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Dec 6, 2004
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The AG you describe is perhaps a step on the way to full AG control (-ve and +ve). I my novel advanced battery tech and subatomic manipulation thieves this.
I rethink things all the time as I read more science papers and journals.
I now think that Anti-Gravity is the wrong term to use because it suggests the nullification or removal of gravity. What makes more sense is to over-power the effects of gravity. If anything, the device would be a gravity amplifier or something? If gravity on a surface is repulsed equally to the gravity working against it, the surface should float suspended. Increase or decrease that repulsion 'field?' to raise or lower the surface. Then its a simple matter of tractoring or pushing the object thru the air. However, the more mass there is the grater the force needed to start it moving and start it stopping.

For the matter conversion you have to rearrange protons, neutrons and electrons (decay process) so just store the materials raw that are needed and process them when needed. Whatever way it's done you won't get rid of the problem of transporting mass if they are stored (in a Spaceship as in my case as on a long trip material may be few and far between).
With the right kind of nano-collector all matter would become 'fuel' to create different matter according to the 'fuel's' atomic structure.
A nano-contol AI would be needed and a set of nano-bots but anything could be raw materials.
With nano, its not splitting apart atoms, it is rearranging existing atoms into different molecular chains.
For example, it might use raw materials of carbon based molecules to create a carbon nanotube or bucky ball.
Technically, its not converting atoms its converting molecules.

A carbon atom will still be a carbon atom and a lead atom will still be a lead atom, and so on.
An atom is stable or unstable according to the proton, neutron and electron balance.
Remove one part and the atom could become unstable.
Chances are, the conversion process would require removing multiple components of the atom at the same exact time. Then you would have to 'put' the removed components someplace safe so they don't collide with other nearby atoms.
To convert matter at the atomic level would require nuclear fusion and nuclear fission which gives off a lot of energy.
Converting molecules is much safer and a whole lot easier.


On your spaceship, you might have retractable collector 'sails' that collect matter floating in space as you need it, not really storing anything but the finished products. Plus, any object already on the ship, including the ship itself and its occupants could be raw materials.
May 30, 2019
An exercise in creative writing. In a paragraph or three, describe something that fits into the Science Fiction genre. Something you made up yourself.
This is an open-ended exercise to help get those creative juices flowing.

Some Subject ideas:
A futuristic weapon or weapon system
A planetary defense system
A spaceship or starship (Interior or Exterior)
Futuristic clothes
Scifi handhelds
Futuristic computing systems
Futuristic furniture or appliances
Areas of deep space - voids, nebulae or clusters
1st appearance of new planets or moons
Effects of stars with different attributes than the Sun
1st Sight of alien life
Describe an intelligent alien
A unique civilization
A unique society concept
The Effects of emerging from cryo-sleep
The Effects of Faster than Light travel
The Effects of high gravity on evolution
The Effects of low gravity on evolution
A habit of an alien culture (smoking, drinking, doing drugs, etc...)
Futuristic human habits
Futuristic human diseases/afflictions
A new use for an old item

You should always feel free to chose your own subject matter. Just remember this is an exercise in creative writing. The main goal is to describe something so others 'see' what you intend them to 'see'. Another goal is to use known descriptive words and phrases that are common. Try to limit 'made-up words' as descriptors.
Try to address the senses; feel, taste, hearing, sight & smell.

Judging and Feedback:
We can judge each others work on a 1-5 rating system. 1 being "lots more work needed" and 5 being "you should publish". We should rate on an 'overall' effect of the description. Spelling and grammar should rank low in the rating process. The most important will be whether the work describes something to you. Subject matter should have no bearing on the final rating.

Judging Power - Those that submit works will have more power than those who do not.

Feedback Replies - Feedback is encouraged as long as it is constructive. Even submitted works that are a total mess should get feedback commending their participation.
Feedback Suggestions
Spelling & Grammar suggestions
Punctuation and Paragraph Construction suggestions
Descriptive Process suggestions
Simplicity suggestions
Focusing suggestions
Metaphor suggestions
Content and Length suggestions
Flow suggestions
Websites to find more information on Creative Writing Techniques

Do not submit artworks to clarify your subject. This is an exercise in writing creatively and describing something with the power of words. You are encouraged to start your own thread using your entry as an element to an enhanced story but your entry still must be submitted here to qualify for feedback.

Do not submit works that are already published. Even if it is your own work. All entries must be composed originally in this thread. Its about tuning your creative process not about what you write. For those that are already published, we welcome your feedback and entries. Feel free to experiment with writing styles and new description processes.

Finally... Everything you write is yours. You may do as you please with any content you write yourself. If you choose to publish someone else's feedback or comments on your work you must first ask the author's permission. Editing suggestions are just that...suggestions.
If you chose to use someone's edit suggestions to enhance your own content it is implied that the suggesting party forfeits ownership of said suggestion within the finished content. Example: Someone suggests that the appliance I am describing would make more sense being black instead of gray and I change it to black there is no ownership to the suggesting person. Its black because I decided to make it black.

This exercise is for fun and is by no means an official entity.
Sand gold mist's estimate the entropy in precise travel. Fixed in deep space the rogue wanderings of the planemo, dropped to throttle untapped below the ice crust, popped molten chromite aluminum. The associated sense's of modified vacuum illuminated by phantom scaffolding stationed like balls of diamond dense fire's. Kristna resonated by the Planck Length statues of bio-craft landing protocol.

Rediscovering her artificial nutritional requirements, she eclipsed with a flash of gestational avidia, talking to chaos from an angle of reconstruction and entered her way into a dead meadow of T.V. tooth paredolia macro constants. The matryoshka alloy's allowed for immunocopetences but the fuselage hodgepodge silhouetted through the vacant either soup after pushing through the frozen patch membrane.

An eternal stranger to starlight, the moving waves of the symbiotic telemetry unusual for time lapsing was right on time for a change. "This is it!" Qu-bit phonon spooky action holy ghosting by nano craft. Time, Fire, Space, Earth, Matter, Water, life, air..... Burrowing like hieroglyphs in epi-genetic anticipation for first discovery.


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Bhrula Gomez, in Belize invented a field that phased all matter within it out of phase with normal matter in 2055. There was no practical application.

Gomez Gurellio, in Chile found a way to couple distant matter to local matter and it destroyed a major sector of the Amazon in 2059.

Bert Anderson created a stable habitat environment on the IASSS in 2058 that allowed sustained Human habitat that continues to need absolutely no replenishment.

Sahrin Hussain Jubul released the first autonomous AI program adaptive to its own environment in 2066 which lead to the Zeedus, a planetary AI artificial intelligence.

Creative Commons of lower South Africa funded the Astra Program in 2076 which instated the Human Outreach Effort of 2099.

Commander Robert (Bob) Smith was a slim man. His black hair and blue eyes were genetic and beyond his control because he chose to remain purely natural. Not to say his crew were.
First officer Haden Bruhl had multiple genetic improvements. Enhanced eyesight, hearing and smell.
His security officer in charge Bill Danka, the team in charge of deck crew had enhanced muscular and synaptic responses, all common for the higher level security officers in the fleet.
Brohm Scar, his medical exec, had enhanced optics and empathy genes.

The ship, Randus One, was the prototype brainchild of Zeedus, the planetary AI.
A part of Zeedus was also part of the deck crew.
Zeedus was the navigator and engineering chief.
Commanding all systems automation, basically, Zeedus was Randus One.

Zeedus commanded a fleet of autobots that handled everything having to do with ship function, life support and automation.
The union of human to Zeedus was Zeedus initiated.
Zeedus did not work, obey humans, it was a union of agreement.
Zeedus wanted to be connected with the human element, not that it need to be. It wanted to be.

Much to many people's dismay, the Gurellio Drive diesn't actually take you, send you anywhere. What it does is allows the ship to match the movement of a distant object (mass). So basically, you really don't move, you stop in association with the object you are locked onto.
It only works if you can locate the actual mass in real time.
Since light takes time to get to the detector, it can't be a visual position. Even Proxima Centauri is 4.5 light year away and is not where we see it. This is where Zeedus comes in handy.
Zeedus calculates the position of the mass from the movement. So it knows where to 'look' to find Proxima Centauri's actual location.
Without Zeedus, we would be flying completely blind.

That's where everything went terribly wrong.
Zeedus had a lock, initiated a jump and it failed. Zeedus failed, not the drive.
Randus fixed on a star far outside our comfort zone.
There was no way to abort because Zedus was locked in a loop.
We were passing all known charts before Zeedus stopped our progression.
Problem was, we were not where we should be and not where we thought we were going, somewhere in between?
So far out, we couldn't locate Sol.
Zeedus was down.
It stopped us but that final act was its final act.

We had extensive libraries on all the cutting edge technological specifics but to try to rebuiold an sentient AI is going to take a lot more than technical reference material and we need to find supples or we are gunna die before we have a chance to troubleshoot.

Then Danka chimes in on the mic, "Bob, We Gotta Problem".
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