Fantasy Dal the Thief

I have a new fantasy series out, a light fantasy series that I’m calling “Dal the Thief.” I’ve put out the first three short books in the series out this month. They are:

The Magical Stranger - Dal, a thief, has come to Romallia, the seat of power for the kingdom of the same name, looking to steal a fortune. Before he gets the chance, he’s ordered to investigate the often-absent Royal Wizard. This “innocent” mission sends Dal across the sea to a desert land. He has to deal with a magical ship, lizard folk, plotting courtiers, and a pesky Princess.

Will Dal get to steal anything? Will he get paid anything? Will he survive his adventure with his wits and life intact?

The Imperiled Princess - Dal the Thief has arrived in Andulia to practice his trade. But before he can, he’s brought before Princess Eliarra. The Princess needs help. Her father, the King, wants to marry her!

Is the King mad? Are spells being cast upon him? Dal has to sort through suspects and come up with clever tricks to figure out what’s going on. It seems he’s caught up in yet another adventure...

The Unity Scheme - Dal the Thief has arrived at the twin cities of Perra and Orren in the kingdom of Farren. He would like to practice his trade, but the situation in the cities is complicated. Many merchants and tradesmen want to end the rivalry between the cities to obtain peace and prosperity. Two rival families would prefer to keep the rivalry going between the cities and between themselves.

The Captains of each city want Dal to put his wits and skills onto the task of unifying the cities. Can he fool bitter rivals into ending their feud? And what about the romance blooming between two members of the feuding families? Dal has his hands full once more, and he’s not happy about it...

I’ll have more out in the coming months. I’ll also be putting out book trailers as the releases come out. I hope you’ll check it out, and enjoy the series. Thanks!
I have two more Dal books out:

The Stolen Throne - Dal arrives in the kingdom of Kirradoon just to deliver a message. He finds the kingdom in turmoil. A puffed-up bully has taken the throne and is threatening his rivals. Dal is enticed to undertake his greatest steal for the good of everyone. But how to profit from stealing a throne...

The Outrageous Outlaw - Dal arrives in a new land with an old problem. Clever robbers are stealing silver from merchants and can’t be caught. The trouble is that they’re working near the border, and across it is the kingdom’s old foe. Are the robbers clever or are they spies? And will Dal the Thief live down chasing those in his own trade?
I have two side books in the Dal series out:

The Princely Search: Prince Orst is the fourth son and living in a tiny kingdom. He hasn’t yet found a good prospect for marriage. Then he hears that a Princess in a land not far away has gone missing. If he can find her, he might just impress her into wedded bliss. But as his friend Dal would say, nothing is ever that easy.

The Horseman Hustle: Luya is a former robber turned agent of her King. Horsemen from the eastern plains have raided the kingdom. Rumors are that other lands have made bargains with the horsemen to slow the raids. Luya is tasked with making a bargain to spare her homeland. She’s going to need all her criminal cleverness to make this deal a success.
The last book in the series is out:

The Short Takes of Dal the Thief - Dal the Thief is known not just for his bold robberies, but for committing crimes in the service of what’s right and good. Not all of his adventures were grand, though. Some were small acts that had a wide impact. Several of these “short takes” are in this collection, showing how Dal enhanced his reputation and made powerful friends.