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Actually, I really doubt that it's Joey who dies. Kristin said that she finally makes a choice between Dawson and Pacey (personally, I'd run away from them both and go find Eddie Doling :D ). Maybe she'll die after she makes her decision! Wouldn't that be dramatic? But yeah, apparently, the one character of the original 4 who dies (Dawson, Pacey, Joey, and Jen) might be pregnant... so unless there's some really freakish occurence :blink: it's either Joey or Jen. I think it's Jen who goes... maybe it's just 'cause she REALLY annoys me.

I don't want to post spoilers on here, but I do know some stuff, so if anyone wants to know, let me know! (haha that's a lot of 'knows' in one sentence)
i never watched Dawson's Creek, but I caught the finale. it was sad. i can't believe jen died, i thought it would have been dawson or joey.

who did joey choose?
I haven't watched it regularly since the first season, but I decided to watch the finale since Kevin Williamson came back to write it. It was actually really good! I loved all the references to the first season. I actually cried when Jen died; and I never even liked Jen.

Oh, and if you're wondering, Joey chose Pacey.
LoL I was horseback riding on Wednesday night, so I taped the finale, and watched it later that night. It's on the same tape as the Felicity finale. I thought that the DC finale was really kind of a letdown. Surprisingly, though, it was sad when Jen died... and her baby was cute! I wonder if that guy from the help center in Boston was the father... I can't believe that Joey chose Pacey! I was like, "WHAT?!" :rolleyes: The Felicity finale was sooo much better.
But at least it's over now... and I like how they used songs from first season episodes in the background. That was kinda cute.
Who married Joey? I see a Pic from Joey Wed, but i don´t see the guy.

I like Pacey, Dawson is very shy.

My favourite Pair ----> Joey - Pacey

POOR JEN. I know that Jen Dies in Series Finale.

Joey didn't marry anyone... that was just part of Dawson's dream, so of course, he was the one marrying Joey.

I don't like Dawson, he's too whiny for his own, and everyone else's, good.

On the other hand, my friend bought me the season 1 DVDs for my birthday! :D
Like Azalea, I hadn't watched the show since season 1, but I watched the finale for old time's sake. Was I the only person who constantly teared up and came close to crying for almost the entire episode? It was so sad! Jen died, leaving Jack with a baby to raise on his own and no best friend. But how funny was it when you realized that Jack and Doug were together? All this time Pacey was right about Doug! I nearly fell off of the couch laughing when Jack made his crack about "bringing the handuffs to dinner" and then turned to check out Doug's butt!
Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone here has all of seasons 2 through 6 of Dawson's Creek on tape? If you do, I would really like to work something out. Like a reasonable price or something. Please let me know. Thanks!
wish i did babe! i love dc soooo freakin much! do u know if they are ever gunna come out with the other seasons on dvd! i mean other than season one! lol! that would be cool! lol! anyway, ttyl!
There's a thread about this show already...

Hey, question for anyone with the season 1 dvds... are you missing 2 episodes? I'm missing the episodes where Jen's boyfriend from NY comes.
I own the season 1 dvd and all the episodes are there. I think I know what you're talking about though. On that disc, when you go to episode selection, next to the option to go back to the main menu is like a little arrow thing. Go to that, it should take you to the next screen which has the next two episodes. Also, can you please tell me where the other Dawson's Creek thread is? Thanks! Hope this helps you out.
YAY! I am so asking for the first and second season dvds for xmas! lol! i am a total joey and pacey shipper! lol! how bout ya'll? how do ya'll feel bout her and dawson? love ya! lol! ~GC
The first few seasons were good, but then the show lost something...whether its the constant love triangle storyline or something.

But if you like teenage drama, that has some quirky lines, then its for you!

I loved Dawson's creek I love all the season except the fourth season. (only because I;m and Dawson and Joey fan and I'm anti Pacey and Joey) but I loved all the season except the fourth. Plus I love James Van der Beek he is so hot!!!.well in the in the 5th and 6thseasons the other seasons he just adorable.
when the show first started, i was absolutely obsessed with it. my friends and i would make a point to watch it and then talk about it for like 3 periods in school the next day. sometimes, if we knew that it was going to be a good episode, we'd watch it together on the phone. someone would have to have 3-way calling, of course.

i stopped watching it after i think the 3rd season because it got really, really corney but i had to watch the last episode and i gotta say that it was a great sendoff. i cried, i admit it...

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