This is my First Fan Fiction. . . so I would like a lot of feedback good or bad, I mean it I just want the truth.
The Charaters mentioned are not mine.

Chapter 1

Sydney's Diary
I go to my special place, in my closet. Just me and my ball. This is no place of comfort, just a place of belonging where it’s just I alone. No yelling can disrupt me. None can tell me what to do. In my closet I turn beneath the wings of tomorrow and forget the binding branches of yesterday. Sorrow is left behind and I am filled with happiness. Tell me why I need my closet as much as I crave a life that’s no longer mine. Lies and confusion cloud my judgement that holds me together. Lashes of hate brush my face just close enough to cut and burn my skin. Tell me a story of the past, that’s within your soul, that meant something and binds with my heart. Bring me a shadow, that’s not under a subject. Shadow will you be a light, shadow you are my light. In this world of darkness, I fear my life. But I let go because I no longer want to live.

Chapter 2

Nadia's Diary
Down by the red river, standing on the highest high. I stretch back and forth, wanting to touch the sun, but the sun never gets closer to my finger tips. I want to be higher than the birds that fly and the airplanes that flow from place to place. I want to go where they go. So . . . I go. Drawn from the battlefield. I stare into the face of danger. Bullets pierce my skin like needles, sticking from underneath a bed, wanting sleep, but none comes, only blood flows. I can see it now. Death awaits me, like a burning desire. Take it away and push me down, to the lowest low of life. Take away from love, take away from hurt, laughter, pain. Take away to feel nothing at all. Don't breathe, breathing becomes love, love becomes hate and hate equals me. Once again I am drawn from the battlefield waiting for life to begin and end.