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I just uploaded some covers into the cover art gallery.

If you look at the writer's names that appear on the covers it brings back memories.

I will be googling for a while on those. I wonder how many of the stories are available for free now? I bet Fantastic Fiction has alot of them!

Robert Sheckley
Willy Ley
Alfred Bester
Paul W. Fairman
Jack Williamson
George O. Smith
John D. MacDonald
Margaret St.Clair
Neil R. Jones
Jack Vance
Henry Kuttner
Murray Leinster
John Wyndham
Manly Bannister
A. Hyatt Verrill
David H. Keller MD
Miles J. Breuer MD
Ivar Jorgensen

Recognize any? There's More...


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Skwirlinator, good to see if you noticed I added the new category. :cool: I added it last night but didn't mention it because I didn't have a chance to go through the rest of the categories to movie any existing uploads into the new category.

I think one of the reasons why I was drawn to scif-fi & fantasy books of the 60's and 70's was because of the covers. There were just so many covers done by contempary artists that I think it really is a medium that deserves more attention.


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i bought some "book cover prints" on ebay once, laminated to use as small pictures in my study area, hung on wall.

what i got was colour printouts on matt white bog standard paper, laminated. the blue was incorrect and so i realised i got counterfeit "prints"

dependent on area of sales and year of publishing/reprint you see different covers available, noticeable on and it's always amusing to see the first prints available with books when you hold in your hands a more modern reprinting.

a good print is worthy of a good book, but thats not what i go on when i buy a book. the author, the theme/genre and especially the blurb on the back of the book, thats what makes me buy it!