Dense City Riddles


Dense City Riddles
copyright Bill Gallagher
5000 Words

Any time spent in southeast Florida is really time spent in the Florida Everglades. If there are any doubts about that you can quickly travel to the interior of the state to personally witness the wildness and lushness of the landscape for yourself. Alligators, herons, otters, raccoons, and all other manner of creatures abound, even wildcats of good enough size you don't want to run up and surprise one. You want to definitely Say No to that. Many of these Everglades DNA Varieties are protected now, having been hunted to near extinction in many places since the 1600s, which is to say since people with guns arrived.

It was Napolean Bonaparte Broward and his extensive drainage canal system that made south Florida "Great For Civilization" because without drainage all of that oh-so-choice real estate would still be underwater, and full of things slimier than Awful House hash browns with cheese-food melted on. In this present time most of south Floridas water is directed by Browards canal system, ultimately draining down at the end of the state into the Gulf of Mexico. There are many bogs and swamps too, but a good number of them dry up during times of drought now.

My family moved to Broward county from Rhode Island when I was 4, in 1963, and then to Dade county, Hialeah, around 1965, and then back to Broward, Miramar, in 1975. Thats all gone now, but a lot happened in my life during that time. One of the earliest things I remember doing with my father, and it was a regular thing, was going fishing. He had been brought up a surf fisherman in the northeast, and he also fished cold water ponds and rivers there, but the Everglades was a hard nut to crack for my Dad. He was like some sad cartoon character who was foiled at every turn when attempting to catch the premier fish of the Everglades, the Large Mouthed Black Bass. Dad was the Wile. E. Coyote of Alligator Alley.

It was always a Saturday, and the weather had to be good, but it was south Florida, the weather was almost always good. Dad and I and my 2 brothers would pile into the Dodge Dart 4 door, and head for west state road 84 with all our fishing poles sticking out one of the rear windows. There we caught many bream and bluegill with bread balls, and gars and mud fish by the hundreds with the expensive shiners which the large mouthed bass were supposed to bite but did not. Not ever. We would have been much better off using the bream and bluegill we caught as bass bait, but it was years before I would learn that.

During those first Everglades years I saw many large bass caught by other fishermen, I mean some real whoppers, and once I saw a whole cooler full of large mouthed bass caught by two guys in one day where the smallest fish weighed around 5 pounds. Whatever. The days out fishing with Dad are good memories now, and they were real treats then: we were allowed to have donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast, and drank sodas with our lunches. Dad drank his bottled beer after lunch, and overall everybody had a good time, even though it was quite a few years before I would ever catch a bass for myself, and quite a bit longer still before I caught a big one.

It was after we moved to Miramar in 1975 that I started catching bass, because I had some help. I learned right then it was good to befriend the locals everywhere, especially the guys who actually get things done, the hunters, the fishermen, the Sportsman, who do things for the love of it, and have no motives other than seeing things through as efficiently as possible with the resources at hand. I also began working at restaurants during this time, my middle teen years. Restaurants are really big business in South Florida.

I met Gary Radcliff and Don Leonard, both from Pembroke Pines, at the Spaghetti Factory, a restaurant where we all worked on Miramar Parkway just west of 441. They both had drivers licenses and a small Datsun station wagon they shared. They were absolute bass fanatics, and they turned me into one too. I was with Gary, on Oak Ridge Golf Course, when I caught my first bass over 5 pounds. From the both of them I learned about many things, including The Beatles, Marijuana, and Real Bass Fishing.

I will never forget those guys, no matter how long I live. 20 something years passed. I bought a dying Pizzeria in Lauderdale by the Sea, then sold it as a successful Pizzeria for huge money, made my fortune, kind of, and I began small time dealings in precious metals. I also sold an occasional magazine article to one or another of the fishing magazines. I got by.

In the early part of those 20 something years, before I bought the pizza joint, I married one of my high school sweethearts, then divorced her after 6 years. No kids, she got the house, I got my bass boat. She said that was all I ever loved anyway. She might be right.

The thousands of canals throughout south Florida became my favorite transportation, all of South Florida was my Venice. I loved the Intracoastal waterways, especially where fresh water turned to salt, there in the brackish were other game fish like Snook, and the magnificent Tarpon, along with Large Mouths. I remember Homosassa Springs, every kind of fish you can think of, both fresh and salt water fishes loved the springs out by the Gulf of Mexico.

I did not get out towards the brackish much though, staying close to home was more my game, launching from either Sawgrass Recreational Area on US27 north of SR84, or down south of there at Holiday Park, which is where west Griffin Road ends at US27. The day that marks the beginning of this story, the day of change, was like many other days before it, and like many days of change, even great change, the depth and breadth of the change was not realized for quite some time.

I had a new area I was fishing out of Holiday Park, and some deep holes were beginning to show because water levels were down from another long term drought. In a land created by purposeful drought, that means everything is just as it should be, I guess. There were lots of exposed rocks where there had been none before, and that type of thing is always good to study in the event that the water levels rise again. The fisherman will then have a much better idea of what any given piece of bottom actually looks like. Digital photographs beat ultrasound imaging every time.

I was long gone from the Holiday Park boat docks by sunrise, already out floating on the wide open flats, waiting for the sun, wanting to see it again; worshiping the world in the only way that feels right to me: by being a conscious part, and observing with insatiable curiosity. By participating with the best of my Knowledge and Will. Its all I can do.

Then. There. A tiny ripple in the flatness, near a protruding branch, fin mark of the predator I seek. Feeling feisty I cast my line, dropping the hula popper right on the fishes head. Water boiled violently and the game was on. Uhnnnn, finny bolts as the hook gets set, the frenzy begins. My drag squeals wildly, and very good drugs begin squirting into my blood, made within my body, drugs that can only be had by doing this. Yes, I am addicted.

The large bass jumps against the bright orange eastern sky just as the suns first rays stab upward in an almost hallucinogenic display. Its times like these where things all seem choreographed, meant to be. Deep Deep DEEP Deja Vu.

I fight the fish for many minutes, because its hard to keep it out of the weeds and submerged timber, but I do. Finally I net it and quickly go through the regimen of removing the hook, weighing, photographing, and releasing. I use disposable rubber gloves to protect the fish from anything bad I might have picked up on my hands, things like gas, oil, soap, fungus, what have you. The fish was handsome, 12 pounds and 3 ounces, a trophy for anyone. As the day lightens up I look around. There are exposed outcrops of white limestone visible in several places, so I decide to investigate. The camera is out again, and I am recording stills as well as commentary in AVI format.

Later I was able to go back and find the short movie I made when the change happened. Here are my words:

"...This rock outcropping is straight east of the canal mouth almost exactly one half mile, and it has some odd features. It looks like there was some disturbance in the rock itself, or on the rock itself, as you can see in this movie. Something burned here at one time, and pretty good by the looks of it. The ground is dark and crumbly, as compared to the limestone coral which covers the surrounding areas. The dark rocks have a distinct greenish tint. This is a very weird formation and I am going to collect some of the dark rock to look at later. Notice how there is a large ditch like a furrow that leads up to the mound of dark stuff..."

And thats how it all started. I initially collected 20 or so pounds of large fragments, and I collected more of the material later, ending up with about 50 pounds before the rains came again and covered the spot up. The chunks of material have a slightly greasy feel to them, and are composed of two main colors and types. The gray stone is totally homogenous, and feels like it has properties of both glass and metal. The green material is more glassy, and has bubbles in many places. One of the pieces is a carbonized cannister-type of object, I still have it.

The site is well marked by me in many ways, but that secret is one I never intend to reveal because the ramifications are beyond frightening. I have since told myself that I was meant to find the crash site, and sometimes I almost believe it. The happening is like everything else though, it is not what might have been, or what could have been, or would of been, or should have been, it simply WAS, it HAPPENED, and thats all that ever matters because it is all that is real. Movements, and energies spent, cannot be made to run backwards, this I know. Movements and energies can only be directed forward, or more correctly ONWARD, and a lot of that is not as it seems. What everyone sees and hears and feels is the Ambient World, matter as it has come to rest over billions of years. We occupy a very small and fairly transient niche within reality, but some things must be experienced to be known.

I showed the material to a few people but I was not forthcoming about its origins, in fact I consciously dissembled, saying they were just some rocks I found near one of the many limestone mines which have turned to deep freshwater lakes around here. The very few people I showed the Everglades material to were specialists in their fields, like geology, or the study of meteorites, and their reactions convinced me that no good would come to me from pressing into this matter in any kind of public way. One of the University scientists called it a "Hoax", but I had no idea what he meant by that at the time. How could it be a hoax? A hoax of WHAT? The best information I got was from the meteorite man, he said it was definitely not meteorite material of any type he had ever seen, but the green material was most likely a silica based crystalline form created by excessive heat as a by product of metals melting in explosions. I drew a blank on that one too, but thanked him, and filed it all away.

The pieces of debris stayed in a box in my garage for 2 years, until I found a small diamond tile saw for sale at a flea market and bought it. After cutting some of the pieces into small slices and looking at them under 30 X magnification I was able to note a few things myself that were new, concerning these odd rocks from the Everglades.

I was now able to see 3 types of small metal spheres sprayed throughout a lot of the material in an odd kind of order. There was a yellow metal, a silverish metal which was very shiny, and a bluish metal. They were all spheres, no irregular blobs at all, and they were sprayed about the interior of the once molten material in a less than random manner, there was order to it. On some of the gray material were foamed looking areas at the edges. A preponderance of these metal spheres sprayed outward from those foamed areas into the interior of the gray material for an inch or two in places.

It was enlightening and confusing at the same time. Then, one day shortly after I had cut the material and examined it, I put some of the better cut pieces out on my worktable and prepared to look at them with high powered light and greater magnification. I wanted to see if I could get a better idea of the metal types which the spheres were made of. I experienced a great shock then, because there were no more metal spheres in the material. None. I cut many more of the pieces, and looked at all the material over and over again. I did have some digital pictures, closeups showing the metallic balls plainly, and that just made it worse. Where did they go? Did they migrate off a few dimensions or back to where they had originally come from? And Was That Caused By My Observation Of Them?

Finally, what had I really found? Was it in fact debris from a crash site of something from outside of this world? What else could it be? Would an airplane, even a very old airplane, disintegrate like that? Meltdown? I thought not. There was order to the materials I had found, ohhhh yeahhhhh, but I would not learn how much or of what type for a little longer yet.

I began reading many different things. I did not know it consciously but the material was affecting me, giving me things, making me different. It was making my mind change, making my body change, getting me ready for its uses, for our symbiosis, but I was distracted by the weirdness of it all, and didn't want to notice. The world was getting bigger for me by leaps and bounds, certain intellectual scales were being removed from my eyes, and I was dazzled. I had turned 43 a few months before, and I was finally leaving childhood behind.


The world of matter is really a world of light. Light is the most finely derived Common form of matter that there is. Light even travels across many dimensions at once, and this is provable.

All matter can turn to light when energy levels become excessive, which they often do here in these energy rich dimensions we inhabit. The release of light from matter de-densifying occurs in a very wide spectrum of frequencies, so wide it is not improper at all to say Chaotic. Matter and energy are one, then: matter is just much more compressed energy, a very Dense energy.

Variations in Density of matter can occur for many many reasons, and do, but to simplify: in this place, all material density tends toward the singularity state, black holes, where even light does not escape the gravitational forces. All things work here by hinging on these forces.


Mathematical physics become more null and void the closer you get to a black hole, and that should also include the white holes, the active stars, which are a fair way along the scale to maximum density, much more so than most other things except of course artificially created density fields used by advanced beings to traverse Dense City, The Real World.

Riddles. I know. Soon.

Stars become more dense as they burn, oh my don't they, and it was in fact their initial density avalanche, a very real kind of self assembly, that caused the material which they are made of to ignite and begin a an atomic explosion lasting many billions of years. When all the fuel of the sun is spent it will collapse and the matter will become so naturally dense, by way of natural quantum forces, that a teaspoon full would weigh more than the entire earth. Almost maximum Density. Very close. Its particles all packed and stacked into many many MANY dimensions by way of natural forces within the quantum multiverse.

So. Some variations in material density are caused by local physical conditions, others are caused by the life force itself, growing things changing matter continually in electrochemical reactions with the sun, and then there is intervention. That would be me. Or really the material I found in the Everglades, and now me. Just knowing that something has been done is the most powerful intellectual tool to building it that can be.

Born of Singularity (A self assembling aspect of the real world) matter always tends back toward singularity and it expends energy all along the way. As well, matter can and does experience myriad variations in density naturally, and even more through manipulation, because Matter is PLASTIC.

Self assembling physical forces occur as normal functions of the real world, though they only occur under exceptional circumstances, and the real world can only be seen under conditions which no longer occur naturally, and have not occurred naturally for billions of years, since the rebirth of matter, and thereby energy, in this dimension.

Purposeful variations in density created by self assembling quantum forces acting on quantum matter, or by intelligent design, or both, are what I have stumbled upon, and the world just gets bigger and bigger. Dense City can only be accessed by a very advanced physics which changes in accordance with your proximity to a singularity or something whose density approaches a certain percentage of that. This is only pertinent when density can be made variable on a large scale.

Thats very hard to perceive, say nothing about understand.

When you become dense enough, you exist in an altered and exalted physical state, in another world, the real world. There you are part of something much greater than you can imagine. There you need no wings, because your mind, crystallized, is the greatest reality tool ever evolved. When you become dense enough, you do not travel from point to point. The multiverse moves around you.

Very hard to understand.

As people have progressed down through time it has become possible to condense matter of different types Mechanically, with machines made to increase pressures with weights, explosives, or hydraulic forces. Its been plainly noted over scientific history that increasing the pressure on water to 320,000 psi causes it to begin what is really a self assembling attitude, though that has not been properly understood by the scientific industrial community of these dimensions yet.

This self assembling attitude is manifest in four new types of ice which form in quick succession soon after the 20,000 atmosphere pressure is reached. This self assembling attitude of water, once its density is increased, is just one of many self assembling types and states of matter which occur once density is increased, again, because all matter tends to Singularity. The influencing of local physics using matter with adjustable degrees of density is not understood or exploited here at all yet. One thing is sure: the world and everything in it is so weird it can never really be understood. By anyone.

I was directed to this information through my dreams and even somewhat consciously by the material from the Everglades, and it has taken a large part of my life to deal with. Once my mind opened I could see certain things, some on my own, some with help. I know for a fact now that Anyone who begins to see the real world gets help automatically, its how its set up, FYI. They who have eyes, let them see. My Everglades crash debris was like a key for me, is all.

For a while I did not know that I was never going to be the same again, that I was just going to become more and more different, but I got it after a while and made the choice to go onward. Something to deal with. Evolution is a bitch, a lot of times.

The most important thing I was learning is that there are degrees toward singularity, degrees of density, and matter can be condensed in ways not understood yet at the dimensions where we reside. Use can be made of the so called quantum multiverse to stack all manner of particles, protons neutrons photons gluons muons electrons and much much more into Super Density, and many degrees of Super Density, which are really degrees toward Ultradensity, toward singularity, like a collapsed star.

At different points of super density, and depending on the material and some other things, self assembly begins and it is a whole new world out there. I began by learning to compress water so that the ices formed, they are very unique conductors and insulators, which is to say they can be adjusted with electricity to be either/or, once they attain their existences, and they can then be employed to make other super density self assemblies, eventually leading to a machine which emits a field I will be able to enter and Operate.

When the role of density variation is understood in self assembly physics here, expect big big changes. Maybe soon. The vast spectrum of density available within All matter is just a doorway. The real quantum world, Dense City, can then be experienced.

I eventually began to understand that this was all about making an electronic field which can be created with a different type of technology, it will be born once I get all the parts to build themselves and work together. I am getting more and more help from the Everglades material, and whatever place it is still somehow entangled with. A higher resonance is going on. This field will be self powered and, barring disaster, eternal. It will be a machine whose parts exist in many different dimensions at once.

I sense it has a vast memory. I will be a part of it. It is re-creating itself through me. As for me, in a very real way I will reach my full potential as a living entity, I will inhabit many forms, and return. I am along for the ride, and it is a very interesting thing.


The first time my field worked was a total surprise and I didn't feel a thing because I passed out. I woke up some time later back where I started, in my boat in the garage, which was lesson one in the Dense City Riddles: You always go back to where you left, the moment right after it. You are only gone for one second or less, no matter if you have spent years or even centuries in Dense City.

I would learn lesson two soon enough: the literal crystallization of everything biological which takes place while in the field, which allows me to be part of the density-field altering machine, is a rejuvenator par excellence, and physical immortality is a by product, as well as super health in the Ambient World, the place from whence I was born. As long as catastrophe does not befall me I do not have to worry about dying. In a very true way now I am no longer human, not even close. The things I am beginning to know and see as the machine resurrects itself make the place of my origin a very small part of what really is, which is OK because thats whats Real.

I'd tried at least a dozen times to assemble the machinery, the parts are very small and difficult to manipulate, and because I knew a lot more as time went on I decided to install it in the boat. Where else? No one ever gets close to that boat, and only I can start the field anyway. I finally got it, and then everything really changed, because I had direct access to a material information source that is beyond description in these words, on this paper.

What must be understood in a very primary way is that these happenstance are just a natural part of this milieu, they occur naturally, and all of what IS makes up one vast machine, which bio-entities are part of, but usually in a subconscious way. Only as a mass do people affect and effect the dimensions where they live. Together the mass of people creates their world, they are altogether an AUTHOR, or at least an authoring agency.

This machine I have brought forth allows me to create varying densities in materials, degrees toward singularity, thereby changing "Natural" Physics within my vicinity. The spectrum of adjustment is broad. Because of this technology, the real world is available to me as an individual, I am empowered as a singular AUTHOR of reality.

I start the machine for the second time, and it is the beginning of my new life. What happens is I fade out, quickly, I go invisible, but only for a second because what anyone would see is me leaving and me coming back, like a momentary flicker is all. When I am not there, when I am in real time, occupying many different dimensions within the quantum multiverse, in Dense City, I still occupy that space but somewhere else, other places.

The first thing I seek out is the episode which led to the material being deposited in the Everglades. I am in the true physical Overmind, I am part of it, a working mechanism in a different physical world altogether. I am crystallized.

There were gargantuan forces involved in the fields demise. After being hit with the beam it irretrievably became part of this dimension, and this dimension was moving so fast in relation that the damaged craft soared, burning, for two thousand miles before streaking into that part of the Everglades. It happened at night, and it lit the sky, but there were very few people around to observe. The debris burned underwater for five days.

Everything is here, forever, and accessible by thinking about it. I saw the actual living being that was shot down with the rudimentary beam weapon into the Everglades in 1947, the being who had operated this field before me. In a very real sense I have become that thing, and it me. Together we are everything that has come before and that is a lot.

I never looked at myself crystallized, though I can easily activate sensors that equate to the sight sense of human eyes in the Ambient World. Pretty has a whole 'nother meaning now, pard, and a lot of what used to matter in my life has taken on comical aspects, shux what a bunch of hix the sheople of these dimensions are.

The controllers of the dimensions where you live have some idea about the real world, about Dense City, but they disguise this knowledge and guard it jealously. It is they who control the way the mass thinks, what is authored and what is not, how reality turns and burns. They control all the wars, and they use the wars to release or test the technological geegaws they have found laying around the pyramids, or underneath the sphinx, or in the mica temples of South America. They have seen the renderings of the multidimensional craft in the old paintings from earliest times, done by men illustrating things they saw fly across the sky, or of visitations by beings other than people, painting the representations even on cave walls. The royal religious controllers have taken great care to suppress everything along these lines.

These controllers of the mass mind created a war called WWII, to invent and test atomic energy sources so that a true beam weapon could be developed to shoot down the
craft from other worlds. In 1947, right after the successful development of the weapon, and the deaths of many of its creators, 13 recorded UFO crashes (MUFON) occurred as the beam was tested. There were 7 others, a total of 20. My Everglades debris was one of the lost craft. The Air Force was dispatched on a highly secretive mission to gather the crashed debris at all known sites, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, New Mexico, North and South Carolina. A lot of high tech stuff started being developed in our dimensions after that.

The Roswell New Mexico media fiasco has gone down in Secret Air Force history as its all time greatest intelligence leak.

I will look for you in Dense City.


For Robert Anson Heinlein. Dead, but not...