Aliens Crop Circles - Messages from Beyond Earth?

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being

Only a small fraction of all crop circles from around the world are considered authentic:


1. Plants were not crushed down, but woven neatly in a spiral.
2. Extremely dried out soil.
3. Traces of Radiation.
4. Plants show signs of changes in their structure, such as mutation.
5. Nothing grows back in the area that had the unknown formation.
6. Credible witnesses seeing UFO's or even Aliens near the area.

Some of the real plant formation messages are understandable. Are they trying to prepare us for an upcoming worldwide visitation?

The music of Juno Reactor

The audio was disabled in the first post, So I found another video with Juno Reactor's atmospheric tencho tune: MUTANT MESSAGE :alien:

This is another techno tune from Juno Reactor.........