Music David Lo Pan Style (Gangam Style Parody with Big Trouble in Little China)

Alien Soup

Head Chef
"Gangnam Style" and its parodies have entered our pop culture so the prospect of another parody might not sound interesting until you find out it is a tribute to John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China. :D

James Hong, the actor who played David Lo Pan in the original movie, reprises his role for this parody that pays homage to the cult classic.

John Carpenter presented this at Screamfest [in Los Angeles] this weekend. People always want him to do [Big Trouble in Little China] Q&As, but he gave us this instead.

For your enjoyment, "David Lo Pan" style...



Code Monkey
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Big Trouble in Little China is one of my absolute favorite 'guilty pleasure' movies that I will watch every single time I see it on TV. Sadly I am one of the few amongst my family & friends who will agree with that so my quotes & references are usually met with blank expressions. :(