Coronavirus 2020 (COVID-19) 🤧


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Type "D" surge in NSW, have been caught out visiting the state and am now waiting on the eventual all clear to head home.


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COVID, the virus is real.
The conspiracies have to do with the details of the pandemic reaction and results.
As well as the vaccinations and how there are so many different ones.
Unfortunately there is a small demographic in the USA that claims the virus itself is a conspiracy. Politics... are just nuts here sometimes.


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Politics... are just nuts here sometimes.

I've read some of the conspiracy theories and some people are just plain paranoid crazy.

I've made points elsewhere which try to detail my impression of it all.
The effects of the pandemic restrictions are worse than the virus.
Personally, I don't trust the vaccines because there are so many different ones.
When you get an annual flu shot the manufacturer/brand is not a choice.
Its a flu shot.
I've read Covid is not going away but it will be controlled by a flu type shot every year or two.
We just gotta live with it like the flu.

On a more personal note,
People in my area no longer wear masks and all businesses are open and thriving (tourist town).
Masking is optional and I see fewer and fewer people wearing them.
The shots are free and nearly anyplace which has a medical dept or a pharmacy offers the shot.
However, in my little town there are multiple versions of the shots available at many places.

This 'multiple version' condition strikes me as potential for future problems.
Mainly because these versions were invented fast and there hasn't been enough time to tell if one or the other is going to be a problem.
Red Dye #5 was great till it wasn't.
There's a huge list of drugs recalled because they are dangerous over the long run.
Nobody can say which shot is the right one ... yet.

As of right now, I know of absolutely no person (personally) who has contracted Covid.
Oh, I read about in the NEWS but I don't actually know any of those people.
I can't check if the reports are true or false.
I only know the reality before me.

Yes, I believe there is a virus and it does spread easily.
However, the numbers are insignificant compared to other viral threats people face each day.
The pandemic restrictions seem to be unnecessay.
I watch local NEWS on the matter and nobody is falling ill, even without pandemic restrictions. If it was so bad, people in my town should be saturated with covid.
Something is not right about it all.

I'm not against vaccinations.
It just seems the covid vaccines are a rush job.
I'm waiting to see which 'brand' is going to be THE covid vaccine.


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Just realized this thread title specified "2020"; here were are middle of 2021 and I never thought we'd be having to worry about it all starting all over again because of the "Delta" variant and people still not being vaccinated.

Most of us who were vaccinated are sitting out 2021 to see what reopening does and so far we are experiencing the rapid spread of covid with people who refuse to be vaccinated pretty sure you'll need to prove you're vaccinated at some point to work or attend organized pay for insured activities