Dark Shadows

I'm really not familiar enough with the original Dark Shadows TV series to make a comparison. With the original series being from the late 60's, I just have a hard time trying to figure out what target audience a movie would be going after; those old enough to remember the show, those who will see anything with Depp in it, or the horror fan crowd. For the 2nd & 3rd choices an original premise instead of a remake might have been a better choice.
I have never really watched a full episode of the original Dark Shadows but my father introduced me to The Twilight Zone and from what I've seen (the very little I've seen) of the original Dark Shadows it reminded me a lot of The Twilight Zone but I'm really looking forward to Depp's upcoming movie as I love both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.
Mr Depp is a lucky guy, he's in at least one movie a year. I would have chose some one like Gabriel Byrne to play Barnabas. Anyway, it will be great (hopefully) to see a third film in the Dark Shadows movie series, updated and with today's special effects tech.
I barely remember the tv show Dark Shadows. I was fairly young when it was on tv. I remember catching it once in a while, but it wasn't something my mom really like to let me watch. Now that the movie is coming out, it makes me want to go out and find the old show on DVDs to rent! In regards to the movie, I have high hopes for it, particularly since Depp and Burton are involved. Depp has so much range that he can play practically any type of character. In fact, I was discussing with one of my friends, that if Heath Ledger wouldn't have got the part to play the Joker, Depp could have been a great actor to consider for that role. Don't get me wrong, Ledger was awesome, all I am saying is that Depp would have had the range to completely nail the Joker role as well. Anyway, we're ready for Dark Shadows the movie in my household!