Horror Death Factory Set (2002) + (2008)


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Personally, I like the second more than the first but both have decent kills.

Death Factory ( 2002 )
Death Factory: A woman working at a biological research facility becomes ill when she contracts a deadly, new virus. Sometime after, she becomes a half-monster beast and kills her old co-workers. Some time later, a group of teens go into the old research facility to have a party and come face-to-face with creature.

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Ratings: IMDB: 3.4/10 Metascore: N/A RT: N/A
November 05, 2002
Runtime: 81 mins
Genres: Horror
Countries: USA
Director: Brad Sykes
Actors: Garrett Clancy Karla Zamudio Lisa Jay Ron Jeremy Tiffany Shepis

Low budget horror full movie currently available on YouTube from
Brain Damage Films
Watch it now...

The Death Factory Bloodletting ( 2008 )
The Death Factory Bloodletting: "Death Factory: Bloodletting" ('Saw' meets 'Grindhouse') is a horror film about a group of online deviants...

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May 06, 2008
Genres: Horror
Countries: USA
Director: Sean Tretta
Actors: David C Hayes Nadine

If you can get past the low filming standards and poor acting performances both films explore an expose of sadistic horror killings that has a scifi origin. While Bloodletting is not a look into the origins of "the Subject" it does exploit her induced sadistic nature.
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