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about the theoretical wormhole
First, I must admit, I do not believe wormhole technology can ever exist. The idea implies space/time is folded and a singularity can punch thru the folds creating a corridor between two points of space/time.
Wormholes require physics of a black hole. Like I said on another thread, black holes are neither black, nor holes. A black hole is a beyond white mass singularity. Not only is gravity (mass) so intense light cannot escape, the heat is beyond white hot. There are more than one event horizions. Light is but one horizon. When matter or light enters the gravitational pull of the singulartity it falls onto the mass at the center. It doesn't get pulled down a 'hole'. Its mass adds to the mass of the singularity.
This is why black holes grow. If the mass were being ejected from this Universe, black holes would not grow. Black holes would not emit gamma beams from their poles. The reason why there are gamma beams from the poles is because when mass gathers it hits at different angles to the mass and creates spin. As it the mass grows, it spins faster, creating an equator and two poles. The poles . having the lesser gravitational pull, allows the fastest radiation to expel in the form of two beams, one at either pole.
Wormholes can't work as corridors because they depend on a mechanism to open the folds of space/time. Perhaps the reason science detects some wormhole-like effects at the sub-atomic is because the tiny black holes are not singularities but holes in the fabric of the Bose–Einstein condensate of the Universe. Holes which, due to proximity have readings which appear as corridors.
But, this is my opinion.
Particle entanglement
Particle entanglement refers to quanta conditions.
In physics, a quantum (plural quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity (physical property) involved in an interaction.

There is a huge difference in physics between Newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics.
Classical Newtonian mechanics deals with things that are larger - generally large enough to see, and quantum mechanics deals with things that are tiny - a nanometer or less, which is the size of atoms.

In other words, entanglement does not exist in the physics related to 'our' size. Only in quantum scales.

Again, my opinion. I was a truck mechanic, not a scientist. I read a lot and I have a knack for looking at things using my own rationality. I probably think too much too. I have to explore all the possible things about physics based on the large amount of science I read. Things have to make sense to me according to the reality I experience. Some things are too extreme to experience so I extrapolate on science theory.
You can believe what you want, this is my opinion on it.
people develop their minds, those awesome powers you speak of here, but it must be done from an early age to truly reach potential, and we are way backwards that way.
First, I must explain there is a huge difference between writing fiction (fantasy) and 'believing' the fiction (fantasy) which is written.
In a way, all fiction is fantasy or its called non-fiction or reality.

People do develop a type of 'telepathy' over time using observational/situational awareness and empathy. Different people have different skills of reading other people. The TV show, The Mentalist is an example of a man who people thought was telepathic but all he did was pay attention to details and read peoples unconscious body language. The better you know someone, the more it seems you have telepathic connection.

we are dealing with actual electricity in the body/mind, biologically generated
There's a difference between electricity, power and energy. Everything in the Universe exists as a form of energy. Mass is composed of 'condensed energy' (that's what I call it).
The basis of atomic and nuclear reaction is based on physics which support this idea. Splitting an atom releases energy, lots of energy.
a new kind of sight came into vogue, an enforced complacency and non-sight, a great not wanting to learn, kind of spurning it for faith.
Foresight and belief.
Belief is something you believe despite the known reality.
Foresight is the ability to predict something based on the current events and trends of its history.
Belief calls foresight, 'prophecy'.
Remote viewing is not an actual established science. If it were, there would be no need for on-site information gathering or spies. Many of the tests conducted are not true scientific tests because there is always a certain element of the scientific test omitted. Mostly, the control group.

Lying can often cause a condition remotely which can be predicted from a far.
One day, I call you from Maine and tell you I'm really sick, it may be covid.. Two weeks later, you haven't heard back from me and your mind makes me out to be on my deathbed with covid. You 'see' me that way.
Then I show up at your door laughing telling you it was a lie.
Your imagination put me in circumstances which were not happening. To you, your imagination is 100% accurate. In reality, its 100% wrong. Until you know proof positive either way, you will always be 100% wrong and 100% right. You choose which to embrace.
If there is no way to verify validity of a 'feeling' only your belief makes you 100% right or wrong.

Twins having connection is the same but different. The people we 'are' is caused by the conditions we experience. Twins often experience the same conditions during their 'formative' years. Their personalities have more similarities than other siblings of different ages. Because they thing and react to things similarly, they can 'feel' what the other 'feels' sometimes. They have similar empathy.
when I first got a computer I laughed
When I first got mine I was angry. It was a gift. I didn't want that 'box' in my house.
To me, it was something I used at work and not for 'fun' or learning.
At first, before I got dial-up internet at 14,700 kbs, the only thing I used it for was as an expensive word processor.
Now, 25 years later, my whole entertainment system is based on a computer. I no longer have telephone, cable or satellite bills. I have all my library scanned. I have all my music and movies and shows in electronic format. I even scanned all my photo albums and gave all the "dead wood", hard copies away to my kids. If I had to put all this material on book shelves I would be floor to ceiling with shelves in every room. As of now, I have 7 external hard drives totaling 23 TB of space taking up less than one single shelf of book space.
Plus, I can take my entire collection with me to your house and access it on any computer which can read the drives. Not to mention the multiple online cloud accounts which back-up my files to an internet access with password.

I, at one time, had 17 individual pieces of stereo equipment. Multiple units for movies, cable and satellite boxes, telephones and answering machines. Now, I do all I did before, and more, with my computer and surround system on a TV. Plus, I can link any laptop, tablet or phone to my personal network and access it all anywhere in my home domain. I can even grant you access in my home domain so you can bring your laptop or android device over and get any file I choose to share with you.
I still have to research present day technolgies and accepted ways of thinking in order to write believable fiction
Not necessarily 'fiction'. Like I said earlier, all fiction is fantasy.
But, knowing science and scientific theories, assists greatly in creating Science fiction.
However, science fiction adds a fantasy element to the science which creates the 'device' of the story.

Not all scifi which involves FTL travel goes into detail of how they achieved FTL. It's a given in the story. Not all AI stories depend on robotics. Not all robot stories depend on AI. Not all AI are singularity AI's. However, if you are writing some stories an understanding of the real science is needed. You can't create a story about nanotechnology if you don't understand what it is.

There are many ways to create story outlines. You can have more than one outline. You can download pre-made outlines and change the headers to fit any device or character in your story.

I am very limited in my access to the internet
Perhaps you can use proxies?
Perhaps you can use the 'save as a webpage' feature in your browser?
Perhaps you can create a document and copy/paste web page data to it to view offline?
Internet options allows you to set image downloading to off.
It allows web pages to load faster and use less bandwidth.
Using adblocking software also reduces bandwidth because less data is being downloaded to your temp folder.
Clearing cookies and history in your browser prevents preferences being set to 'keep alive' for fast page load times.
You can surf at server off-peak times so there's less net congestion and pages load faster.

Hope this helps.
Again, its all my own opinion.
Conceptians = Conception to birth
Body plan established from genetic contribution of paternal/maternal contribution. Development dictated by maternal environment.
Lifians = Birth to 1 hour of age
Basic survival instincts established and mastered.
Hourtans = 1 to 24 hours of age
Sustenance and comfort based normality recognized.
Dialians = 1 to 7 days of age
Baseline life requirements established. Comfort explored and reinforced.
Monthonians = 1 to 12 months of age
Physical needs explored and developed.
Annonians = 1 to 10 years of age
Personality developed. Essence of 'self' explored and reinforced.
Decadians = 10 years to 100 years of age
Mastery of social and environmental status developed and mastered. Ability to affect change within the immediate sphere of influence
Centurians = 100 to 1,000 years of age
Understanding of life and conditions of favorable environmental station. Ability to instruct others how to make change within their sphere of influence.
Millenians = 1,000 to 1,000,000 years of age
Understanding of planetary conditions and life's purpose to the universe. Ability to affect change on a planetary scale.
Billenians = 1,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 years of age
Prediction of local events based on actual experience and knowledge.
The ability to affect change locally using technology within the sphere of shared knowledge. The ability to create such technology.

Eonians = 1,000,000,000 and older
Understanding of the universe and prediction of chaotic events based on knowledge gained.
The ability to affect change universally at will.

I am a 6th level decadian. (62 years old)

Artificial life prolonging does not count.
If you are a 4th level deconian and enter into a statis pod on a spaceship for 200 years you will wake as a 4th level deconian not a centurian. You must Experience life to gain progression. Time is NOT the defining factor.
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ERC (Entangled Real-time Communication)
  • Zero Distance Limitations
  • Zero Loss, Zero Delay, Zero Interference
  • No transmitters or receivers
  • Self-contained power supply
  • Real-time instant communication
  • Ship-wide access
  • Person to Person access
  • Personal augmentation versatility
  • "Always On" location beacon
The entanglement interface quantum controller 'reads' nano-ribbon changes in real-time and converts it to audio/visual display. The controller also reads real-time input and translates it onto the nano-ribbon in detail.
Each atom on the nano-ribbon signifies a value (state). Combinations of atoms over time and in sequences signify specific datasets. Data sets sequences change the nano-ribbon state which is entangled to the coupled nano-ribbon.
Every Nan-ribbon and ERC controller have their own unique identifier code which the controller uses to couple with other ribbons. The long-sequenced codes are converted at the interface to common designations, IE: Bridge, Luna Control 775647721, Neptune Station 22363, John Hancock, F Deck Lounge, etc...

Each member of the ship's crew has an ERC augmentation implant which serves as a back-up to standard physical equipment. The implant can send and receive limited messages and provides real-time physical conditions to the ship mainframe. All crew are issued their own ERC communicator which is coded to their DNA. All environmental suits have ERC communicators within the suits control packs. All ERC devices have locator beacons.

Ship-wide systems use scanner strips. Each console has a strip and every public compartment has a continuous scanning strip on each bulkhead and the ceilings. Every corridor is equipped with strips.
Personal quarters have a single bulkhead strip and a console strip.

Please note:
Damage or obstructions to the scanning strips will result in artifact display. The controller codes in raw data and the receiving controller reads that same data. The display controller does filter out most artifacts but some still make it thru. This is merely a nuisance but ships equipped with holographic particle emitters, it can result in artifacts being displayed in 3 dimensions.