Dead Ends - channel 4 free game part of Disarming Britain series


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Everyone plays games. Producing a game that is free to download to help awareness of crime and responsibility is always useful. This game is not aimed at younger players though!


This is East Denfield, where residents are trying to come to terms with another murdered teenager on their streets.

In this full 3D game produced exclusively for Channel 4's 'Disarming Britain' season you play on both sides of the law, as Keith Wilcox, a new gang recruit caught in a deadly situation he can't handle, and Detective Jameson, an officer investigating a gang killing that's turning up nothing but dead ends.

Who killed Keith and why? To find out, you must interrogate witnesses, chase down suspects, pass gang initiation tests and escape through the dangerous streets of the estate.
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N.B. Dead Ends requires the latest version of DirectX. This can be downloaded from
If you are having problems downloading the game, try reading the game FAQs
Dead Ends is an urban game about the death of a young person on Britain’s streets and is not suitable for younger children.
This file is 198mb in size.
Minimum PC requirements:
2Ghz CPU
1GB ram
256mb GPU
300MB Hard disk space
Recommended Spec:
Dual-Core CPU
2GB ram
512mb Nvidia GPU (or equivalent)
Your screen must support a minimum of 1024x786x32 resolution.
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Dead Ends was produced for Channel 4 by London-based multimedia education provider RollingSound in conjunction with young people from all over London.
Young people were integral to the process and were involved in storyboarding, scripting, acting, animating and testing the game. For some young people this project has paved the way for full-time work in the video games design and media sectors.
RollingSound was founded in 2003 to run youth music projects in areas of London without existing provision. RollingSound’s philosophy is to engage young people through creative multimedia courses, in the way that reflects their lifestyle and is relevant to their culture whilst always looking to steer them towards educational and work related success.
Story and game-play were devised, written and designed by Backwater, a film and video production company. The game was created using the Zen 3D engine, a middle-ware development tool created by RollingSound and Peanutbutterfingers. |
Dead Ends was featured on the front page of the Media Guardian on 26 June 2008.