Dark Shadows Bloopers

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being

It was gloomy, eerie and dramatic, but a great supernatural show that I used to watch daily as a kid in the afternoon and always wondered where the next episode would lead us viewers.
Unfortunately the show had many mistakes due to the fact that it was filmed without "retakes".

True, there was times that seemed amateurish, but the actors quickly adjusted and the show moved forward. Ha ha ha They were good memories of the bloopers and I cherish even them.



I found the best thing about the show was the story flow. The writers did a very good job and the actors improved over time to the great program that it become. Every time I watched it I saw something different that gave the show another meaning that added to the overall program. It grew slowly from the simple beginnings of amateur actors into the best daytime soap opera of its day. I still love to watch reruns. I wish sci-fi channel would reschedule it again from beginning to end. To me the program is very addictive. Great memories of the past. Thanks. I really enjoyed the bloopers or golden nuggets from the show. I believe the live acting is part of what made it great and will be remembered as great because of it.

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