Differences between DR and GS


Apr 21, 2007
I will give it a try soon. I've heard to much good about these games it's hard not to...

I wonder what's the biggest difference is between DR and GS? (maybe thats another topic, tho?)

Since I've never played GS (for longer than 10 minutes or so), I'm curious as well.


Apr 1, 2007
GS has a more intiative interface, if you've never played a MUD it's easier to understand. Less figuring out syntax for commands (which I've actually come to enjoy, like solving a puzzle) and more clicking on highlighted words and choosing what you wish to do.

I obviously chose DR but I had a hard time with it. GS has some good points, as I said the interface is easier to understand if you're not use to using DR. The combat is also easier to understand, it's visable numbers, dice rolls and the like that you're probably use to from 98% of the games you've ever played :) Target mob, hit button, auto attack and throw in some spells or abilities when you choose.

DRs combat system is more complex (So not preaching to Naeya here now :P) It relies on a really unique system of balance and gives you the abilitiy to directly control combat. If you want to slash your sword at the goblins type >slash if you want to attempt to run them through go with >lunge. But every move has an effect on how balanced you are on your feet and as such how open you are to getting the snot beat out of you by said goblin. It's more realistic and the key to winning in combat is finding a combination of balance positive moves that keeps you nimble and blocking/dodging/parrying.

DR has a steeper learning curve, but personally I found when you get throught he curve it's much richer in what you can do. In GS I find myself trying verbs that I know from DR that just don't work there, because GS commands are more limited.

Items too, seemed more limited. Something I adore about DR is how much STUFF you can get. I love my different outfits, jewerly and shoes. I love my cross eyed cerulean owl and my lace fan that Ora likes to use when it gets too warm in the empath guild. I love that when I tried to PULL my ugly looking pirate doll I actually wriped it's arm off and changed it's look description (making Ora cry, I assure you) I didn't play GS as much, but I just didn't find as much nifty "stuff" as I did in DR.

Item creation, also not as good. DR has a wealth of different creation systems. Hells, I was told to go braid some grass to work on my mechanical skill when I started. After braiding for a while I pulled on it and loe and behold I made a bundling rope to tie skins together with. There are many ways to make things in DR. I believe GS has two item creation systems, with more on the way but that's in Simu Time (tm) which we know works at 1/2 the regular passage of time in the normal world :P

Storyline wise, GS is set a good chunk of time before DR. The elves still hold their empire, their many multitude of houses are still strong and political and social in fighting is reft (loved that). There's no World Dragon as yet, as that was the pre cursor for DR.

Game wise, GS was the first and DR the second. To me, it's like the difference between playing EQ and EQ2 they each have their strong points but one is obviously newer and spandier. But I'll leave the raving about the good points of GS to a GS fan :)

Edit: ah! Knew I was forgetting something. Empaths in GS are not limited to non-combat. They can go out and fight. Something that really suprised me but looking at the way the game systems work a fighting empath in GS is balanced. An empath in DR that could kill things and do it well would be gods.


Apr 1, 2007
Surely :D Glad that I could help. I've actually recomended to people whom I've pushed toward DR that they try the GS trial first if they've never played a text game. Getting started in DR with little/no knowledge of how the games work can be quite a chore :)

It was my lack of knowledge of how things work that made the decision between DR and GS a hard one to make. Once I figured out how to play DR, there was no compition ... for me atleast ;)
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