Announcements Cool Sci-Fi is getting a new name!


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In the upcoming weeks Cool Sci-Fi is getting a new name! The new name is not ready to be announced yet though it is safe to say that it will still be identifiable as a genre fan site.

After close to 11 years of "Cool Sci-Fi" why a name change? There a few reasons but chiefly it is to get people comfortable with talking about genres beyond the sci-fi core. Most of us here like horror books/movies/TV and fantasy and some good dramas and comedies and... well, you get the idea. ;)

One of the other reasons is to establish a name that more brandable then something that sounds like a description ("Hey, that's some cool sci-fi!").

The name "Cool Sci-Fi" is embedded in a lot of places so when the time comes it might take a little bit before all of the references are changed so there will be a period of time where you may see both names intermingled.

An exact date for the name switch is not ready at the moment as it will depend on time scheduling (or, in other words, if/when I actually get some free time) but it will be in the next few weeks.
Whoops! :blush:

While installing a new SSL cert on the server for the new domain name I did something wrong, or misunderstood the cert installation process, and the old cert for "" was overwritten. That means all of the links for would result in a browser security error displayed. I thought I could have both certs installed at the same time, the old cert and the new cert, and then when I was ready I could just redirect the old domain name to the new name. Apparently I thought wrong. :einstein:

That gave me three choices.... (1) uninstall the new cert and re-install the old cert but the old cert was expiring in a few weeks anyway or (2) revert back to http and not use SSL for a few weeks or (3) admit I screwed up and start the name change a few weeks earlier than planned. Option #3 it is!

Welcome (a bit early) to Alien Soup! This weekend I'll be working on getting the various configuration settings updated.