Cool CPUs

Since my computer is currently fried and, in the process of checking things, I was forced to remove the theral paste (which from the looks of it should have been replaced anyway), I started looking on the internet for more and more about thermal compounds, greases, and pastes.

What I found was a rather interesting test done here.

I know, I know. Why would thermal compound tests be interesting? Well, look further into what all the person is testing. Toothpaste and vegemite.. They actually end up doing pretty well until they dry up and flake about an hour later. Water gets everythign down the most for a very very short time. Seems all this silver and such isn't all that important after all, it's mostly just a mixture that can stay conductive over a long period of time without drying out.


Well the google ads insist that I get Arctic silver 5...

Interesting testing, to say the least. The idea though is to provide adequate thermal conductivity over a very long period of time, so there has to be a balance between conductivity and longevity. Since those 'household products' don't last outside of a day, they're simply not practical enough to use.

Not to mention that some of them would probably make your computer smell strange when heated up.