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OK - looks like there have been a few of these over the years, but I don't see a specifically Sci-Fi one, so:

If you were trapped on a desert island, what one person (or creature) from all of Sci-Fi/Fantasy would you want with you. Caveat: they can have some reasonable gear with them, but you can't say Captain Picard WITH the Enterprise in orbit to beam you both up, or the Doctor with the TARDIS on standby.

Here's mine!: I'd take Wash from Firefly because we know he can have a good time just by himself with dinosaur figures and with two people, that kind of fun can probably last at least a few weeks. Most importantly, it would mean he's still alive!


An Old Friend
The Professor from Gilligan's Island
The Q from Star Trek TNG
Reed from Criminal Minds
Maleficent from Maleficent
Apollo from Star Trek TOS
Amanda Rogers from Star Trek TNG S6x06
John Finnegan from Deep Rising
Pris from Blade Runner
Cmdr Kit Draper from Robinson Crusoe on Mars


Wise choice and I'm trying to remember if she held onto her Q powers?!? I think she went with them in the end? So she could probably also start a fire among her other Q abilities? I was also sad to see her all blown up on Alias, though it was a great Ep before Alias went south. Thanks for playing! If for no other reason, I got to look up Olivia d'Abo who is all around awesome and haven't seen in a while!


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From the Star Trek verse, my first reaction would be Rain Robinson from Voyager's Future's End two-part episode but would likely have to say Dr. Beverly Crusher because having a doctor available might come in handy when stranded.