Feedback Cool Sci-Fi Podcast?


Podcasts are becoming more popular all the time. You record something, either video or audio, add a sideline picture and a little description, and then bing-bang, you are live.

I've checked out all the main free podcast sites. I think the best one might be Pod-o-Matic based out of San Francisco. They allow 500mb of storage (about 50 half-hour audio episodes) and 5gb bandwidth a month.

We have a sci-fi podcast there that is fairly popular, yet we've never come close to using our available bandwidth. But it has driven up booksales and more traffic to our main website. You need a GOOD microphone, some intro/exit sounds. I use bits from a couple of famous films. Okay, if you don't overdo it.

Cool Sci-Fi could do this maybe...takes a bit of practice, and down the road when you get better at it, you'll end up deleting your early podcasts, just like we did. We also print up the introduction script and the exit comments. Better than trying to do it ad-lib...sounds better.

The Adventure Books of Seattle Sci-Fi Podcast

Remember: It's all FREE. And the ad only runs across the top of the page. Barely noticeable. We're currently getting between 20-40 people more per day that sign up for the feed. Pod-o-Matic's stats are pretty detailed...
Interesting idea. To be honest, I don't think my voice is the idea voice for others to listen to.

I'll have to run it by Tim to see what his thoughts are as well.

For bandwidth & space, we have plenty to spare here on our servers. Our server could use a bit more horse power itself, but space & bandwidth so far isn't an issue.