Sci-Fi Darkfield Explorer

Jeff Rusteen

Dec 8, 2017
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Where science and fiction cross paths

Two single moms unknown to each other, move their young daughters, Jan and Julie to a small town. Their “in-between” neighbor, a physics professor Dr. Mike Trice, fires up the girls C.Q. (curiosity quotient), by filling them with questions, then gently helping them reveal the answers.

Both Julie and Jan decide to pursue advanced science degrees.

Jan looks to solve a mystery in space. Instead, she detects neutron bursts in the asteroid belt that have no known cause. Julie, her neighbor, and her best friend discover impossible waveforms inside the radio waves emitted during seismic events on earth. These findings cannot be explained and put their degrees in jeopardy. Their scientific assumptions seem impossible!

These questions are the science of the unknown and unexpected revealing one of the oldest questions facing humanity:
Are we alone in the universe or not?

Confusion nearly derails their plans until their neighbor and mentor pull every string he can to make sense of the inexplicable.

Slowly, the full magnitude of what they have stumbled upon begins to reveal itself, challenging every resource they can find to help.

Realizing the resources needed are far beyond the help they can hope to assemble, the ultimate call is made. The professor calls his old classmate; the Presidential Science Advisor who realizes even the United States has vastly insufficient resources, the president is informed.

Dr. David Brantley, the Presidential Science Advisor, carefully concludes, the door to something looks like it was left ajar, just slightly ajar. We must take a peek!

The President realizes this information must be shared before we are accused of withholding a stupendous discovery even though all the facts are not yet known.

The President, one by one, informs spacefaring nations, and then international finger pointing begins. The full range of human emotions boils up. The first female President performs a political high wire act, perhaps of all time drives a stunning and wholly unexpected international response.

She simply asks, “What choice is there, what choice do we have?”

Human curiosity drives cooperation.
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