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Translated from data stream so you can read it

About a billion or so years ago an alien civilization placed geostationary recorders around Sol, just beyond its bow shock, to monitor changes in life force.
This alien race measures life within a star's influence which is referred to as Gorna. Gorna is monitored to determine if a star is worthy of contact. When a star's gorna exceeds its influence it is considered sentient.

Each body within the star's influence has different amounts of gorna depending on each body's life force. There are large and small bodies with gorna that add to the star's total gorna.
The monitor (actually there are millions of monitors all recording different aspects at the same time and collecting the data into a pool for transmission once a star reaches Gorna) has identified all sources of gorna within the system. While most of the bodies within the system are inert, there are a few exceptions as noted.

Translated from data stream so you can read it

The second planet in the system has gorna which is locked to its gravity.
The third planet in the system warrants special consideration and has its own assessment.
The fourth planet in the system had planetary level gorna but has diminished.
The fifth, sixth, seventh and eight planets have gravity locked gorna and the various moons depict various levels of gorna. All are locked to gravity.

Translated from data stream so you can read it

The third planet (Earth) has promising gorna for the star (Sol). Recently, its gorna has begun to exceed planetary gravity. There are multiple filaments approaching Sol's bow shock. When gorna exceeds bow shock the accumulated data will be transmitted to source so contact can be initiated.

[[Narrative Digest]]

The aliens do not consider individual life forms. They see stars as life forms. Within the star are different levels of life which register precisely as different degrees of gorna {life force} (like hues of light).
Earth appears as a radiantly glowing ball of light irridesing and shimmering with color. It has sparks jumping off it recently and some of those life sparks are nearing the bow shock.

Its history, when played back fast forward looks like a ball of light that grows brighter, dims, grows brighter again and is now growing larger and sparking.
What they are witnessing is the life on this planet rising, mass extinctions, rising again and recently as life breaks the gravitational confines of the planet, sparking.
As we start to inhabit and colonize space, this planet's life force expands. When we exceed the Sun's bow shock (influence) they will mark it as the Sun sparking life (Gorna) into the interstellar space. When that happens, they initiate contact with the star and seek out the intelligent gorna that made it happen.

It is the star that they recognize as life. The planets, plants and animals within the star are merely part of the whole Gorna. If they encounter a Voyager craft in interstellar space they won't see it as a machine or something built by humans. They will see it as a component of Sol's Gorna. They will trace its source and locate Earth and they will see Earth as a component of Sol's Gorna. They may investigate closer still and find humans but we will merely be a component of the gorna of Earth, which is a component of Gorna of Sol.

Far off in the distant future, when we expand to other habitable parts of the galaxy we will be recognized as Humans, gorna of Earth, gorna of Sol Gorna. We won't be Earthlings, we will be Solarians.

Solarian = Gorna of Sol

[[End Narrative Digest]]
Bro you lost me here.....

This module is designed to acquaint you with Oxygel and how to survive emergency situations while on the Starship Halabride.

Before you ask, Qxygel composition is an industry secret. This module is only to provide you with information needed to save your life.

Oxygel is a compound used in standard ship construction. There are different types of it used in different structures around the ship. You are breathing a product of Oxygel right now.
Basically, it is a tetra-oxygen coupled to different compounds. It releases oxygen at different rates and strengths depending on the matrix of compounds coupled to it. What you need to know is that nearly every structure you come into contact on this ship produces oxygen.

Normal Operation
During normal ship function the structures around you produce oxygen minimally. The walls, floor decks and ceiling plates are producing oxygen. Support beams and most of the control panels you see are also producing oxygen. The vents in the deck plate and corners are pumping a computer controlled mix of gasses of which nitrogen is the major component. The computer controls the mixture for optimum human respiration.
This is why the 'air' seems fresh and clean to you right now.

Emergency Functions
The ship is constructed with voids that are filled with compressed Oxygel. There are a series of voids between you and the space outside. These voids occur in odd numbers. All habitat spaces are protected by seven voids. All structural spaces are protected by five voids.
Of these voids, for habitat spaces, the three inner void layers are fitted with high production Oxygel, one center void with high strength inert buffer Oxygel and three outer layers of high strength sealer Oxygel at the outer hull.
In the event of an impact, the voids slow the projectile while sealing the breach. If the impactor penetrates the center void, all subsequent voids release high oxygen content to the habitat section. In the event of a complete hull breach, it is imperative you activate your pressure nanosuit. Your nanosuit has its own atmosphere supply.
One of the benefits of Oxygel construction compounds is that it continues to react until pressure is reestablished. Which means, It will seal the breach allowing time to affect the proper structural repairs.

Personal Emergency
In the event you are caught off guard or forced to endure long durations without your nanosuit every compartment has multiple stations equipped with Oxygel paste applicators. Remove the applicator tube from the dispenser, place the dispenser nozzle in a nostril and squeeze. While it is best to use gel in each nostril it is not necessary. For long duration survival, with pressures stable, applying the gel on the upper lip is enough for 36 hours of oxygen. Oxygel paste has a normal duration of 72 hours per application. However, after 36 hours some people have adverse reactions.
In a confined space, Oxygel can be used to coat the interior without physical reactive states that happen with skin contact.

Respect the Strips
Around the ship you will notice strips of Qxygel. These strips are sensitive and calibrated to the needs of each compartment. Do not cover, scratch or otherwise damage the Oxygel strips. If you see a damaged strip, enter the strip locator designation into the damage control computer so repairs can be made.

Enjoy your stay on the Starship Halabride
The Skwids of Laxia B

The Spacefarer was met in orbit of Laxia B by a cylindrical craft emitting a series of rapid pulses.
Laxia, a star system of seven planets in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way had signs of intelligent life.
Spacefarer is a special first contact envoy to contact whatever lifeforms might be responsible for the signals that attracted our attention. Manned by some of our top scientists in communications and alien life assessment, we were surprised by their eagerness to contact us.

The craft itself was an unmanned probe of sorts. The pulses seemed to repeat. Tho there was a pattern to the strange signal, it was beyond our ability to make any kind of significant reference to it. The craft, obviously under some kind of active control, met the Spacefarer and guided it back to a specific geographical region on the planet surface. An area of swampland dotted with some type of earthen structures, quite complex in nature.

As the Spacefarer made landfall, a series of lights appeared which indicated a landing 'zone' or port. The Spacefarer came to rest on a patch of ground amidst large earthen structures that resembled termite mounds or some sort of biologically exuded dirt structure.

For nearly an hour there was no movement. Our encounter crew made ready and existed our craft to search for the "city's" occupants. As soon as they exited our craft, three small forms appeared from one of the structures.
The lifeforms seemed to glide over the ground with a rippling effect at the bottom.

As our scanners gained resolution it became apparent that these creatures were some sort of land dwelling squid. Each 'entity' carried a different type of 'backpack' as they advanced towards the exiting encounter team. All came to a stop about two meters from each other.

The smaller squid raised its seven 'tentacles' revealing a series of smaller protrusions beneath its mass, supporting its weight. It moved the raised tentacles, first two, then four, then three and finally all seven at once. It repeated and lowered all of them. After a few minutes it repeated the same sequence of waving.
Our team responded first with verbal greetings in the 5 dialects of Earth. Then they flashed a series of colored light pulses, repeated and stopped.

The squid then started to tap the ground in a series of rapid sequences that were so fast and complex I couldn't keep up. There was a pause and the sequence repeated.

I guess they did not get the results they wanted because one of the other squids then opened its backpack and took out a roll of some type of metallic film. It then spread the film out around the one making the gestures, in a circle. The tapping resumed but now the beat was amplified and the different tones could be easily distinguished.

Our team made some adjustments to their equipment and responded with a series of test pulses, representing prime numbers, at different tempos and tone. The squid, repeated the sequence.

After what seemed like an eternity there was dialog happening. Our computers took over the conversation and converted the language matrix.

It seems that these ... 'skwid' communicate by using their extremities to tap out their ... words and emotions.
We have since found that the variations are significant for duration, timing, intensity and which tentacle they use to do the tapping. Basically, they talk by playing the drums.
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I always thought anti-gravity devices would not work the way people think they will. Instead of just floating or hovering where it was activated I think it would be repelled (by Earth or Earth by it) at terminal velocity away from the surface. I called this idea "Slip-Grav".

Instead of turning one kind of matter into another kind of matter, I think it would make sense to store it in some form until we know what kind of matter we will need, so I deduced something I call "proto-matter". Sort of the way people thought stem cells would work, I guess.

That's two I am sharing.
Thanks, interested in your Gravity point. Don't forget once you have Gravity you can make it -ve or +ve. thus you can repel or attract. In my book I have general purpose AG platforms which can be used to transport stuff around the vast Mothership and my main character adapted one variant as a surf board and took one down to Earth to show off a bit. On the subatomic side invent what you like just be consistent throughout.
Considering that we are within the Universe and we think, feel and dream, Isn't it likely that the Universe thinks, feels and dreams? Is it aware of our sentience even tho we are not aware of its? I'm 53 Solar Cycles but the Universe is 14 billion years old or more. Given that much time and the uncertainty of Chaos, the Universe could be the supreme intelligent life form. All other life within it is just a manifestation of itself.
I was reading somewhere that consciousness may in fact not be something contained (entirely) in our brain/mind but out there in the universe. I guess if that's the case then Telepathy is just a matter of us evolving a bit more!
I was reading somewhere that consciousness may in fact not be something contained (entirely) in our brain/mind but out there in the universe. I guess if that's the case then Telepathy is just a matter of us evolving a bit more!
It's the theory of the shared collective consciousness that living organisms are all connected to each other. If you're bored do some Google searches for "Akashic records" and then branch off into "akashic tesla" and from there that should keep you busy for some time. :D Some attribute major milestone inventions happening at the same time from multiple people in different parts of the world as a result of akashic records.
Respect The Cookie

Years and years ago, me, Jack and Phil were battling monsters and aliens on my front porch.

Each of us had a 9mm and a set of jacks.
We had the porch covered but they were gaining on us in the yard and in the street.
It was a heated battle.

Suddenly, the front door opens and out steps Ma.
She's holding a plate of cookies.

I yell out "Ma! what are you doing Ma! Go back in the house, its not safe out here!"
She just looks at me with a big smile...
"Boys, I made you some cookies, take a break and have your lil friends come up and get a cookie, they're fresh out of the oven"

"MA! Go Back in the house and hide! There are monsters and aliens out here, ITS NOT SAFE!"

"Awww, you boys are so darned cute"

Right then, Phil throws a jack at a monster that was climbing on the railing of the porch and it fell onto one of Ma's pink flamingo lawn ornaments impaling itself and convulsing in its death throws.

"Now, Tommy, don't you be letting your friends molest my flamingos, that's just...wrong..."

"MA! Go in the house...NOW!"

An alien ray burst splashes on the doorway and Jack cuts the alien in half with a pulse from his 9 mil.

Just then, another ray explodes the plate of cookies and Ma hurries inside and slams the door.

We continue to fight the horde of monsters and aliens converging on my front porch when suddenly, the front door opens again.

Out steps Ma with her yarn basket on her head. She has a pair of coke bottle bottoms strapped to her face with a pair of my tighty-whities.
Shes holding a fully loaded mini-gun and commences to mow down monsters and aliens, leaving a bloody mess as their bodies disintegrate in her hail of lead.
Just then, the attic window melts and a blue-white laser beam arcs towards the sky and the alien mothership explodes.
Right as Ma screams out "YOU WILL RESPECT THE COOKIE!"

A few seconds and out of the front door comes Pa, proud as a peacock.
"Ma, I told you I had it set right."
He locks a knowing gaze on our astonished faces and says
"Respect the Cookie, boys" and winks.

And that, right there is why I always Respect The Cookie.
A green field, a blue sky, laying back with a twig in your mouth. Catching some shut eye. Waking up an hour later to a buzzing in your ear, only to find its not a bug but an odd noise from the sky. Looking up at the clouds and seeing a giant chrome saucer, with small mini chrome saucers dancing around the big one. Watching in amazement as the reflections of the clouds and earth are reflected on its belly. Observing its odd movement, only to see it and its little cousins blast up, up, and away. Closing your eyes to finish your nap.....
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what did pa have set right?

hope the flamingo wasn't damaged
The blue-white laser in the attic
The flamingo is stained with bright greenish-yellow monster blood that is gunna take a lot of elbow grease to get out. On a side note, some hippies pulled up in a chevy van trippin on acid and asked if they could buy it for some flowers.
The blue-white laser in the attic
The flamingo is stained with bright greenish-yellow monster blood that is gunna take a lot of elbow grease to get out. On a side note, some hippies pulled up in a chevy van trippin on acid and asked if they could buy it for some flowers.
ah, thanks for explanation.
The Pill $10,000.00

Technology has finally enabled us the ability to live forever barring accidental death or murder. No longer will people suffer and die from disease or aging. All thanks to "The Pill".

The Pill
"The Pill" (coactus instaurabo) was invented by scientists working for the Foresight Institute of Advanced Technology (FAIT) in the early 21st century.
The relatively low selling price of $10,000 per "The Pill" regiment (no insurance coverage) proved to be a significant savings all around.

I stopped in at the local pharmacy and picked up my own "The Pill" pack.
This is my experience utilizing this amazing product.

The first thing you notice is the packaging.
Its basically a black & white wrapper with instructions printed on it.
When you open the flap, you see 12 capsules in a blister pack. Three columns of 4 pills each. Each column divided with a heading of Day ONE, Day TWO and Day THREE.
The Day ONE column has three blue and white capsules and one green and white capsule. Day TWO has four pink and blue capsules and Day THREE has four red and yellow capsules.

The Instructions are as follows.
Take the three 'Day ONE' blue and white capsules all at once in the morning of the first day. Take the green and white capsule before bed (12-18 hours later).
Take the four 'Day TWO' capsules all at once on the morning of the second day (12-18 hours later).
Take the final four Day THREE capsules within the next 12-96 hours.

There is also a warning that if you take the second day regiment you MUST take the final regiment. You can abort the regiment only after taking the first day capsules. Then it goes on with warnings about how it WILL cause death after that point if abandoned.

So, I followed the instructions to the letter.
On the first day, I felt nothing new. I did have a fitful sleep that night after taking the final capsule but I wasn't sick or in pain or anything, just couldn't get comfortable no matter what I tried.

After thinking about it for what seemed like hours on the second day, I decided to go ahead with the regiment. I swallowed all four capsules at once. As the day went by, at first I felt really full, like I ate a 7 course meal. Then, round 10 pm, I suddenly grew very hungry.

I couldn't stop eating. It didn't matter what it was, I ate it all. I finished off my bag of flour by spoonfuls. I ate all of my uncooked rice right out of the bag. I actually got worried I would run out of food.
I had another fitful sleep because I was so hungry.

On the morning of the third day, I ate the final four pills hungrily.
I continued to eat and eat through-out the morning.
About 11 am my hunger subsided. I no longer felt over-whelming hunger.
Around 3 pm, my body started to feel different.

My spine seemed to expand and grow straight. The arthritis in my hands disappeared and the pain was gone. My fingernails, I could feel my fingernails growing. I could feel my hair getting fuller and I spit out my teeth fillings. A quick look in the mirror showed me that all my teeth had grown back like new.
The wrinkles in my face were gone, my skin looked and felt like I was young again.
I laid there on the floor, overwhelmed by the sensations all over and thru my body.
By 7 pm, my body was completely rebuilt inside and out.
I felt young and vibrant, strong as an ox and I looked fantastic.

I had to know what was in those pills.
I ran to the pharmacy that next morning. Not fatigued at all when I got there, not even breathing hard. I asked the pharmacist to explain what was in "The Pill".
He explained it to me as follows:

I didn't take a drug. "The Pill" is not a drug. It is nanotechnology.
The first three pills are nanoAI units. On the first day, they attached themselves to my vital organs and began 'learning' my body.
The final pill for the first day was nanobots preprogrammed to replicate, limited to 100,000 copies.

The second day pills were more nanobots. These ones were preprogrammed to convert matter. That is why I got so hungry. I didn't have enough fat stored for them to work so they needed more material.
Had I stopped at that point, it would have been fatal because they would keep converting matter unchecked. I would have 'starved' to death in a matter of a few days.

The final day pill was composed of nanobots that moved the matter created, to the parts of my body that needed repair according to the "plan" the nanoAIs had established for me.

I asked if they were all done, had completed their function now and he said they remain in my body repairing in real time.
I picked up his pen and stabbed my hand.
As soon as the pen left the wound, it closed and the pain was gone.
I looked at my hand.
I looked at him.
I realized it truly does mean I will live forever.

He grabbed my arm as I was turning to leave.
He said that while the nanobots can keep me healthy and pain free, they can't repair major damage to my body.
So, if I jump off a building or cut my head off, I'll die.
Okay, I can live with that.
As I was walking out the door I realized that $10,000 was a steal.
Lonely women of the world! Are you unhappy with your faces? Trapped in a prison of faulty flesh? Well, you've got a chance now - a chance to change everything, courtesy of the bright folks at EpheCorp. Our fully automated cyber-surgery machines can read any face you send them and transplant them onto yours! Mechanical precision means a nearly ZERO percent chance of mistakes, so don't fret about anything going wrong. No longer will men regard you as some sort of genetic freak, something to be pitied and yet left alone to its own devices. You will be a goddess, a model, an actress - and nobody will be able to tell which at first glance. Simply go to your local cyber-augmentation center, ask for the Ephesium technofacial restructuring treatment, and enjoy your new lease on life.
I always thought anti-gravity devices would not work the way people think they will. Instead of just floating or hovering where it was activated I think it would be repelled (by Earth or Earth by it) at terminal velocity away from the surface. I called this idea "Slip-Grav".

Instead of turning one kind of matter into another kind of matter, I think it would make sense to store it in some form until we know what kind of matter we will need, so I deduced something I call "proto-matter". Sort of the way people thought stem cells would work, I guess.

That's two I am sharing.
The AG you describe is perhaps a step on the way to full AG control (-ve and +ve). I my novel advanced battery tech and subatomic manipulation thieves this.

For the matter conversion you have to rearrange protons, neutrons and electrons (decay process) so just store the materials raw that are needed and process them when needed. Whatever way it's done you won't get rid of the problem of transporting mass if they are stored (in a Spaceship as in my case as on a long trip material may be few and far between).