David Eddings passes away


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David Eddings passes away
Fantasy author David Eddings has sadly passed away, aged 77, last night. Best-selling and popular are often epithets that are applied to authors on writers' press releases, but in David's case, it was well deserved. His commercial success, says fantasy author Stephen Hunt, paved the way for a whole generation of doorstopper sized fantasy series.


Goodbye David, you will be missed.​

you can see David Eddings' influence running through Xena and Hercules too​

Eddings was born back in 1931 and wrote many of his books with his wife Leigh Eddings. The world of the Belgariad was spun out into the Malloreon series, and by the time he was writing the Tamuli and Elenium series, the influences of his co-writing wife were becoming ever more evident. She died before him at the age of 69, also from a stroke, in 2007, and he missed her terribly - his work never really flowed again after her loss.

Thanx to Stephen Hunt at SF Crowsnest for the info. Stephen did a really nice article on his website - click thru for the whole article.
SFcrowsnest - where do you want to go?

Wow, I didn't know this.... sad news.

It's brought back the memory of 20 years ago when someone I worked with lent me Pawn of Prophecy and I laughed at the subject matter (Fantasy just wasn't my thang)... then a week later I humbly asked if I could borrow the next book, and then the next.....

Ah...The days of my youth when I had time to read a book a week.

Thankyou David Eddings.