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Dec 6, 2004
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I play mostly PC Games at the moment-This is where I'm Commin from in this post.
I strongly recommend researching games before going out and buying them. Some of the tools you have available are:
Playable Demos- If you can find them they give you an Idea of the gameplay and more importantly lets you find out if the game will run on your computer. If you only use consoles for gaming try Renting the game before you buy it. It's worth it.
ScreenShots- Gives you an Idea of the Graphics levels and interfaces
Trailers/Movies- Most of the time they show cut scenes and tell the storyline. Sometimes they are promos. They hardly ever show actual gameplay. Careful these can be misleading.
Boards/Forums- If you are trying to find out about a game this is where you can deduce the amount of problems and passion about the game. If there are a lot of posts about problems with the game you may want to steer clear of it till the patches are hammered out. Lots of posts relating to gameplay would indicate the game is entertaining. Watch for rating indicators from people who own the game.
EBay- If the game is fairly newly released and there are a lot of 'USED' copies for sale at low bids you may want to steer clear of it.

Anyone have any other indicators on whether to buy a game or not..?
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