Aliens Couple High On Bath Salts Arrested For Firing Gun At Fireflies, Thinking They Were Alien Lasers


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(Article by Nathan Francis at The Inquisitr News)


A Pennsylvania couple thought they were saving the world from an alien invasion, but instead ended up in jail.

In Clinton County, state troopers say a couple got high on bath salts and then had a “bad trip” that led them to believe fireflies in the night sky were actually green lasers from aliens who were coming to kill them. As WBOY reported, 30-year-old Jesse Shields and 22-year-old Katherine McCloskey grew frightened by what they thought was an alien attack, leading Shields to fire his revolver in the air in an attempt to scare away the invaders.

A neighbor heard the gunshots and called police. While the caller was talking to the 911 dispatcher, Shields allegedly broke a window in the home, then went to a neighbor’s house where he broke another window.

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1963, 1899 called they want every thing back....
Just say no! LOL!!!!!!!:LOL::ROFLMAO: I wonder what the earth would be like with out folks getting high all the time? Hmmmmm…..
Oh yeah, it could happen.....;)


1963, 1899 called they want every thing back....
Here is another cool dealy-o that could be possible if you weren't getting high, lol! I call it time wasted!;)
So keep getting high, you just wont get any where! lol!