Music Daft Punk's "Derezzed" from "Tron: Legacy" (aka: "Tron 2.0")


Code Monkey
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You can consider this one to be either a preview of Tron: Legacy (aka: Tron 2.0) or as the extended clip to Daft Punk's Derezzed off of the movie soundtrack. I am not a fan of techno music but the music does fit in very nicely with the movie.

If you've got a fast connection and a wide screen I recommend watching the HD version (click on the up arrow near the bottom right to change your resolution) in full screen mode (click on the four cornered square in the bottom right).

Some home brew Tron mixes are starting to appear.

This one, using Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob, actually seems as if it was made for the movie but really it is just the result of a fan mix. Personally I think this track matches the action scenes even better than the official track!

I got interested in trance when Blade came out. I have a few that I enjoy. I find my likes tend to track with the Psy-Goa mixes the most but some ambients get me going as well.
I just saw this thread thanks to the bump and this video was fun. I still haven't seen Tron Legacy, I guess I will have to wait for DVD or Netflix now :(