Season 5 Descriptive Summary Ep 5.05 - Out of the Box

Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Season 5: Episode 5 - "Out Of The Box"
Summary by superintelligentone aka SIO

The show starts with the announcement “Previously on Alias.” We see a recap of Arvin Sloane writing a farewell note to his daughter from inside his cell, when Mr. Keach appears outside of the bars, saying “It’ll be awful hard to help that daughter of yours from inside a federal penitentiary. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way.” The scene cuts away to Sloane standing to hear the tribunal’s decision. Special Prosecutor Harkin announces “After careful examination of the facts... Arvin Sloane, I hereby order your release.” Sloane closes his eyes in relief and perhaps silent prayer. The scene fades to and from black. We then see the cryogenic chamber inside the airliner cargo hold and hear Director Bristow’s voiceover explain “The nuridium wasn’t being utilized as an explosive.” Through a viewport, we see a grey-haired man lying inside the machine. From inside the APO, Jack tells Sydney “We believe it was used to power a cryogenic chamber.” The scene switches to Renée Rienne answering the cellphone from her loft apartment, saying “Hello?” Sydney is walking in a corridor of the APO as she greets her “Hey.” The young French woman asks “Have you identified the body?” Syd explains “The body was stolen. I’ll forward you the details.” Renée tells her “I’ll dig around and see what I can find out.” We see her walk in front of the life-signs monitor of the Stasis Chamber and the viewing port by the man’s right hand. Sydney’s ally is the person who stole the device and the body inside.

The scene changes to the guard post of a military base on a rainy night. The caption reveals “U.S. Army Storage Facility. Frankfurt, Germany.” A soldier wearing a rain poncho walks from a building and down some steps to a military transport truck awaiting clearance. He slaps its door, signaling that it is free to move on. As the truck pulls away, a woman dressed in black tactical gear and her face concealed under a balaclava sneaks up from behind and uses a taser to shock the sentry into unconsciousness. The intruder lowers him to the pavement and then heads up the stairs where the soldier came from. She opens the roll up door of the warehouse and then uses a blowtorch to cut at a locked wire gate.

Outside, another sentry on patrol, discovers the unconscious soldier lying on the pavement. Having cut through the lock, the intruder searches the storage facility with a flashlight and stops when she finds a metal box a medical red cross symbol on it, sitting on a shelf. The sentry radios an alert, saying “Kindt, we got a man down. It’s Rodriguez. Do you copy? Do you copy? Do you copy?” The reason why Kindt isn’t responding becomes apparent when we see a walkie talkie on the floor and its owner laying nearby, also knocked out. Alarms sound as the woman takes silver carrying case and packs it into her backpack. As she is leaving, she stops as she sees an armed soldier headed her way. He spots her and begins a burst of automatic weapons fire from his assault rifle. The intruder ducks behind a concrete support column. The soldier’s gunfire ignites some flammable substance inside some barrels, which explode and start a fire. The masked woman notices an outside window illuminated by the firelight. So she dashes through the fire and leaps through the window. She is on fire as she falls from the middle level of the warehouse, and then another explosion sends a fireball through the broken window just behind her. The intruder falls through the roof of transport truck parked below and extinguishes herself inside. She then climbs out of the back of the truck and hurries away. She stops to pull off her balaclava, which reveals that the intruder is Renée Rienne.

Early morning in the Living Room of Sydney’s house. Syd is dressed in a blue tank top & black sweat pants, doing yoga stretches along to soothing music as part of her prenatal exercises. Rachel Gibson, wearing a pink camisole and striped pajama pants, walks in and greets her with a “Hey.” She is apparently a houseguest. Sydney replies “Hi.” Looking at the young woman’s borrowed sleepwear, Syd comments with a grin“I wish I could still fit into those.” Rachel looks down at what she is wearing and smiles. Continuing her stretching exercises, Sydney asks “Did you sleep okay?” Her houseguest replies “Yeah, I did.” Syd exhales loudly as she sits on the floor after finishing, then picks up a remote control and lowers the volume of the music system. Approaching closer with a grin, Rachel asks “You okay?” Sydney responds “I’m just.. I’m telling you, this kid’s gonna to be a black belt.” Extending her arms, she says “Here, give me a hand... Get ready. They chuckle at Syd needing help to get up off the floor. Then as Gibson takes a seat on the couch, she says “Well... You, uh… must be so excited.” Sydney sits down across from her in an upholstered chair and replies “Yeah... When I’m not terrified.” Shaking her head with scepticism, Rachel notes “You don’t seem terrified.” Syd confesses “I am... I have no idea how to be a parent... The thought of my life changing forever... Doing it on my own ... It’s a little overwhelming.” The young woman replies “Yeah... I know what you mean.” Sydney looks a bit surprised and Gibson looks embarrassed at making the admission. Taking the role of an older sister, Syd assures her “You know, you can stay here as long as you want, Rachel. There’s no hurry.” Shaking her head slightly, the young woman replies “I don’t want to impose.” Sydney explains “We’re both going through transitions. We... might as well keep each other company.” A smile comes to Gibson’s face and she says “Thank you.” Syd apparently sees herself as older sister AND mentor to the younger woman. Sydney grins, then announces “I’m going to change.” Groaning quietly, apparently in reaction to her baby’s movements, Syd gets up and tells her “Help yourself to anything in the fridge.” After Rachel replies “Okay”, Syd jokingly adds “If there’s anything left” and heads towards her bedroom. The young woman calls out “Hey, Syd?”, so Sydney stops to hear what she wants and smiles. Gibson assures her “You’re going to be a great mom.” Syd looks sad at the thought of being a single mother and turns away. But then she smiles optimistically and glances back to say “Thanks.”

Daytime at an upscale outdoor restaurant, a hostess leads Director Bristow to a table where Arvin Sloane is waiting. Wearing dark glasses and dressed in a dark crew neck sweater under a dark overcoat, Sloane stands up with an eager expression and the two men shake hands. Jack smiles and notes “You seem to be enjoying your freedom.” Glancing down at the table, Arvin explains “I was hoping to offer you more than prison food.” Jack replies “I must confess, I’d grown rather fond of the shepherd’s pie”, then smirks. After the two men sit down, he comments “I’m assuming you didn’t bring me here simply for the cuisine.” Looking away with regret, Sloane replies “Look, Jack, during the past few months, I have had to rely on you more than any friend should...” Shaking his head, he adds “Which is what makes it difficult for me to ask you this” then turns to look at him eye-to-eye with sincerity. Jack concludes “You need another favor.” Arvin explains “I want to return to APO...” Jack looks away to consider, as Sloane continues “Of course, my position would be subordinate. You would be director of the task force, and I would have the highest respect for that... In return, you can engage my connections wherever you thought it would be most effective.” Director Bristow nods, then deduces “And you would, in turn have full CIA resources to search for Nadia’s cure.” Arvin nods and replies “Exactly.” With an apologetic tone, Sloane admits “I know this puts you in an awkward position...” Jack interrupts “I’ve already put in the request for your limited reinstatement.” Arvin is flabbergasted and says “You have? ... I don’t know what to say.” Director Bristow reveals “Your gratitude may be premature. Langley hasn’t denied the request, but they haven’t approved it either. Normally, these things... take a few days, but ... I’m getting informal reports that something... or rather, someone is standing in the way. Sloane leans forward with concern and asks “Do you know who? I’m happy to make my case personally. Jack replies “I’m trying to ascertain that myself.” Just then, the director’s cell phone rings to indicate a text message, so he looks at the display to see who is calling about what. Standing up, Jack explains “I apologize. I’m going to have to cut this short.” Arvin stresses, “Whether you’re successful or not, Jack... Thank you.” Director Bristow nods, then turns and leaves. Sloane watches him leave and then takes a sip of water from his glass.

At Renee's loft apartment, she walks with some trepidation towards the humming Stasis Chamber. On the life-signs monitor, is single blip of biological activity on both the EKG and EEG displays. She presses the third of five buttons. A hissing sound is heard and then the lid of the chamber rises. Inside is another set of life-signs monitors showing the central nervous system and muscular system. Next to that are a series of intravenous feeding tubes connected to a pumping device. Rienne looks with awe at the older man strapped inside the container and the equipment keeping him in suspended animation.

Inside his office in the APO, Director Bristow is reading some documents next to his laptop computer, when Marcus Dixon comes in, carrying a file folder. Marcus announces “Eighteen hours ago, an army storage facility was hit outside of Frankfurt (Germany)” and presents the folder with the details to Jack. Reading the contents inside, Jack comments “The Dornier Stockpile?” Nodding slightly, Dixon recaps “The intruder crossed two minefields, deactivated a 30,000-volt electric fence and took down half a dozen army rangers by non-lethal means.” The director looks up from the file and asks “Do we have any potential suspects?” Marcus replies “Agent Grace is on the phone to the base in Germany now, trying to get uplinks of their surveillance imagery.” Continuing to read the tile about the raid, Jack notes “This lone individual walked right past a stockpile of heavy weapons, opting instead for a few hundred cc’s (cubic centimetres = millilitres) of something called Atropine ZX.” Dixon explains “ZX is a highly experimental medical stimulant. Its primary use is for battlefield resuscitation of gravely injured soldiers... The infiltration bears striking similarities to the DSR theft a month ago.” Director Bristow asks “Are you suggesting this is somehow connected with the container we recovered in North Korea?” Marcus speculates “It could be the secondary phase of the same operation. By all appearances, the man inside the container was in some sort of... next-gen cryogenic deep freeze.” Understanding the implication, Jack says “And the stolen ZX could be used to wake up the body.” Nodding, Dixon says “It’s possible, yes.”

Sitting inside the APO Briefing Room, Agent Grace is on his cellular phone, negotiating a trade for the base security video. He says “Yes, Guder, I promise. Eight cases of jerky (dried meat); half beef, half turkey. It’s on the way. Danke (‘Thanks’ in German).” Hanging up the phone, he comments to Marshall “Apparently, you can’t get good beef jerky in Germany.” Standing across from him, Flinkman replies “Really? I always thought of Germany as the home of processed meats. You know, ’cause all the sausages that they...” Just then, Jack and Dixon walk into the room. Marshall continues “And there’s Liverwurst, Bratwurst, Fleischwurst (also known as Ringwurst)...” Looking at his laptop computer, Thomas interrupts “Here it comes. Let’s take a look at our bad boy.” Director Bristow orders “Put it on-screen” and then turns to look at the wall of monitors. Looking at the series of surveillance photographs, Grace comments “Make that a bad girl.” Reading from the identity matching dossier, Marcus announces “Renée Rienne, also known as Le Corbeau. In ’02, she attacked one of our listening posts in Turkey, (which) made her Number Eight on the CIA’s Most Wanted List.” Director Bristow has stern expression at recognizing her as Syd’s contact.

A short time afterward, Jack is confronting Syd about Renée’s involvement with the theft. Sydney counters “You don’t know she’s the one who took the body.” The elder Bristow replies “No, but it’s beyond reason that this is a coincidence.” Still having confidence in Rienne, Syd asserts “If she took the body, she had a reason. I’ll talk to her. Jack counters “You exchange information with her twice a week. If she hasn’t told you by now...” Sydney shakes her head “Not over the phone. I’ll go in person.” But her father objects “Sydney, this woman is an assassin.” Syd counters “Vaughn trusted her. They worked together for seven years. Besides, if she did take the body and hasn’t told me, it’s because she doesn’t trust me, either... If we make a move on her, that just proves she’s right.” Jack replies “I’m hardly concerned with her feelings.” Sydney concedes “No, but I am concerned about burning her as an ally. We know the body was in Dean’s possession. Finding out why may tell us more about Prophet Five, what their ultimate agenda is.” Nodding in agreement, Director Bristow tells her “Go see her, but you’re not going alone.”

In the Firing Range, Agent Grace fires all 9 shots of his pistol rapidly at the silhouette target’s center. He puts his gun down, removes his hearing protection and then takes his safety glasses off.” From behind, Director Bristow comments “I think you got him.” Glancing over at him, Thomas replies “My mother always said, ‘If someone was worth shooting once, then they’re worth shooting twice.’” Jack comments “I’m sorry I never met her. She sounds like my kind of woman.” Reloading his weapon, Tom agrees, saying “I think the two of you would have gotten along.” Walking closer to him, the director explains “Sydney’s going to Marseilles to meet with a contact. Wheels up within the hour... I’d like you to accompany her.” Grace turns around and says with an ironic grin “I’m on escort duty.” Jack clarifies “Sydney’s contact is Renée Rienne.” Nodding in understanding Director Bristow’s motivation, Thomas replies “Really?” Jack reveals “Miss Rienne has been helping Sydney with her investigation into the Prophet Five conspiracy... Though that fact is off the books.” Tom nods and replies “Got it.” The elder Bristow explains “Miss Rienne used to work with Michael Vaughn ... Based on that, my daughter has inherent trust in her. I do not share her trust.” Nodding with understanding, Grace says “I see ... Don’t worry ... I’ll make sure she’s safe.”

On a black screen is the caption “Marseilles.” Daytime, outside run-down warehouse in the port district, Agents Grace and Bristow walk from their car towards the building. Thomas comments “Hope you got the right address.” Looking up at the second floor, Sydney notes “Micro surveillance cameras, motion sensors on the windows... and this is definitely her place.” Glancing towards the building, Grace says “I’ll cover the stairs. You slip around front to the elevator” and then takes out a pistol from his waistband. Shaking her head, Syd tells him “Put that away. You won’t need it.” Tom counters “She’s already killed three CIA agents. We’re not going to be (numbers) four and five.” Trying to explain her trust, Syd tells him “When my father briefed you, he told you we’d (Syd and Renée) been working together.” Grace replies “Yeah... He also said if I suspected a threat to your safety, I have orders to kill her. Sydney explains with an annoyed tone “My father is overprotective.”

Inside the loft apartment, Renée loads the stolen Atropine ZX into a needleless syringe gun and injects a dose into the man in the container’s left arm. Just then, her cell phone rings. She looks over at her laptop computer connected to her security cameras and sees two people standing in front of a car parked out front. Answering her cell phone, she says “Oui?” Sydney explains “It’s me. We need to talk.” We hear Rienne’s voice say “It’s not a good time.” Syd urges “It can’t wait. I’m out front.” From behind her, Renée replies “I know.” Turning around in surprise, Sydney sees her phone put a pistol to Tom’s back. He closes his eyes at allowing himself to be caught unawares and having his gun taken from him. As the French woman points her pistol at the two agents, Syd explains “We aren’t here to threaten you, Renée.” Rienne indignantly says “We had an agreement.” Sydney justifies “I know you took the body. Whatever it is, you can tell me. Shaking her head, Renée says with anxiety “No, I can’t. This is different. I need to do this myself.” Syd insists “That’s not an option.” Looking up at the second floor window, Agent Grace tells Rienne “Does he know what you’re up to?” Renée looks up at the old man walking near the window, then puts her pistol down and hurries back into the warehouse.

Entering the apartment, Renée sets her cell phone down on a table and searches for the revived man. Tom and Sydney are following not far behind her. Seeing that Tom has his gun drawn, Rienne waves him to put it down, saying “No, he’s not dangerous.” As the woman goes around a corner, we hear the ringing sound of a knife being drawn and her gasp in surprise. The old man holds the blade to Renée’s throat, wraps his right arm around her waist and then leads her out to the open, demanding “Qu'est-ce qui se passe”? (What's happening?) Syd and Thomas point their pistols at him, waiting for a chance to shoot. The woman calls out “He won’t hurt me, he won’t hurt me!” Sydney orders him “Let her go.” Renée yells “He won’t hurt me!” Syd calls out to Tom “Do you have the shot?” Ready to fire, he replies “Just say when.” Rienne begs of them “No. Please. He doesn’t understand!” The old man asks his hostage “Qui sont ces gens? Où sommes nous? (Who are these people? Where are we?)” Renée tells the confused man “Ça va, ils vont pas te faire de mal... C'est moi. C'est moi. C'est Renée, c'est moi. (It’s okay, they won’t hurt you... It’s me. It’s me. It’s Renée, it’s me.)” The old man drops the knife to the ground. Thomas and Sydney relax, lowering their guns. Renée turns towards the man, looking at him from head to foot several times. After looking at her for a few moments the old man asks “J'en crois pas mes yeux. (I don't believe my eyes.)” The young woman responds affectionately “C'est moi, Papa. (It’s me, Papa.)” Turning to Syd, Tom asks “Did I hear her right?” Sydney confirms “He’s her father.” Renée puts her arms around her father and rests her forehead on his chin in relief.

Sitting down on her sofa, the father and daughter talk, while Sydney sitting on a chair, and Tom sitting at the edge of a desk listen. Sydney and Tom watch as Renée’s father, Luc Goursaud asks her “Mais je rêve. (I must be dreaming).” Smiling a little bit, Rienne replies “T'es en sécurité maintenant. (You’re safe now).” He then asks “On est en quelle année? (What year is this?)” Renée replies “Deux Mille, Six. (Two Thousand, Six).” He marvels “Vingt-trois ans... Pour moi c'était hier. (Twenty-three years... To me, it was yesterday).” Syd asks “Vous savez qui vous a fait ça? (Do you know who did this to you?)” Looking over to his daughter, Luc asks “Qui sont ces gens? ... T'es sûr d'eux? (Who are these people? ... Do you trust them?)” Rienne nods and replies “C'est eux qui t'ont trouvé. (They were the ones who found you).” Goursaud looks at Sydney to see if he agrees that she is trustworthy. Switching over to English, Renée asks “Was it Desantis?” Luc replies “Desantis, c'est ça. (Desantis, that’s it) Quand ils nous ont attrapés, je voulais pas lui dire où je t'avais caché. (When they caught us, I didn’t want to tell him where I had hidden you.) Il essayait de me faire parler. D'abord... D'abord me torturer. (He tried to make me talk. First... First, he tortured me.)” The implication is Luc wouldn’t tell him where his daughter was. “Puis... (Then...)” The old man shakes his head and then switches to English “I do not... remember.” Sydney then asks him “Is Desantis part of Prophet Five?” In response Goursaud gets up and then leans forward to look intently at Syd, saying “Prophet Five? What do you know about them?” Concerned with her father’s irritation, Rienne pats him on the back and says “Assied toi, Papa. (Sit down, Papa.).” Luc asserts “No, no, I am fine.” Tom counters “You’re not fine. Your ear is bleeding!” The old man reaches back with both hands, and then discovers that he is hemorrhaging from his left ear. Renée gasps and springs to her feet. Syd says in a calming tone “Here, get him down” and gets up to check on him. Rienne calls out in concern “Papa?” and tries to help him back to the couch. But the Goursaud suddenly grasps the sides of his head in pain, then his eyes roll back. Sydney repeats “Get him down”, so Renée and Grace helps Luc down to the floor. Checking his wrist, Syd tells her “His pulse is all over the place. We need something to sedate him to get his heart rate under control.” Rienne replies “I’ll get some Diazepam” and goes to get the drug. Seeing that Goursaud is convulsing, Sydney tells Thomas “Keep his legs steady.” Grace tells Luc “Calm down.”

Renée lifts up a roll down door to a storage area and gets a vial of diazepam from a shelf of medical supplies. Goursaud is having spasms and gasping for breath as Sydney and Tom hold him down. Rienne comes back with a the vial and a syringe. She loads a dose and then injects her father’s right arm. Almost immediately, the convulsions ease and his breathing slows. Grace notes “His heartbeat’s weak, but it’s stable.” Syd asks Renée “What do you know about that device? (the cryostasis chamber). Why was he in it?” Rienne replies sadly “I don’t know. I just had to get him out of there.”

Nighttime in Los Angeles, a weary Arvin Sloane leaves the front door of a building marked as “National Naval Hospital” from a visit to Nadia. As he descends the steps, a man waiting at the side approaches from behind, saying “How’s your daughter?” Sloane turns and sees that it is the man from prison & the courthouse, Gordon Dean’s associate. Mr. Keach continues “Nadia, right? ... That’s such a pretty name.” Arvin turns away in annoyance and says “What are you doing here?” The man explains “Just checking up on our investment... Thought this might be a good place to find you.” Speaking quietly but annoyed, Sloane instructs him “Don’t you ever contact me in public again... And tell whoever you answer to that I’m proceeding as instructed.” Keach replies “Tell him yourself.” Arvin turns to look at Keach with surprise, but the man points with his head at the car pulling up to the curb. The henchman walks up to the limousine and opens the rear passenger car for Sloane to enter. He sits down and turns to see Gordon Dean is sitting beside him. The man greets him “Hello, Arvin.” Sloane replies “Hello, Gordon... So you’re my mysterious benefactor.” Nodding, Dean explains “I’m one of them... Are you familiar with Senator Lewis?” then hands him a file folder. Arvin opens it and examines several telescopic photographs of the middle-aged woman, commenting “She’s the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.” Gordon reveals “She’s the reason your security clearance hasn’t been reinstated. She doesn’t seem to care very much for you.” As Sloane continues flipping through the photographs, he sees one of a young girl, apparently the senator’s daughter. Dean continues “It may have something to do with the fact that she’s actually a decent human being.” Arvin replies “If she’s the one standing in my way, my chances of returning to APO are slim... at best.” Nodding in agreement, Gordon says “And I need you at APO.” Leaning over for emphasis, he adds “You’re going to have to persuade Senator Lewis to see things your way ... Luckily, that’s what you do best.” Sloane turns to look at Dean.

Nighttime at the Marseilles warehouse, Agent Grace is on his cell phone, saying “Look, I gotta be honest with you. I’ve had basic field medical training. If the guy were shot, I could handle that, but... this is beyond me.” Back at the APO Briefing Room, Director Bristow asks “Is he stable?” Tom replies “That’s kind of hard to define. He was bleeding out of his eyes and his ears. He’s unconscious. His breathing’s shallow, but regular.” Standing next to Dixon and Gibson in the Briefing Room, Marshall adds “Well, if we knew why he was in the container, we might have a better idea of what was wrong with him.” Thomas reveals “I took a look inside the box. It’s lined with IVs (intravenous tubes) apparently feeding him nutrients. There’s an on-board hard drive tracking his vitals... Other than that, a bunch of tech stuff I can’t identify.” Marcus announces “I still have contacts within the DSR. I can reach out. Maybe they analyzed the container before it was stolen.” Tom continues “Renée mentioned a name - a Dr. Aldo Desantis. Apparently, he put her father in the box twenty years ago.” Reacting to that, Rachel reveals “I know that name... Dean had me arrange the transfer of some of his files. They were archived at the University of Milan... But about a year ago, Dean had me move them to a private facility in San Francisco.” Quickly assessing the situation, Jack orders “Agent Grace, tell Renée we’ll coordinate a mission to obtain the Desantis files. Perhaps they’ll shed some light on her father’s condition. In the meantime, contact Dr. Etienne Laurent. He’s twenty minutes outside Marseilles. He can check Renée’s father into a facility under an assumed name and run the full examination.” Thomas replies “Copy that. I’ll contact you when I get there” and hangs up.

In another room of the loft apartment, Renée and Sydney are arguing about what to do about Luc Goursaud. Rienne says “I can take care of him.” But Syd counters “No, you can’t... If my father vouches for this doctor, your father will be safe ... Look, if we were going to double-cross you, we would have done it already... Just, let us help you... You have my word.” After a moment, Renée nods and says “Okay.” Tom announces “I’ll pull a van around front” and leaves. Stepping up to the freight elevator, he lifts the gate and steps inside. As it descends, the elevator lights begins to flicker and the motor buzzes. The power goes out and the elevator comes to a stop. Back in the second floor loft, it’s lights also go off, but then the emergency power comes on. Rienne looks around and asks “What’s going on?” Sydney replies “I don’t know” and leaves to investigate. Renée takes out her pistol, expecting trouble.

Stuck between the first and second levels, Tom squats to peer out of the elevator across the darkened lower level, then hops out over the first floor gate to the floor. Walking towards the front, Agent Grace he hears a noise of someone trying to open a door, so he ducks down behind some crates. Drawing his pistol, he creeps towards the sound. Two thumps are heard at door as Thomas makes his way closer, then stops to peer around the edge of a wall. Suddenly, the door is knocked off its hinges by a man dressed in a dark tactical gear, using a battering ram. Paramilitary troops wearing balaclavas under their helmets, fan out into the warehouse. Ducking back around the wall, Tom tries to use his cell phone, but it beeps indicating that he can’t make a call. He sighs in frustration and puts it away. Looking back around the corner, Grace sees that the troopers have laser-targeting equipped MP-5 submachine guns shining in the darkness. Thomas notices one man is using a tracking device, trying to home in on a signal. Grace turns and tries to sneak away to warn the others, but he gets spotted by a trooper who shouts “Là-bas! (Over there!)” His position revealed, Tom runs as fast as he can back towards the elevator. The men shout “Là-bas! Allez! Là-bas! À toi! (Over there! Go! Over there! Get him!) And then open fire with their submachine guns. Grace climbs up over the elevator gate and into the car. Then he lowers the metal security gate to seal off the first floor elevator door.

In the loft apartment, Renée answers her ringing telephone “Allô? (Hello?)” A man tells her “Vous avez pris quelque chose de nous. Nous voulons le recouperer. (You took something from us. We want it back.)” Apprehensively, she asks “Vous êtes qui? (Who are you?)” The man warns her “Vous avez vingt minutes. (You have twenty minutes.)” Hanging up the phone, Renée turns to Sydney and explains “They want my father.” From the direction of the elevator, a door slams and Thomas calls out “We’re under siege!” Meeting him halfway, Syd informs him “They want Renée’s father... Who are they?” Grace replies “I wish I knew.” Walking over to them, Rienne speculates “It’s the DGSE (Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure - General Directorate for External Security).” Tom answers her “Intelligence? No, it’s not French Military. They’re armed too well.” Renée complains “That’s why I didn’t tell you.” Sydney objects “What, you think we brought ’em here?” The Frenchwoman counters “How else would they know?” Syd sighs, then flips open her cell phone to make a call for help, but Grace tells her “It’s no good. They’re using a jamming device.” Sydney closes her phone with a frustrated look. Turning to Renée, Thomas tells her “We need weapons.” She informs him “Back there. There is a closet” and hands Tom a the keys to it. Walking towards a shelf, Rienne explains “I have an army radio.” Returning with it, she tells Syd “If you can find a clear frequency, call for help.”

Lifting up a rollaway door, Tom shines his flashlight into the storage area and finds a small arsenal. He selects a pistol and an assault rifle. As Renée types into her laptop computer, she tells Sydney “Inside those cases, there are monitors for the security cameras... So what are we up against?” Opening one of the cases, Syd sees on the monitor screen, three different views of the lower level and one of the enemy’s van parked outside. Studying the screen, she announces “Well, there are twelve of them it looks like, at least...” Rienne stops what she is doing to look at Sydney’s monitor, and Sydney comments “They’re planning something. What is it?” Agent Grace returns with the weapons, and then places a pair of objects on the table to ready them. Syd and Renée study the view of the truck with a large hose coming out of it, parked near the building. The Frenchwoman asks “What’s that?” Immediately Sydney explains “Gas... They want to knock us out before they attack us.” As Rienne hurries off, Tom announces “Right there, they’re pumping it into the vent.” She returns with a roll of duct tape and tells Sydney “Get in the bedroom. Seal yourself in. I’ll take out the truck.” As Renée turns to leave, Thomas puts his hand on her arm to stop her, saying “No, no, no, I’ll go. You watch your father.” Syd agrees and tells her “Come on.” The two women head towards the bedroom, while Tom trots the other way.

Daytime at the APO, Marshall is gathering equipment needed for the mission, when Rachel comes in to tell him “Dixon’s ready for us.” Still searching for some item, he replies “Yeah, I’m ready... It’s gotta be here somewhere. Where is it?” Turning to look at her, he asks “You know what an audio coupler is? You know, the piece that slides over the base of a telephone headset?” Gibson replies “Yeah, like from (the movie) ‘War Games’. Looking pleasantly surprised, Marshall says “You know ‘War Games’?” She explains “Yeah. It’s my second-favorite movie.” He comments “Really? Mine, too. Now don’t tell anyone, but it’s what inspired me to hack into The Pentagon for the first time.” Finding that interesting, Rachel asks “How’d you get in?” Bringing back a storage box to the counter, he explains “I, uh, went in through the electrical system. Yeah, there was a side-wire cutout for air conditioning repairs, so I got the woman from the repair company on the phone and convinced her that I was inside the building and then sweet-talked her into giving me the password. I think her name was Ina.” The young woman sheepishly counters “I went straight in through the sewer controls.” Marshall marvels “Really? That’s, that’s pretty smart ... And a lot... easier.” As he returns to gathering materials, Rachel asks “So are we hacking into the storage facility’s network?” With his back towards her, Marshall replies “Yeah, to find out where the Desantis files are stored. Thinking that he is taking the wrong approach, Gibson points out “Well, if we’re going in via RF (Radio Frequency), then the network must be terminal.” Marshall replies “No, closed loop ... Oh! Found it” and shows the audio coupler then tosses it to her. Rachel catches it, then turns and leaves.

On a black screen is the caption “San Francisco.” Daytime, inside their surveillance van, Marshall is showing Rachel and Marcus their op-tech device, saying “I hope none of you suffer from arachnophobia, ’cause this little six-legged freak...” He picks up the matchbox sized robotic insect, and continues “is not pretty, but she gets the job done. I call her Charlotte, for obvious reasons... Oh, check this out. There is a tomographic camera right on the bottom there. It basically acts like an X-RAY or a CAT scan.” We then see Dixon from the robot camera’s viewpoint as Marshall continues “It takes images layer by layer.” Pointing at the laptop computer’s display, he says “See? Look at that” as it displays Marcus’ face layer by layer. The two agents look without comment. Marshall continues “This will allow us to take images of the Desantis files...” Rachel completes his sentence “Without ever having to remove them from their storage container.” Marshall smiles and nods “Right.”

A short time later in the storage facility, we see Rachel’s legs walking down a corridor, dressed in fishnet stockings and red platform shoes. As she walks away from the camera, we see she that she is dressed in a tight, black mid-length skirt and grey tweed jacket with red trim; her hair arranged in a businesslike bun and she is wearing glasses. Her cover is apparently an assistant to a businessman. Marcus is dressed in a three-piece suit with a red necktie and matching kerchief. He is carrying a wooden chest, being escorted by the manager of the facility. Dixon asks “I assume your vaults are climate-controlled?” The man replies “Of course... Now, if you purchase our premium package, your item will be stored in the most secure wing of our facility.” Arriving at the security checkpoint, Marcus places the box onto the countertop, saying “Yes, I’ve heard that before.” Opening the lid, to display the vase inside, he continues “Let me explain something. This particular piece is from the Yongle Period - very delicate.” The manager raises his eyebrows in acknowledgment. Dixon stresses “I don’t want the most secure wing... I want the wing you reserve for the people who will come looking for you if anything happens to their stuff. After a few moments to consider what to do, the manager says “Right this way” and gently closes the chest. As the man starts to go to the vault with the box, Marcus comments “Oh, my cell (phone) died.” Turning to his ‘assistant’ he tells Gibson “Call my wife, would you? Let her know we’re running late.” Rachel asks the manager “Would you mind?” He replies “Of course not. Be my guest” and points his head towards the telephone. Agent Gibson tells him “Thank you” and walks towards the lobby telephone. Dixon and the manager head off to take the chest to the vault. Sitting down at the telephone table, Rachel attaches the audio coupler device to the bottom of the cordless phone handset. The device beeps to indicate that it has made a connection. She puts the phone to her ear and without dialing a number, says “Hi, Meredith. We’re running a little bit behind.” From the surveillance van, Marshall comments to Gibson via com-link “Nice. Phone link is good... Accessing the network...” as he types into his laptop computer. Rachel glances at the man at the security desk who looks up from his clipboard at her.

Outside the vault, the manager enters the access code into a keypad beside a wooden door. The door hisses as he opens it, then he turns on the lights and leads Dixon down a short hallway leading to another door. Marshall tells Agent Gibson “Uh, you know what? Just stay on the phone one more minute?” In response, Rachel says for the guard’s benefit “Yeah, I’ll have him home by dinner.” Arriving at the second door, the manager slides his keycard through the reader and opens the vault door. On Marshall’s laptop is a circuitry schematic diagram and the message “Establishing Network Connection” on top. The image switches to a logic diagram showing connections to various electronic files cabinets. One is illuminated as ‘Desantis Files Cabinet’ so Marshall announces “Got it.” Gibson hangs up the telephone.

The vault has various art objects in open display cases situated above locked compartments. The manager tells Marcus with pride “As you can see, temperature and humidity-controlled. We even have backup generators in case of prolonged blackout.” Dixon has a satisfied expression and tells him “This is fine.” The man replies “I’m glad you’re pleased” and then turns to set the chest on the lower display case. He then says “Now, if you’ll just follow me, we can finish the rest of our paperwork. Marcus nods and follows the manager out into the corridor. The manager then closes the vault door.

Inside the vault, a faint beep comes from the chest. At the side of it, a small hatch opens and a reddish glow comes from inside. From inside the van, Marshall says “Come on, Charlotte. You go, girl.” The robot, Charlotte, crawls out from the box and looks around the room. Operating it by a remote control and watching through his laptop computer, Marshall says “Come on, Charlotte. Don’t let me down.” He guides the scurrying robot past antique vases and clocks on the shelf. Rachel and Dixon return to the van and Marcus asks “How’s it coming?” Marshall replies “Well, according to their network, the Desantis files are inside Cabinet 2-1-8-7, so... We’ll soon see for ourselves.” He steers the robot to the edge of the shelf and brings it to a stop over the proper location, then says “Come on, Charlotte. Work your magic.” Activating the tomographic function, Marshall says “All right, imaging through the first layer of metal.” Reading the files inside the cabinet, he announces happily “‘Desantis.’ We got ’em.” Dixon replies “Good. Let’s scan the rest of those documents and relay them to APO.” Marshall nods and says “Okay.”

Back in the bedroom of Renée’s loft, Sydney adjusts the army radio, trying to find a clear frequency to call for help. Rienne asks “Any luck?” Syd turns and replies “Low-band frequencies are completely blocked. I found this... midrange” and demonstrates. She explains “Chatter of some kind, but it’s too nosy to transmit over.” Reaching over to feel Goursaud’s forehead, Renée notes “He’s got a fever.” Sydney asks gently “Why do they want him, Renée?” The Frenchwoman turns to looks at Syd with a sad expression, but doesn’t respond. Sydney urges “Tell me the truth.” Rienne explains “I was very sick as a child... The medicine I was taking - it was expensive. My father answered an ad in the newspaper for a job... Later that week, he came home with more money than I had ever seen. I could tell he was scared.” She glances over at Luc trembling next to her on the bed, then continues “He packed what he could, and we left... He didn’t want to scare me, but I knew he was running from someone. One day in Geneva, they found us.”

We then see a flashback to that time. Young Renée is watching out a window clutching her teddybear, when her father grabs her and says as he puts her in a closet “Allez. Écoutent Papa. (Go. Listen to Papa). T'ouvres pas cette porte avant le matin, quoique tu vois. Tu écoute? (Don’t open this door before morning, no matter what you see. You hear?).” Luc strokes his forefinger on her check and tells her “T'es si courageuse. Papa reviendra. (You be brave. Papa will be back.).” Goursaud closes the closet door.

Little Renée can see through the louvered door, two men enter the room followed by their boss who is wearing a hat. Her father confronts them, pointing his finger as he says “Vous êtes qui? Qu'est-ce que vous voulez? (Who are you? What do you want?)” They grab Luc, who protests “J'ai pas - Non! Laissez-moi! ( I don’t have - No! Let me go!). She sees her father struggle with the two henchmen as the force him back against the wall. She clutches her teddybear to her chest as she watches in horror as the leader takes a syringe and injects Renée’s father in the neck, who then passes out. The men drag his limp body away, so little Renée closes her eyes and buries her head into her teddybear in despair.

Renée explains “I later found out that the man I saw take my father was Desantis. They were his clinical trials my father had been paid for.” Looking over at Luc again, she adds “I assumed they killed him that night.” Sydney concludes “This is why you began pursuing Prophet Five.” Rienne nods and says “To make them pay.”

Elsewhere in the warehouse, Tom heads down the stairs when he hears, then sees three paramilitary troopers coming up from another set of stairs, saying “Vas-y, on est prêt. Vous allez par là, et par là. Tout de suite. (Go on, we're ready. You, go there, and there. Hurry.)” One man stays behind to guard the stairs, while the other two troopers head off to the left and right. The remaining man reports by walkie-talkie “On est prêt, deuxième étage. C'est ça. (We're ready, second storey. That’s all.)” As the trooper concludes reporting in, Agent Grace sneaks up from behind and grabs him by the neck and snaps it. He throws him down the stairs and then descends the stairs with his pistol at the ready.

When the two troopers return, Agent Grace comes up the stairs dressed in the dead man’s gear. He joins up with them on their patrol, then slips away to the left. Thomas walks out of the warehouse and past two of the paramilitary men headed into the building. Two other troopers walk past him as he walks around to the left side of the gas truck. After looking around to make sure that no one is looking, he takes out a small time bomb out of his pants pocket, activates the timer, and then places under the left wheel well of the vehicle. The timer counters down from 20 seconds and Tom walks away, but stops when a trooper calls out to him “Qui êtes-vous? (Who are you?)” Grabbing him by the arm, the man demands “J'ai demandé de qui êtes vous. (I asked who are you?)” Grace wheels around and uses his left hand to grab the man’s gun hand in a wristlock, while drawing a combat knife with his right hand. The trooper fires his pistol into the pavement, as Thomas tries to stab him. The man pushes him backward, slamming Tom against the truck and knocking his helmet off. Grace punches the guard in the face with a left hand and then stabs the stunned man with his right hand. The dying man falls, pulling the balaclava off of Tom’s head. As Thomas turns, he sees that there are only six seconds left on the timer. He runs back towards the warehouse, as two other troopers who are responding to the gunshot, shout “Vite! Vite! “(Hurry! Hurry!)” They open fire with their submachine guns. The bomb explodes, launching the truck into the air in a fireball, knocking Tom off his feet by the shockwave of the blast. The two gunmen are sent flying into the air by the blast.

Up in the loft, Sydney is trying to peer out of the window as Renée calls out “What can you see?” Turning away from the window, she replies “Nothing... I don’t know if he made it.” Hearing the sound of glass shattering from within the warehouse, Rienne chambers a round into her pistol and Syd picks up her gun from the table, doing the same. They carefully creep towards the sound, but Goursaud awakens and calls out “Renée!” She turns and responds “Papa?” With a concerned expression, he asks “Qu'est-ce qui se passe? (What’s happening?)”
With an assuring tone, Rienne tells him “T'inquiète pas... Il y a des hommes dehors, ils sont armés, mais ça va. (Don't worry... There are men outside, they're armed, but it'll be okay.)” Looking towards the door, Goursaud tells them “C'est moi qu'ils sont venus chercher. (It's me they were looking for.)” There is a pounding at the door, then Agent Grace calls out “It’s me! Let me in.”

Renée and Sydney remove the fabric and duct tape that they used to seal the sides of the door against gas attack, then slide the door open for him. As Thomas enters, Syd tells him “Nice job.” Headed toward the window, he replies “I think I just pissed ’em off.” After taking a look outsid, Grace turns and says “We need to get ready. They’ll be coming in soon.” He approaches his partner and says “Sydney, you stay here with her father. If I can take enough of them out... maybe they’ll decide we’re not worth it.” Renée turns to her father and vows “T'inquiète pas. Personne ne va te faire de mal maintenant. (Don't worry. No one will hurt you from now on.)” Renée and Tom head to the other room, while Sydney remains with Luc.

Daytime at a skating rink in Washington, DC. The sound of ‘Clair de Lune’ by Claude Debussy plays over the public address speakers as a girl performs a sit-spin maneuver. Her coach skates around her, commenting “That’s great. Good... Keep your back up.” Standing behind the boards, Senator Dianne Lewis watches her daughter with pride as the coach in the distance advises “Over your toe. Stay over your toe... Good!” Arvin Sloane arrives behind the woman and says “She’s quite good.” Keeping her eyes on the girl’s skating, she replies “Thank you.” He smiles as he adds “You must be very proud.” The senator replies “You have no idea” and turns with a beaming smile, which fades when she sees who the visitor is. Sloane greets her emotionlessly “Senator Lewis.” She asks him in a business-like manner “What can I do for you, Mr. Sloane?” Stepping closer to the senator, he explains “Well, actually, I was hoping for a minute of your time.” Senator Lewis cuts him off, saying with a defiant smirk “If you’ve come here to lobby for your security clearance to be approved, I suggest you save yourself the trouble.” Arvin persists “Yeah, I understand your reluctance, but I’m asking you to reconsider your position... With my knowledge and my resources, I can be a valuable asset to this country.” The senator replies sarcastically “Touching. But somehow I doubt that you’re motivated by mere patriotism.” Sloane immediately replies “You’re right. I have an agenda... my daughter, Nadia... She’s very sick. The confrontational expression fades from the senator’s face as she says “I know” in a sympathetic tone. Arvin reveals “I hope to use APO resources to find a cure for her condition... In exchange, I will happily do whatever the government requires of me.” She nods in understanding and replies “I’m sorry about your daughter... But I can’t in good conscience put you back in that office... If it were up to me, you’d still be in prison... You’ll have to find another way to help your daughter. I’m not reinstating your clearance.” Senator Lewis then turns to resume watching her daughter skate. Lowering his head in disappointment for a few moments, Sloane reluctantly results to veiled threats, saying “You’re daughter’s very lovely.” He then holds the envelope that he received from Gordon Dean in front of the senator. She turns with a puzzled expression on her face and then takes the envelope. As she opens it, Arvin comments coldly “I’m sure you’re proud of her.” As she stares at the photos, Sloane explains “You’ll recognize the inside of your own house... You’ll notice none of those pictures were taken with a telephoto lens... The photographer was standing right next to her...” Senator Lewis looks at him attentively as he adds gravely “ It makes you wonder about her security detail, doesn’t it? ... It makes you wonder if you can ever keep her safe at all.” Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of ice skates coming to a stop next to them. Senator Lewis turns to see her daughter, who asks “Mom, did you see that?” with a proud smile. The senator smiles warmly, saying “I did, honey.” With a slightly sinister smile, Arvin tells her warmly “I was just telling your mother how talented you are... You know, you skate like an angel.” The girl smiles as she says “Thank you.” Sloane replies “You’re welcome.” The daughter grins at Senator Lewis, then skates back to her coach. As soon as her daughter leaves, the senator turns to look at Arvin with concern. Sloane tells her “Enjoy the rest of your day, Senator ... Thank you in advance for your support.” As Arvin leaves the side of the rink, he momentarily grips the side board for support in a way that suggests that resorting to threatening the senator’s child was a strain on him.

Nighttime at the Marseilles warehouse, Renée checks her monitor and calls out in surprise “They’re gone!” Agent Grace comes over to look at the screen, saying “What do you mean, they’re gone?” We see the images on the monitor as she replies “They’re not in the street.” Tom assesses “That’s ’cause they’re probably on the roof.” The two turn upon hearing a slamming sound behind them, probably Sydney closing the door to the bedroom. Then she notices the blood on Grace’s left arm and tells him “You’re hurt.” Glancing at the wound, he replies “It’s nothing.” Rienne goes to her first aid kit and prepares a bandage, so Tom complies by removing his jacket. A beeping sound comes from the pocket of his jacket, so he removes a GPS (Global Positioning System) device and comments “I found this device. They all have them... It’s a tracker...” Pushing a button, its display shows a three dimensional schematic view of the warehouse, so he continues “They’re probably following a signal” as he points it in different directions. As she cleans his wound, Renée asks “From what?” then puts the bandage on Grace’s upper arm.” Thomas glances across the room, then back at the tracker. He follows the device to the cryostatis chamber, and then to a box with a flashing red LED inside it, announcing “It’s an emergency beacon. You must have activated when you opened the container.” Shaking her head, she replies “No. I would have noticed.” Looking at the tracker, he notes “Their signal’s still active. It’s not jamming the frequency this transmits on. Maybe I could piggyback this signal, get out a call for help.”

Daytime at the APO, Director Bristow is in his office reading a file, when Dixon walks into his office, saying “Jack, I’ve just received hard copies of all data the DSR obtained from the cryo-container before it was stolen.” Jack informs him “Marshall and Rachel are in the briefing room reviewing the files you recovered from San Francisco.” Marcus nods and replies “I’ll cross-index the data.” Noticing that Dixon seems hesitant, the director asks “Is there something else, Marcus?” He reveals “I just got off the phone with the office of Senator Dianne Lewis, the Chairperson of the Intelligence Committee.” Director Bristow turns away and replies apprehensively “Yes, I know who she is.” Dixon explains “Her office was following up on a request to reinstate Arvin Sloane’s security clearance so he could return to duty within APO... I told them I didn’t know anything about it.” Jack reveals “The request to reinstate Sloane’s clearance came from me. I assume it was granted.” Marcus nods and says “He’s been given full access - gold level and beyond... Are you certain this is the right course of action?” Director Bristow looks slightly irritated at having to explain to Marcus “I believe Arvin Sloane now has a single purpose - to save the life of his daughter. If it is within my power to help him with this endeavor, I will do so, gladly.” Dixon replies “Of course” with skeptical tone and expression, then starts to leave, but then stops to add “I suppose having him here at APO will allow us to keep a close eye on his activities.” With a slight pause, Jack replies “Yes, that thought crossed my mind as well.” Marcus also pauses a moment, then nods and leaves.

In the Briefing Room, Marshall and Rachel Gibson go over the 20 year old medical records comprising the Desantis files. He announces with a grin “Oh, I got it. Here it is... Uh, actually, this is “Garceau” with a, with an “A.” Gibson corrects him “Yeah, this here” and pushes a sheet of paper for him to see the proper spelling, saying “Look ‘Goursaud’.” Marshall is happy to find the correct name, and replies “Oh, ‘Goursaud,’ excellent.” Wanting to show some useful information, Rachel says “Oh, here” and turns to another page. So Marshall rolls his seat next to hers, then she points out “Looks like some kind of chemical study. But it’s all encoded. And then blood work, brain scans, and x-rays are all normal.” He notes “This is also, yes, twenty years old. So... all this really tells us is that Mr. Goursaud was healthy at the time he was abducted.” Marcus comes into the room, asking “What do we got?” Marshall informs him “Well, I’ll tell you one thing. This guy’s (Desantis) into some freaky stuff here - manipulation of neural pathways, genetic manipulations...” Dixon asks “Anything on Goursaud?” Agent Gibson turns towards him, shaking her head as she adds “Nothing that helps.” Marcus lowers his head in disappointment, then informs them “The DSR sent over everything they had on the container” as he hands her the files. He continues “It looks like while Goursaud was inside, his brain functions were severely limited. The container was also administering doses of antiproliferatives and... calico-neurin inhibitors...” Marshall corrects him “Calcineurin inhibitors, actually. With a “Ssss…” sound. It’s an immunosuppressive drug, basically, uh, prevents the immune system from attacking itself, kind of like, you know, when a transplant patient rejects a new organ.” Checking her notes, Rachel replies “But... he hasn’t had any transplants.” Noticing one of the papers in her hand, Marshall calls out “Wait a minute. Is that Goursaud’s EEG (ElectroEncephaloGraph) reading?” She hands over the file for him to look at. Marshall takes a look at the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the brain from the DSR and compares it the one from Desantis, then shakes his head, saying “I don’t get this.”

Having taken the discrepancy to Director Bristow to see, Jack looks at the papers and comments “Brain scans?” to Marshall and Rachel. Flinkman replies and points “Yeah, that one’s from Desantis’ files. That one’s from the DSR.” With a concerned look, the director asks “How old are these readings?” Marshall replies “Taken three weeks ago.” Jack notes “They don’t match. (Perhaps) A by-product of the aging process?” Agent Gibson replies “Not gray matter. The volume is set by age four.” Joining in to agree, Flinkman concurs “Age four.” Director Bristow replies “You’re suggesting the man who came out of that container is not Luc Goursaud?” Marshall nods, saying “Uh, that’s right”, so Jack then asks “Then, who is he?” Not knowing the answer, Flinkman replies “Somebody who... who’s not ... Luc Goursaud.” Marcus enters Jack’s office, announcing “I just called the clinic in France. Sydney and Tom never showed up... I tried her cell. No answer.” Director has a concerned expression.

Back at Renée’s loft, Sydney is keeping watch at the window when the Luc impostor calls out “The people who took me... They want me back ... Give me to them... and you all walk out of here.” Syd replies “That’s not an option.” The fake Goursaud explains “Twenty years ago, I let them capture me ... to keep Renée safe... Nothing has changed. I am her father ... It is my job to protect her.” Syd tries to dissuade him, saying “But giving yourself to them won’t protect Renée. It will destroy her if you’re killed.” The impostor counters “They will not kill me.” Sydney shakes her head, saying “You can’t know that.” The false Luc rationalizes “Once they tracked the beacon up here... they could have blown us to bits, but... they did not... They want me alive... Living.” Syd has been staring at him during his explanation. She asks accusingly “What beacon? ... You just said they tracked a beacon ... What beacon?” The impostor smiles, realizing that the real Luc wouldn’t know about it, so he discretely reaches for a pistol hidden under his blanket.

Sydney emerges from the bedroom, holding her hands up in surrender. The fake Goursaud has his gun at her back. He calls out to Thomas “Put the radio down.” Renée and Tom turn and are surprised to see that Sydney is being held at gunpoint by the old man. Rienne calls out with a questioning tone “Papa!” The impostor tells her “This woman was trying to kill me.” Syd explains “He’s lying. He’s the reason we’re being attacked.” Agent Grace cocks his pistol and points it at the old man, saying “Let her go.” Renée cocks her own pistol and points it at Thomas, saying “Don’t!” Tom looks at her with disappointment. Sydney explains “He said they tracked a beacon. He sent a signal. He led them here.” Syd flinches as the fake Luc pokes her with his gun and says “Don’t listen to her. She’s only trying to confuse us.” Sydney reveals “This isn’t an abduction. It’s a rescue.” The Frenchwoman asks the impostor “How do you know about the beacon?” He doesn’t have a response to her question, then asserts “I’m your father, remember? I protected you.” Syd tells her “That’s right. Your father protected you... That night, when Desantis kidnapped him, you said... he left you somewhere safe. Ask him where he hid you.” The false Goursaud dismisses that by saying “That is silly.” Sydney insists “Ask him Renée, ask him.” Rienne has an apprehensive expression as she asks “Tell me.” The impostor can’t answer, so he claims “That was twenty years ago, angel.” Renée points out “But for you, it was only yesterday.” Turning her pistol from Tom, she points it at her father’s double and asks “Who are you?”

Suddenly, there is the roar of a rocket flying toward the building. Knowing that it is the start of his rescue, the fake Luc ducks and dives to his left. A large hole is blasted through the exterior brick wall into the room, knocking everyone off their feet. A helicopter descends and hovers at the opening, shining a floodlight into the room. Then a paramilitary trooper on the helicopter throws out a line with an attached harness for the fake Goursaud. The old man scrambles to grab it and put the harness on. Agent Grace and Rienne scramble to find cover from the automatic fire from two men shooting submachine guns onboard the helicopter. Tom ducks behind a column and returns two shots, before being driven back by hail of bullets. Popping up from behind cover, Renée and Sydney each take a shot at the gunmen, but they have to duck from the spray of suppressive gunfire too. The helicopter rises, so the impostor runs and jumps out of the hole. Rienne and Syd watch helplessly the old man is hauled away to safety by the aircraft. We see the chopper flying in the night skies over a seaport on the way to its destination.

Later that morning, Renée is packing her belongings into a suitcase as Sydney informs her “APO tracked the helicopter to a small airport. Shortly after it landed, an executive jet took off... Bound for North Korea.” Looking up from her packing, Rienne asks “And that man?” With a reluctant expression, Syd replies “We still don’t know. We’re working on it...” As Renée steps away to gather other belongings from a table, Sydney continues “We’ve seen things like this before, believe it or not. Doubling technology.” The Frenchwoman turns in astonishment. Syd adds “But it’s impossible to say... My team is still reviewing Desantis’ papers. Hopefully, they’ll give us some insight into Prophet Five... I’ll contact you as soon as we know anything.” Renée turns to look at her nightstand and picks up her childhood teddy bear. She looks at it wistfully in silence for a few moments, and then says “I thought I had him (her father) back.” Syd nods and says sympathetically “I know.” Zipping her suitcase, Rienne tells her “Michael... always told me I could come to you... I didn’t trust him... I was wrong ... Thank you.” Sydney is momentarily at a loss for words, then nods and softly says “Yeah.” The two women lower their eyes, thinking about their losses.

It is daytime, sometime later in fortified base in Kaesong, North Korea. Gordon Dean walks past two North Korean soldiers armed with AK-47 assault rifles guarding the medical wing of the base, and peers through the window before entering the room. He walks past the doctor checking his charts and introduces himself to the fake Luc Goursaud “Gordon Dean... How are you feeling, Dr. Desantis?” The man smiles and replies “Couldn’t be better. Thank you.” Dean informs him “I’m told there shouldn’t be any lingering side effects from the procedure.” The old man comments “Twenty-three years.” Gordon nods and replies “The cohesion problem was solved once we understood how to re-sequence the information.” After a pause, Dr. Desantis informs him “The girl’s alive... She calls herself Renée Rienne... Works with the CIA.” Dean nods and replies “Well, then keeping an eye on her won’t be a problem.” Desantis smiles and makes a slight chuckle.

Inside the APO, the secret entrance door opens, revealing Arvin Sloane. He has an apprehensive expression for a moment, then enters the facility. As Arvin walks through the tunnel, he sees Jack Bristow is there to meet him in front of the security desk.