Dear Community

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I think charlie is truly right. This site is a place of friendship and community. It shouldnt be easily ruined. I've read the whole site and well im not naming names.... but im hurt and saddened by some. Im looking past it though because thats the right thing to do. I know in my heart it is. I dont know how but it is. I dont want to be brought in to it anymore. I want to be a respectful citizen of this community and so this is what i say:

AA use to be a community and STILL is one. We need to make it that way. Life is to short to live in the past. Everyone needs to look at how hard the adm have worked to build this place up into a strong site for alias fans.

and with all this leaving all i have to say is.... its exetremely silly. Why leave... I dont know.... But ive heard things about recent fights between members and i find it ridiclous.And i've heard rumors that Dark_ Wiccan and I have been brought into a recent figh tbetween a certain members. What happened with with me awhile ago is over. its done with. that was the end of it. it was resolved... i got apologys from the girls that said that stuff about me. That was it... but then withoput my or dariens consent we hear that theres a new fight but what im sayen is its done. I want it over and therefore im out of it totally.

but you all need to realize that everyone here is a true alias fan. brought together by this wonderful site by a wonderful team of adm.
just get along with yourselfs. Dont let all the rage inside overpower you.

Thats all I have to say and i hope it wasnt bad in anyway I did not mean to hurt anyone in this post i just wanted to get my oppion off :thinking:

God Bless you all :smiley:
i say.................... ya thought i wouldy say anything wrong lol

*stands on both of his hands* look at me

truth is here and nowhere
sometimes its only reveilded by time
some things are meant to be kept secret
thats why u say to hell with it all :lol:
I love this web site. It's sad tht some have take and abused this sie. i still love it. Its my escape from the real world. It's supposed to be a place of openmindedness. I hate that people are leaving
I wish people would just be friendly. We all love Alias, so why be mean to each other? People shouldn't have to leave AA just because they don't get along with other people.
*does the same as Chanel* :smiley:

bout what? maybe i can help... i know u better than most other ppl and... so things would be easier to explain.. even if i have memory loss :confused: ^_^
yes it's the holz!!! we should all be thankful for eachother and for such a wonderful community, and be happy for eachother, not blow up at eachother and leave!!!

and snow is on my mind too ally! :smiley:
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