Creepy Ghost...this is scary

Anyone know about a movie called “They Wait” coming out soon. My girlfriend knows that I’m a scary person and was telling me about some festival called “ghost month” that goes on in like China where the people there feed hungry ghost. She said the movie is based on this festival and its supposed to be really good. Has anyone seen the trailers for this movie or have information about the festival?


I haven't come across that one yet. I'm aware of festivals in Mexico and Japan that involve celebrating the dead but I have not come across a Chinese one before.
I thought the subject of ghosts was pretty much taboo in China? The Mummy 3 is having to be edited and the storyline changed for the chinese audience because of this.
Wow really? Then why would they allow a movie like this to be made? I didn't know they changed the mummy because of the subject material for chinese audiences. Is there version the same for the U.S ? I wonder if " They Wait" has different versions?
actually, there is now appearing a lot of confusion over the reasons for censorship, but the original piece was :

The production spent three months shooting all over China, built a replica of the Great Wall and brought an army of terracotta warriors back to life to fight for their immortal emperor, played by Li. Usually themes involving ghosts are taboo in China, but one way around can be to feature these as fantasy elements or a dream.

I guess we wait to hear the real truth. What exactly the chinese censors didn't like.