"Core" scores will not submit (reproducible here)


I can no longer seem to save scores on my site using core games, and I am unable to make them work HERE either.

I just got high scores in Tetris and Asteroids here, but when my game is over nothing submits.

It seems you have no high scores in these games for about 5 months, could you look into that?
I can't either .. xf 1.2.1 .. tried disabling latest 1.6.0 of xenporta didn't make difference. Read the site .. not idea why core games won't submit scores. Anyone else fix this issue?
So, can we have a few words on this (and other) issue(s)? A little "this particular bug is kicking my ass" would serve just fine. ;)

I'm hoping Kevin still cares enough to fix the bugs, and at least get the new layout and trophies viewable in posts/profile. That would make a really nice update.