DAED FACTIONS - the zombie war narratives

DEAD FACTIONS - the zombie war narratives

I'm happy to annouce the kindle download for my book is now available with the hard copy soon to follow. Please checkout the free pages available at the link below. i look forward to your feedback. TY!


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A little about the story:

Creator/writer Michael R. Carr and his CZKWorld Studios have developed a twisted world unlike any other, a dark world of infection, lies, deceit and anger. DEAD FACTIONS, The Zombie War Narratives is a powerful mixture of shock, sci-fi and government conspiracy. It is a world left exposed to an infection and abandoned by its leaders. During this time of unrest, small portions of the undead have found a way to maintain their intellect and plan to control the country. But not all of the infected want to share the control of the humans. In this first novella, readers are introduced to an enraged and pissed off survivor Corey, who sets route to find meaning/normalcy in this upside-down world. Corey finds his travels run head on with situations that he had not bargained for. He struggles to adapt....realizing a world he once knew and the people closest to him are both gone. Corey will fight and unfortunately be tested beyond his imagination before he can hopefully find peace for those he learns to trust ..........and himself.