Did you ever had pet fish...

... if so,what type of aquarium did you have?

  • I didn't have pet fish.

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  • I had Seamonkeys, if that counts? (No it doesn't!)

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  • It was basically a bowl full of water with a goldfish in it.

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  • A cold freshwater aquarium.

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  • A tropical freshwater aquarium.

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  • A cold marine aquarium.

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  • A tropical marine aquarium.

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  • A mixture.

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  • Other.

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I had a cold fresh water aquarium, but my fish (Zebra Danios, mountain minnows etc.) were ones suitible for a warmish coldwater tank, or a coolish tropical tank.

What did everyone else have?
I have like 200 fish. I bought a boy and a girl Guppy, and now, I have 200 babies. Biggest mistake I made. Next time, I'm buying Gold Fish.


I wanted guppies! Actually when I was little, I wanted to steal them. Atocha train station in Madrid has this kind of tropical area inside the station, and there was a pool with loads in. They looked like pieces of glitter! I had planned out how I would get a McDonald's cup, fill it with water, and no-one would be any the wiser. I kinda forgot you can't take animals across countries! :doh:
I ve had Irridescent Sharks, Bala Sharks, RedTail Sharks, Plecaustoms', Betas, Celecoeyes, Albino Cory, Betas(male and female), Angels, Paradise Gouramis, Red Oscars, Silver Dollars, list goes on... pretty much everything but saltwater. Currently I have no fish.


Awww! Baby turtles are so cute! My cousin had two terripins, and when she got them, they were about the size of a fingernail. She named them Emily and Kinky(She didn't know what the word meant, bless, just thought it sounded nice.) Later on, she discovered that Emily was the boy, and Kinky was the girl, when she had thought it was the other way round. Emily died, and she renamed Kinky 'Pelligrino'(Like the water. Not sure if I spelled it right though?)
Never known anyone who had a turtle, but my grandparents have a tortoise they have had for about 30 years. It has the highly original and unique name of "Tortie"!

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I want Nemo. But if I can't take care of freshwater fish, I definitely won't be able to take care of tropical fish. Boo stinking hoo.

I had baby turtles before... but then I let them go.

I wanted to get some more this summer... but I couldn't find any in Chinatown. Pfft. When I want them, they don't have any... but when I don't want them... every darn person is selling them!


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i have one now. His name is Will Tippin. I had one named Sydney Bristow, but she died, so my brother got me a new one...LoL, so far Will is going strong :D


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I had two goldfish in a small aquarium and they were huge when they died :blink: I had them for a long time, too. That could explain why. :LOL:
I use to have many of these but they all escaped when i stopped filling up the tank. the water would evaporate then theny would climb in the filter and jump out. I wonder where they are now.
I use to have one of these too. He was cool but i grew up and didnt have time for him anymore. He died and then that was that :(

Mine was all white but pretty much looked like this.