dark angel vs alias

do u think that jennifer garner could kick jessica alba's ass?

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Nov 26, 2003
mountains of North Carolina
Ha...not even a contest.

Max would kick Syd's ass in a heartbeat. Not only is she a better physical fighter (in my opinion) but she has street smarts that Sydney couldn't dream of having.

I miss Dark Angel :(


Oct 28, 2005
Maybe. Max they're both programed to be some kind of super agent. Buti think that Max has genatic at her side. At the other hand there is Jack and Irina
So maybe :cool:


Mar 22, 2004
Absolutely Jen Garner would win. She does her own stunts and her own fights. Jessica, though I loved Max and Dark Angel, used her stunt doubles and others more often then not. Jen has weapons training, Jessica not so much.

If we were going by fictional Syd vs. Max......I think Syd would still win, she knows how to fight with anything to win. To fight dirty if she has to.


Jul 29, 2003
Oakland/San Diego
^Max also knows how to fight dirty! *remembers the episode where she fights her clone and the clone tells her she's better because she hd more training, but Max replies "Yeah but they didn't teach to fight dirty" and then she fights dirty!* Whoa that was a long memory... Plus, Max lives in a dirtier world!!

Haha, yeah I think Jen would beat Jessica which is a question I've pondered before because I used to be more obsessed with Dark Angel than Alias, actually it was: Obsessed with DA, cancellation of DA, obsessed with Alias. :) Syd and Max on the other hand, I'm kinda confident Max would win! Let's see she spent her early childhood as a soldier, and she's got that super strength/hearing/speed/sight...etc.

But if I think even more about it, Max hates guns, Sydney uses guns. If Sydney has a gun and uses it before Max blurrs over to steal the gun and throw it away, she would win. ^_^

Man I so wanna watch a crossover between those two shows...
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