Death Summarised (MrD)

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this piece is about suicide, death and religion. I wouldn't recommend it's reading by younger children or anyone a touch sensitive about these things.

It's about choice and resignation to that choice, the topic of suicide/death works well with it. i'm not about to kill myself and wouldn't expect anyone else to take it to heart either. You can go to sleep at night in the midst of the worst problems and could wake up the next day feeling like you want to live out your naturally life normally, so don't do it! (for some people that can take years, but life is a whole olot longer than that, so suicide is only ever an option in some small cases where oncoming death is so horrible that it eases the soul to avoid that for yourself and your family around you)


Code Monkey
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Mr. D, a very dark piece indeed. It held my attention till the end. Interesting that before the final decision that the character appeared to have accepted his life but wanted to move on anway.


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when things get so bad you aren't thinking properly anymore, you stop worrying about the end result. when death no longer scares you but logic, however distorted, is still operating, you can persuade yourself your actions are correct. in some ways the whole idea of a healthy adult choosing suicide and carrying it through interests me, but then i used to work in an insurance company and i saw the notes on people death files.

the piece is "out there" enough to fall into the category of scifi, but without packing out the story with scifi imagery, aliens, spaceships and wierd landscapes, i could reduce the size of the story to the core timeline.

there was an episode of the modern version of The Twilight Zone i remember frequently. spacecraft returning to earth, astronauts dying one by one, till only one man and an alien taking the form of a former crewman is left. on re-entry the astronaut goes to the airlock and opens it, burning up the craft and eliminating the threat to earth. the narrator then goes on about courage, sacrifising himself when no one will know why he has done it, being listed in the books as an accident of some kind. maybe i should have written something in a similar vein, but i wanted more down to earth :)

it is a simple draft, needs polishing. i was trying to think what parts to jump on first, scared maybe the religious/spiritual side would be a problem (as a fallen RC myself) and wanting to keep fluidity since the story is over such a small period of time.