Detective Brass


Super Fantastisch
Oh, let me count the ways...

Seriously, I think he's my favorite character on CSI. :mellow: He's hilarious, for one. He's blustering/dorky/not the best people person (like me lol). He's badass. He feels deeply, even though he hardly ever shows it. :love: I just love Brass! And I want to spread the love. Who's with me? :blush:

I promise this is only somewhat sparked by my recent (finally!) viewing of episode 8. I was bawling. Gah. It was not pretty. But Brass is! *glee* :D *adds to list*
aw les how cute are you? :lol:
i love brass too (clearly not as much as you but...) he's a great on the show
he's def. really funny
i can't watch csi without thinking of les anymore. sometimes brass says the classic stupid cliched lines and i just think "and les adores this guy?" :P

HAHA Well I never said they give him the best lines. The first scene always includes something cliche... it's a CSi staple. ;) Did you see the two episodes about the cop that got killed during the street shootout (it was a two-parter)? Brass was just... GUH. :thud: Trust me. ^_^
haha ^
yeah, it is a csi staple. that's the only, i repeat only good part of csi: miami--seeing horatio try to pull of the lines like brass and grissom can.

Oh. My. God. I cannot even tell you how much that show -- and more specifically, that man -- bothers me to no end. :thud: I cannot even believe it. It's like watching a really really bad play. Or soap opera lol. Caruso is so terrible. And he wasn't that bad in Proof of Life! (the only other thing I've seen him in)
Awwww yays for Brasssssss. ^_^

As I'm going through all six seasons, he's grown on me so much. Some of his lines crack me up to no end. Hee. :D
He is pretty funny, he so much better than hortio in csi miami, he normally lets the uniform run after the suspect, while he just sits back and relax, i find that so funny and his interviews are really funny with suspects. He is a pretty good character.

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