me, feeling the love she has for me emanate right down to her inner walls that squeeze me tightly. She likes this deep penetration just as much I enjoy being inside of her. Feeling her wetness and tightness all around me. It’s heaven… no…it’s much better than heaven!

I wait a couple of seconds more, giving her body the time it needs to accustom to my size before I pull out of her completely but only to slide right back into her. Every time hitting just the right spot deep within her that I know will send her over the edge.

So much I’ve figured out already, her face contorting under my heavy thrusts into her chore. Her moans and quick breathing spurt me on for harder thrusts. I’m practically slamming in and out of her after several minutes, the base of my c***, rubbing against her nerve bundles on each deep impact as I feel her orgasm building up around me.

My breathing gets quicker by the second and I know I can’t wait much longer. I stare into his hazy eyes and see him focusing up on pleasing me, on giving me right what I need. But I want him too… I want to feel all of him inside of me.

My breath hitches as I speak “I…want you…too”, my busy hands traveling from his strong back muscles southwards to his ass pushing him deeper and harder against me. Urging his hard c*** to reach with its tip right up against my g-spot that I know will be my undoing.

He lets me take the overhand of pulling him roughly against my body until I see a bright light far away in the distance. A long moan escapes out of my throat as my first orgasm washes over me. His c*** is still slipping in and out of me while my walls milk him with all I have to give.

“Oh f***” I groan the moment I sense her body explode all around me, that sends the first wave of my own fluid deep within her. I keep my thrusting movements going sucking everything I have to fill her with out of me and into her hot waiting channel.

Our fluids mingling with each other spasm after spasm floating through each others body as we’re literally sticking to each other. We’re still completely dressed, me in my dress pants and she in her black, far too sexy outfit she needs for her mission.

The only exposed body parts have just experienced the most overwhelming power in life. I can’t believe I’ve just had the greatest sex in my entire life, here in this cold and dark room. That’s when it suddenly clouds down on me that I’ve just taken advantage of her. I didn’t want that… yet she didn’t refuse me. She didn’t push me away. But I can’t get rid of this feeling of having just abused of Sydney.

“Damn it!” I swear knowing far well what just happened there. “You’re on anything?” I stupidly ask her like a teenager boy while my throbbing c*** still twitches deep within her. God that was amazing, she feels so good is all I can think of at the same time.

“Birth control?” I nod “Yeah… it’s regular procedure for female officers at SD-6”

It was cute to see him stumble over the words as the realization sunk in of what we’ve just shared. There are no words for what I feel right now. I try to read his features; they relieve some when I tell him I’m on shots. Yeah, we both sort of lost it here but none of us is able to speak about it.

He’s still buried deep within me. All I felt throughout this make-out was his hard, yet loving c*** that felt so smooth inside of me despite its rigid hardness, and nothing else.

“Kiss me” I blurt out. I guess today we’re both thrown back into our teenager years.


“Kiss me!” his emerald green eyes staring right down my soul, stealing my heart. His tongue slides into my open mouth lavishing it with a hungry desire, yet in a way I’ve never been kissed before. His hot breath of moans floating down my throat as he searches for something I haven’t quite figured out yet.

His slick body stretches over and against mine, his half erect member waking feelings inside of me all over again. My own kiss takes over to the same level as his, my tongue dipping into his hot mouth as my arms wrap tightly up around his shoulders, pulling him deeper into the kiss.

She’s taking me completely offguard, eating my mouth as our tender tonguse dance with each other.

Her hips are pushing up against my lower part. I mentally smile at what I’ve just done to her, raising another orgasm within her by only kissing her. But these kisses aren’t that innocent any longer as I feel my erection growing hard for her again, still buried in her warm chore.

I open my eyes watching her, pleasing herself as she desperately rubs her lower body against mine, begging with me to fill her like just before. But it’s much more fun watching her agonize around her desire than giving into it.

“Oh Vaughn” she moans. I’ve lifted myself lightly off of her, giving her the space she needs to increase her friction against my body. She lifts her hip up, which makes my c*** slip into her and when she lowers her body I slip every so tiny inch out of her again.

She’s so aroused and her deep groans tell me she’s off to her second orgasm already. Nothing was ever going to get her out of this fantasy and I was definitely not going to be the one to stop her either. This is the most unique experience I’ve ever lived, watching a woman setting herself off by using my hard twitching c***.

Her eyes shot open at me, two hard pushes up against my lower part that send my stiff member right up her front walls: Her eyes drift to the back, her second release washing over her as I can’t get my eyes of the woman below me, holding tight onto her and never wanting to let this precious thing out of my life.

“You’re breathing taking” he tells me minutes later, pulling his pants back up, closing the zipper and picking up the discarded belt from the floor. His hand comes to cup my cheek, his head leaning into me before his tongue enters my mouth one more time, exploring it as if to keep a good memory of it.

“You’re not too bad yourself” I say with a smile, my cheeks burning up rapidly as we’re both seemingly trying to figure out what this has just been about.

I jump of the edge of the table, straightening my skirt and realize I have no underwear to wear. “You tore my underwear” I add, fainting hurt.

“It was in my way! I needed to get rid of it somehow” he replies flashing me his loving smile that I can’t resist feeling my cheeks turn even more into a darker red color. I’m sure it doesn’t go unnoticed by Vaughn. He leans against my ears mumbling “It makes you even more desirable, knowing you walk around like this”

He’s evil. I playfully smack his shoulder not believing how naughty he can be.

His stare though goes back to business, giving me details about my counter mission. I try to focus onto it as much as I can. Five minutes later we’re done and he ends our meeting with a

“Good luck in Morrocco” and then leaves the room as if nothing had happened. It almost breaks my heart apart but I know we have to keep our thoughts focused so I take a deep breath, jumping head first into the next mission.


I haven’t seen Sydney for almost a year. Since that mission in Morrocco she has mysteriously disappeared. I don’t know where to, nobody knows. The whole CIA has been looking for her and I still haven’t given up hope. As long as there’s no body, she’s still MIA. Nothing could stop me from finding clues and input on her whereabouts.

Every now and then we’d get intel and by the time it has been proved right and we made our way to her destination it was too late and she had again vanished. There were times I thought we were chasing a ghost. Unfortunately not all our missions were directed towards Sydney’s research.

Life was going on, as hard as it was. Yet all I could think of was Sydney. She’s never gone away from my dreams, fantasies or desires. She was everywhere I was going; always with me, by my side.

I’ve been a handler to another young woman, Elisabeth was her name. But all we have ever been, was handler and asset. She was thrown in the middle of the field and last week she has never come back from her mission either. Two days later we found out she was killed.

That brought everything back up to surface. Flashbacks of what could happen to Sydney if we don’t get her out of the mess she was in now.

“Vaughn!” I hear Weiss’ voice yell at me, but still I’m not moving an inch “Mike! Come on, move it! We gotta go now!”

“Eric?” Weiss, my best friend’s face softens as he sees the imminent breakdown on my face. I’m literally staring at the screen in front of me. The image from the videotape has been stopped, showing a close up of Sydney’s figure.

Through Elisabeth hard work and collaboration we’ve finally spotted Sydney again in the far end of South of Spain, teaching first graders under a false name. We know she’s working undercover for another organization, which one, we don’t know yet. But we found her. We have only been able to trace her for four months after her disappearance and this is the first picture I get to see after such a long while.

She has blond, very long hair. It’s curly and it waves when she turns her head from the blackboard to look back at the children listening to her English lesson and repeating her words in a very bad accent. She walks up and down the isles through the classroom, reciting and the children taking note in their books.

She stops mid-way holding her round middle. The little girl sitting by her left gets up “Miss Carlson, are you alright?” she asks rather worried for her teacher.

“I am, Isabella… The baby’s kicking that’s all” Sydney explains with a smile.


“Wanna feel it?” she grabs the little girl’s hand laying it flat over her growing mid-section.

“I can feel it!” she exclaims and every child of the entire classroom gets all excited about the baby inside of Sydney. They each take a turn touching her belly while Sydney explains them some of the baby’s life before it’s born.

I’m loosing myself watching her. I can’t believe she’s alive, real and right in front of me, although which means, right in front of me on the screen. She’s effectively on the other side of the street in the other building. Our intel has itself proven right and I can’t wait to see her again.

“She’s pregnant” I nonchalantly blurt out at Eric’s face. “What if she doesn’t want to come back? What if she has started a new life and this here, our extraction, is putting her life back into jeopardy? We don’t know anything for sure! Everything is just based on Beth’ few encrypted codes! We haven’t heard or seen of Sydney in half a year! We can’t do this!”

“Yes we can! We have to… now come on and get your ass moved!”

“I’m sorry I can’t…”

“Vaughn! If you’re not coming I’m gonna push your ass all the while along… now get moved!”

Weiss’ arm grabs me, pulling me up to a standing position and suddenly my trained CIA agent feeling kicks back into mode. It’s like my brain is working on full-power as I send the extraction team into the building, securing the area.


“Vaughn!” What the heck is going on? I was right in the middle of teaching my first grade class when the CIA bolts into the classroom, scaring those little innocent children to death by almost kidnapping me. I had no choice but run along, follow the orders.

On one side I was glad, finally they had found me, but did they really need to scare the s*** out of these children?

“Damn it Vaughn!” I yell, as we climb up and down several rocks. I can’t any longer move as fast as they can…

“Syd, come on! We gotta get out of here. Else way they’re going to track us!” Vaughn retorts not looking back.

Eric, happily for me, feels more like a gentleman and holds out a hand for me to keep my heavy body balanced on, helping me climb up another few rocks until we’ve finally reached a cave. I flash Eric a thankful smile and shoot a killing one at Vaughn.

While Eric gathers a few things around in the cave that are supposed to keep us alive for at least a couple of days to hide in, Vaughn and I share an awkward silence. I feel his eyes all over my body, just like the last time I’ve seen him, yet differently. My belly hurts, my hand unconsciously traveling to my lower back and bulge at the same time.

“You alright? Here… let me help you sit down” he guides me inside the cave.

“Damn it!” I swear loudly as feel the water break free, running down my legs “God no, not now!”

“What?” he asks me incredulously.

“My water just broke”

“What?” It’s not a question I know…he looks at my wet summer dress and helps me sit down on the rock. “Now?”

“Yes… now… and oh my god” I let out as the first contraction already shoots through my body. Vaughn holds her firm grip on my hand, his wrinkles on his forehead telling me he’s more than worried about me right now.

“Syd, you can’t have the baby here! Not now… “

“You think I have a choice?” I yell much to my own regret. It hasn’t been my choice to get pregnant, it hasn’t been my choice to be kidnapped and drilled for another secret organization the past year, it hasn’t been my choice to be extracted from my current position, putting my life and child at stake and it surely hasn’t been my choice to deliver this baby in the middle of nowhere!

“Sorry” he apologizes, giving me another helping hand so I could lie down on the floor, leaning up against the wall.


Two hours later

“Touch it!” She pleads me once her contraction has gone. “Your son’s head”

“My son?” I stare up into her eyes, silent tears running down her cheeks that I lovingly brush away. But it doesn’t help a lot since many others follow. Two simple words have just pulled my life up side down. All my hopes and dreams fulfilled with two simple words.

“Vaughn!” she almost orders me and I can’t ignore her. I’m already kneeling in front of her wide opened legs, the crowning of the baby visible. I’ve never seen her so beautiful as she is right now. I’ve never seen her like this… All we had nine months ago was pure sex… sex… and that was it. I’ve never seen any other part of her body or even touched. And here she was wide open, giving birth to our child.

I graze my fingers carefully over the few hair on the baby’s head when another contraction hits her full force and out of nowhere which makes her scream out loud. She pushes all she has to give till the baby’s head is completely out.

“Sydney” I’m so overwhelmed that I’m lost at words seeing the baby’s head, my son’s head, coming out of her. Eric gives us weird glares since the moment he has learnt that two of us even had sex. I never told him about that night with Sydney. Nobody knows but her and me.

“I know Vaughn… look at me” I do… I do look at her, but I don’t know what to do! I’m not a doctor for crying out loud! We need a hospital, we need nurses and doctors in case something is wrong with our child. I’m really scared, almost terrified for the first time in my life.

“You can do this… I know this… you have to! I trust you Vaughn” Where does she take the strength to encourage me where as I’m supposed to be the one to hold her hand and guide her through this miracle of giving life.

“I’m trying”

“I don’t want you to try Vaughn! This is your son!” I shake my head but she’s not able to say anything else as the next contraction is already there, tearing her body open as Weiss helps her back up to push threw it. The baby’s shoulders pass her cervix and the rest of the body slips out of her straight into my arms.

The baby’s all gluey, wet and it almost looks disgusting. Until it strikes me that I’m holding my own son in my arms.

“Vaughn, the baby!” she says, taking me out of my daydream. It’s blue and I know something has to be done. My unknown father instinct kicks in; rubbing the baby’s back smoothly until it lets out its very first scream to the world. Sydney’s stretching her arms out at the baby and I carefully lay it down into her hands.

“You did it, Sydney” Weiss congratulates her, kissing the top of her head.

“Thank you” her eyes don’t sway away from her son resting in her arms. I don’t know what to do, too many emotions and too many thoughts floating through my mind. I pace through the cave, thinking about the last 24 hours since the hour Sydney’s whereabouts have been confirmed, till now.

“You better go check up on Sydney” Weiss speaks to me. I turn around, looking at the pair in the far end corner of the cave. “We also have to cut the cord…come on buddy”

What happens the next minutes surprises me even more, watching my best friend handle the whole situation with such easiness. He’s been trained for these kinds of circumstances he explains us, leaving both Sydney and me dumbfounded. He has meticulously tied one of my shoe laces around the umbilical cord so that I could cut it off. My hands have shaken so much that Sydney had to calm me down.

“You’re doing it right….I know you can” With that said, my son is freed of Sydney. The next move is helping Sydney through the push out of the placenta, which reveales itself to me as something totally gross. I only have eyes for my son that rests beside me, completely wrapped up in a towel, screaming his little lungs out of his body.

“How are you?” I ask Sydney minutes later again.

“Sore but happy… would you please give me my son?” she says looking straight into my eyes. I lift him up into my arms, sharing another brief moment with my son, before laying him onto Sydney’s chest. She has opened her blouse so that the baby could be skin to skin with her.

“Ok, I’m gonna be…way back there…” Eric mumbles, giving us some time.

I simply rest my forehead against hers as I look at my son. MY SON… that sounds so completely pulled out of nowhere but it’s true. Yet I can’t believe it.

“Sydney” I start but she shushes me, her chocolate brown eyes breaking my heart for the second time in one year.

“Vaughn…please don’t… don’t break the moment ok? I just want to enjoy this to the fullest” My God, I love her! I’ve never seen anybody more beautiful than Sydney. I could cry. She was gone all these months, growing pregnant with my child and I wasn’t there.

“Of course” I answer. The little bundle nuzzles itself closer against Sydney’s breasts. She lays him into the right position, readying him for his first nursing. Her fingers guide the nipple to his mouth and as if on cue he opens his little mouth and starts latching at her breast. First tentatively but after a couple of shots he’s gotten the hunch out of it. Believe me, even I would get it!

She moans as I watch her eyes drift shut for several seconds, only to open up again and mesmerize at her feeding son. One finger rubs lovingly over his chubby cheeks when she says “Thank you”

“For what?”

“Everything… especially this little one here”


“I said NO! I don’t want you to say anything… not now… I know there’s many questions, many answers…but please not now. Now it’s just you, me and our son Vaughn…please” tears spilling out of her eyes. I can only imagine how she feels right now. She’s just given birth to her child, that’s just not anything. But she has had the time to get used to it for nine months… and me, 12 hours!

I have a son… I’m a father… but god! What a proud father I am! I love him… nothing’s going to take him away from me. Seeing him being born…that’s just the greatest miracle in life.

“Do you have a name?”

“No… I mean… I did…” she says dreamingly “It would have been Michael… but now…”

I look at Vaughn and can’t take my eyes of him anymore. I’ve just tumbled his entire life upside down. I don’t want to know if he wants to be the father of this baby, biologically he is… I don’t want us to speak today… I want to get at least this moment of happiness right. Vaughn and me together with our baby we’ve created almost a year ago.

I still wonder what went wrong. I’m loosing myself in watching Vaughn gazing at his son who’s contently sucking the milk of my breast, when I think about Vaughn’s funny question whether I was on birth control that night. And yes I was… something didn’t quite turn out the way it was meant to be.

This baby was meant to happen that night. How many times did I think back to that one time he made love to me. He had been able to lift me up from the cold place we were in, into a complete out of space place where only he and I existed. No CIA, no SD-6, no terrorists, no other secret international organization that might come and hunt our lives.

Thinking of Vaughn was the only thing that kept me sane all throughout my kidnapping life where I had to play so many roles that it surprises me they never brainwashed me. I always wanted to call my son Michael, that way Vaughn would always have been with me. Now he was back into my life.

“Michael it is then…if you want… I mean…he’s your son” Vaughn mumbles somewhat not sure about himself.

“He’s your son too Vaughn” I have to remind him. I feel Vaughn’s hand holding our son’s head into position against me breast. It’s the most affection feeling I’ve ever shared with anybody. He slowly leans down and kisses his son’s forehead.

“He looks like a Mikey to me” Vaughn tells me with a smile and I figure we’ve settled ourselves on Michael. Vaughn shelters his left arm around Mikey but the latest catches his index finger with his entire little hand.

“Hey, that’s my finger” Vaughn protests upon which Mikey opens his eyes for the first time, flashing a deep blue color up at us. We’re both grinning like fools. Our mood though changes instantly when I see Vaughn’s head leaning into mine, his lips ever so lightly dare touching mine.


“Kiss me” I repeat myself over from the last time we’ve laid eyes on each other, allowing him to kiss me. His kiss is slow, very slow. So much different from last time which was a more needing one while we sought for each other’s souls. This is a kiss that is making my knees buckle, my heart beating faster and sucking all the air out of my lungs. I moan his name a couple of times, sending shivers through his bones as I feel him moan my name too.

But that’s not all I feel as his hand runs on the underside of my breasts that has been set free from the bra so our son could drink from the other one too.. My breath hitches as I’ve never felt Vaughn’s hand on that part of my anatomy.

“God Vaughn” He needs to stop, right here, right now… I’ve just had a baby, we’re being chased, plus Weiss is standing on the other side of this cave, probably having the worst nightmare of his life.

“Oh come on guys, get a room!” I hear him mutter in disgust.

Vaughn slowly breaks the kiss and removes his hand from my erect nipple, his forehead resting against mine so he can come back to his senses.

His whispering voice reaches my ears as he says only words for me to hear “I will… believe me I will…soon” looking straight into my soul. I can’t wait to be back home, in LA, with Vaughn. I’m more than rejoiced hearing him say these words. He wants me with him, me and the baby.

“You want me?”

“Of course I want you… both of you… I love you Sydney”

“Vaughn…” He doesn’t keep surprising me today

I’m not sure this was a clever move, but it’s true… I love her… I love her since the moment I’ve laid eyes on her a year ago, and ever since we’ve been fighting against SD-6. Nothing’s ever going to change my love for her.

And Michael, the baby laying in her arms, our son, is living proof of how I feel towards her.

“Syd… look at him… that’s how much I love you Sydney and don’t you dare think otherwise, ok? We’ll make it… I don’t know how…but we will. I promise! Once back in LA we will make it”

I aware we still have to be very careful here. I can only hope and pray for either Sydney or Mikey to have some kind of infection. I know Sydney has everything that our son needs to survive. She will keep him sheltered from the cold. 36 hours left..

“I love you too Vaughn” she hushes against my lips and from the corner of my eyes I see Weiss rolling his eyes.

“Jeez… you two are just too good to be true! I’m never going to survive this” he says, lifting the baby out of Sydney’s arm with her approval “Hello baby… you know that you have the two craziest parents in the world, huh? It’s good you have Uncle Eric….”

He keeps talking to the sleeping infant, pacing around the room. I know he’s in good hands and loose myself once more gazing at Sydney who has drifted off to sleep herself. I cover her exhausted body with some mediocre sheets that are supposed to keep us warm during the cold nights. All I can do is cuddle myself close up to her, my nose touching hers, feeling her regular breathing against my face.

This is what I’ve wanted for the past year. Sleeping Sydney in my arms… this is where my life starts, right here…


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