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Deepest Feeling

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by sugababyboo, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. sugababyboo

    sugababyboo mrs. charlie

    Dec 16, 2002
    Deepest Feeling
    My love burns with passion.
    And aches with pain.
    Pain that you make me feel.
    But still, I continue to love you.
    It hurts to be in so deep.
    You’re the only that makes me weep.
    Only if you felt the way.
    The way I’ve always felt for you.
    But you don’t.
    Deep down I still believe.
    That you are my true love.
    Maybe I’m just too foolish to accept.
    That we are not meant to be.
    Cause every time I reach out for you.
    You reach for someone else.
    Someone who is ugly to the core.
    Yet all you see is the mask she wears.
    In the end you see the truth.
    But still you go back to her.
    While I stand here alone.
    Watching you make the same mistakes.
    Wiping away the tears that fall for you.
    Still I offer my hand to you.
    No matter what you do to me.
    You’ll always have my heart in your hand.
    And if fate finally brings us together.
    I will no longer cry tears of pain.
    But only tears of joy.

    Get Your Own Life
    You call yourself a friend
    There are things that you will never comprehend
    You just can’t see how foolish you are
    You pull others down, so they won’t get far
    Stop being so damn controlling
    Don’t try to pass it off as being caring
    Everyone is allowed to have his or her own voice
    You just refuse to understand, that it’s their choice
    God you must hate me
    Because I have no insecurities
    You must find it annoying
    That I’m not accommodating
    I’m adamant in my opinions
    And I make my own decisions
    I’m independent
    Unlike you, I’m not deficient

    This one is about my mom. She lived through the Vietnam War while living Cambodia.

    My life was simple but content.
    Until it was changed by a tragic event.
    I can never deny.
    That I watched innocent people die.
    They took my father away from me.
    And they killed him mercilessly.
    From my pain and frustration.
    They relished in satisfaction.
    From being a citizen of my home country.
    To being a war refugee.
    I won’t understand.
    Why we must kill our fellow man.
    I just don’t see the point anymore.
    Why we must resort to war.
  2. Betha Bristow

    Betha Bristow Rocket Ranger

    Mar 18, 2003
    United States
    kind of sad, but good none the less :)

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